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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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  2. Haz-E

    Haz-E Senior Member

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    dude heres the trick man your never to old to stop doing block letters wen u feel u got block letters down turn the blocks in to curves i did an "E" for my next piece but ill take a flick and show how block letters tought me everything
    [Broken External Image]:

    about 6 months ago i was throwing out sirus wack it was making the letter into sections made it look ten times better u CAN U SEE MY E HAS ALL THE LIL BITS SECTIONED OFF just work with blocks man i dont mean like a BLOCK LITERALLY i would call it work in section and make all the bars the same proportion
  3. thats me

    thats me Senior Member

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  4. SenTheFirst

    SenTheFirst Senior Member

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    the toy tag thread is pretty ugly so..



    Last edited: Feb 5, 2008
  5. Rambooboo

    Rambooboo Senior Member

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    nice enuff sen
    feelin it eskimo
  6. a maze

    a maze Banned

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    Sen- You gotta exchange me! Lets say, a handy for a throw??
  7. j-f

    j-f Senior Member

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  8. a maze

    a maze Banned

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  9. Snew

    Snew Senior Member

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    thats sick as fuck.. i like the letter style and the lines used for that shading.
  10. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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  11. "exist...

    "exist... Member

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    Pretty much everything on this page is pretty sick
    especially digging that neuro and the senone throwie... those faces on the e's are dope.

    tech- lose the arrows and just work on your letter shapes. Use bars to construct block letters then when you've got those down start bending the bars and so on.

    [Broken External Image]:

    any tips on how to reduce my wackness?
  12. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    View attachment 339851
    View attachment 339852

    thrice- lose every single arrow and extention and work on your letters. youre letters themselves are disproportional. use bars, lose extentions, then holla back.

    amaze- feel ya toss steeze muh man, just dont really get that e.
  13. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    thanks man, and i think that's pretty sick, try it in a single point or 2 point perspective if you can rather than block 3D. I always find it nice to see things done differently in 3D forms.
  14. a maze

    a maze Banned

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    your shits lookin' mighty fine yoself. Those 'e's were lower cased, if that helps.
  15. Dying to live

    Dying to live Senior Member

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  16. a maze

    a maze Banned

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  17. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    remind me of terminator, bad ass.
  18. revid!

    revid! Elite Member

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  19. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    some people just needa go play vollyball...

  20. Randal The Vandal

    Randal The Vandal Senior Member

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    baze-id lose the top of the 2/s and the z, like the top flat part, i feel like its kinda too much


    almost finished, i cant decide on more inner effects