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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. sank.

    sank. Senior Member

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    husk man your deffinatly on the right track. the letters get kind of clogged up in the middle. i'd say define them more like you did with the s and the a. also try to make your letters the same witdth. keep messin around and it will eventually start to click.
  2. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    sup mente?
  3. huskinator

    huskinator Senior Member

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  4. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    just saying thats a nice mente bite
  5. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    Thoght the same thing at first, but if you really look at it, it looks nothing like Mente's shit at all.
  6. in_the_red

    in_the_red Senior Member

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    Mewt07, don't even attempt 3D until you have basic letter structure down. You need to use bars.. Go to the new to graffiti thread.
  7. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    u guys are gunna have to let go of all this "bite" accusing and just let the fool with the style handle his business. no beef anywhere, but if your not sure, just keep your mouth shut.
  8. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    View attachment 307539

    Decided to post this before I ruin it with color.(Exchange with cams)

    Husk, I don't like the style, but it's clean.
    Knews, you're beautiful
    Naysayer, push your E in closer, it's not overlapped at all.
  9. sefer

    sefer Member

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  10. pez ss

    pez ss Senior Member

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    you need to make ur e closer to ur l and then make all the letters taller sept for the s. loose those gay tic things at each end the m looks nice try to keep ur hand moving when ur out lining ur piece cause it looks real skeatch now . twith the second on the o is to wide on the one side dont do that just make like the rest of the letters. but once u fix up the first piece i think it might be time to put a pen out line on it or something
    heres that piece i was trying to get crits for put an out line on it so u can see it better. View attachment 307565 crits plzz
  11. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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  12. TESTER

    TESTER Senior Member

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  13. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    i think the style is actually really nice. but you should cut down on how much you mold the lines. you know what molding is?... =\
    heres a throwie i did for the throwie battle.

    ***WEEKLY THROWUP BATTLE (Advanced/Toy)***

    WORD: Kunta

    SPECIFICS: 3 colors max. paper or wall.

    DEADLINE: Fri. October 12th

    RULES: This battle is for writers of any skill level. No digital modifications. One entry per person.

    MOD IN CHARGE: 1nonly Baze
  14. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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  15. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    ^^^not bad, lettering kinda reminds me of mine

    jroc- no pen frestyles, its hard enough for you to sketch a decent simple

    kunta throwie
    [Broken External Image]:
  16. T2T

    T2T Member

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    Tester-love your shit mad nice...(personally i dont think im good enough to actully crit of give tips to anyone yet)

    iirght here sumthin i did too and form school n colored it wen i got home....crits? tips? advice?

    p.s.-sorry its so damn small i dont kno what to do about it heres a link to a photobucket i dont kno if i will make a diffrence tho if u kno how to make it bigger PM me or post it along wit ur crit thx

    Attached Files:

  17. HadeP

    HadeP Senior Member

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    baze its dope, but id try and keep all the letters in a straight line, if that makes sense, unless your trying to make them on a slant, then, whateves, personally i think it'd look better if it was straight
  18. QuEeNz-StyLe

    QuEeNz-StyLe Senior Member

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    aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v248_anarx_rtc.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v248_anarx_segzwho.gif

    i never get around to finish things.. crits/comments are more than welcome
    the first one was one of those smoke a blunt and sketch type things
  19. Aces One

    Aces One Senior Member

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    queens, that first ones fuckin fresh, but looks like you got a bit too much goin on under your letters,
    thats just me though.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2008
  20. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    fuck man, this would be soo fucking dope if the "s" wasnt that bad........fucking fresh nonetheless, bro
    that is an "s" tho? correct me if i'm wrong

    queens- ya man srsly, lay off on the arrows n stuff.........still nice tho
    aces- ya, the structure still needs work
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2007