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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. ICER

    ICER Senior Member

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  2. Scare2

    Scare2 Senior Member

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    sample why do you even post here anymore ahaha. so dope good color too. photoshop? shits hard

    naysayer. i like ur i and n the most. ur R could use some work and i dont like the point on it. try making that leg connect higher up on the letter so it actually hits the loop instead of the back bar. it makes them suprisingly better.. for me anyway.

    icer. well executed. i like the handstyle allot.
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  3. syrne

    syrne Senior Member

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    icer - dope shit
  4. Swavey

    Swavey Member

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    So Im gonna give a few crits... Take what I have to say for what it is, if you dont like it, ignore it. Im still a toy when it comes to graff but understand art and fundamentals..... Here goes..

    redxdrum: Dont forget to put the 3D everywhere it belongs, the left of your "E" is missin a bit
    thesilentvandal: Thats clean dude! Nice simple
    sheltr: Thats dope man, I like the char.
    Clowney-Cakes: Make sure your 3D all goes to the same vanishing point, right now there seems to be 2, (the bottom of the A and the L are a bit off) its easy to use a pen until you get used to eyeballing your 3D
    Scare2: That E is killer man, I noticed you wrote "team canada" where bouts in Canada you from?
    Sample1: nice stuff man, I like the colors

    Drew this simple up quick a few minutes ago
    View attachment 305563


    :rolleyes: Swavey
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2007
  5. amk

    amk Elite Member

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    god damn.
    isit me or does anyone else find this shit incredibly boring to look at.
    sorry but its just plain generic wild style.
    so un-fresh.
    its like every letter you do is bitten theyre that generic.
    im sorry but thats whta i think.
    come up with some more fresher shit.
    its not jst that but those top letters also.
    you can clearly see where you bit Eaz One after those pics becus those top letters are straight whack.
  6. Samp1e

    Samp1e Senior Member

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    just cause its generic doesn't mean that he's not progressing. ya kinda need to get a feel for a generic style and then build off of it and make it your own.
  7. daisyface

    daisyface Senior Member

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    icer-very nice only complaint i have is it seems to drop down to the right iono maybe thats just me or maybe you did that on purpose
    swavy-not bad but your letters dont fit very well together, nice 3d tho
    scare-cant say much your obviously on your way to developing your style good stuff

    ok somethin from last night....i have a hard time with my O thats why it looks like a D and my E's just suck cuz i dunno how else to make them

    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:
    bored at work haha
  8. -ShAmEE-

    -ShAmEE- Elite Member

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    to be honest, u aint posted fuck all for a while. people are tryin to get better, and be better. so dont take them down, yh taking people down help people improve. but we helping people improve in a postive way, so let him post. and then we can gun u down when u post something.

    daisy dope simples on the bottom.


    rates on this.
  9. AyteYourCookies

    AyteYourCookies Senior Member

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  10. -ShAmEE-

    -ShAmEE- Elite Member

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    u bump wih out no crits CROOK!..if it was my way i would of delete that post. but i dont have the power to, so. i crit ya so u dont bump agen, nice letters but the A is gettin a little thin near the bottom.
  11. Swavey

    Swavey Member

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    Daiseyface: I see that your saying. I need to work on makin it all fit together a little better, thanx. Im likin your simples
    AyteYourCookies: Im gonna be the 3D critic for a sec, dont forget the small edges that need 3D too. nothing major, just the bottom right of your "A" is missin its 3D

    :rolleyes: Swavey
  12. Samp1e

    Samp1e Senior Member

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    shame -- it's nice seeing something cleaner and more consistent from you. bolder lines for your outline looks real good.

    ayte -- the second piece's lettering goes from small to bigger and the E is off. the midsection of it should be thinner like how your Y is toward the joint. actually if you just beefed the A up to size and made its crossbar thicker it'd be pretty alright
  13. eng

    eng Senior Member

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    swavey i like your attitude when critting- i think more people should realise that even if someones not fire at graff they can still give decent crits...

    so heres one for you...

    keeping all your letters on the same level will make it look much better, try to tuck away that A extension and mean up the S, make the W taller but keep the angles the same. your definatley going in the right direction with the right attitude.

    solid man. keep it up
  14. Dale92

    Dale92 Senior Member

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  15. Swavey

    Swavey Member

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    Bottom of the page..... Ohwell, Ill post anyways.
    Thanx eng, Ill give those a shot ideas a shot.

    Did this up quick, to be honest it didnt turn out at aaaalll like I imagined it, looked way better before color :s I need prismas so bad.

    View attachment 305649


    :rolleyes: Swavey
  16. thesilentvandal

    thesilentvandal Banned

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  17. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    nice simples.

    but i do say i loved your early early shit with the circles everywhere.

    loved it.
  18. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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  19. popshots

    popshots Senior Member

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  20. Naysayer

    Naysayer Senior Member

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    pops - looks great. I am not a big fan of the bottom of the I tho. It seems everyone does that little thing. But keep it up it looks good.

    Ok I started simple and progressed from there. I usually dont write mend but after doing these sketches i started thinking it might be cool. Is that a gay name?

    View attachment 305659
    View attachment 305660
    the only thing that I dont like is that the letters get bigger. I didnt mean to do that.