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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Maste

    Maste Senior Member

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    maybe mr poze is supremly better at painting than black books...maybe haha id like to see some of his painted stuff (before he goes to 5 points...) but lookin at the black book stuff id say dont waste your time...if you do get a ahcance to paint chance. it wont last long. you are right graff isnt all about simps and a lot of it is style but you dont exaclty have a great style goin yet and you know this cause your posting in the toy forums...thats the end of my 2 cents haha
  2. Evasion Of Invasion

    Evasion Of Invasion Senior Member

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    Rasek - ur E looks to much like a T loose the massive curl on it and c wut happens
    Emjaybe - Y u posting here? ur shits killer like to c more of a background on that one tho
    Chump - its nasty hurl it either go mor real or catoony look through a cartoon book they can help
    Zof - ur a good guy and all but i personally think ur graffs headed in the wrong direction this aint beef its constructive crits i say lose a shit load of extensions and work hard on ur E and F i think theyve been dragging u down lately ill c if i can draw u up somethin rough man ;)
    Edward - ive seen way better from u im kinda diggin the fill
    Drop - dont u dare paint that shit infront of a bunch of ppl unless u wanna be a walkin joke keep that shit hidin then when u good burst onto the scene like a rapist in a all girls private school
    View attachment 380709
    crits? trade with a homie of mine dont know wut else to do with it
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2008
  3. Mass Appeal

    Mass Appeal Banned

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    HAHAHAHAHAH 5 god...get a reality check you idiot.

    Lol these are what my wall plans end up looking like..

    View attachment 380729
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2008
  4. Mo152

    Mo152 Senior Member

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    well if your such a bad ass why do you post your shit in the toy
    section, where people come to get their pieces Critiqued, if you love
    to express yourself so much and they mean so much to you, put it on
    a canvas and hang it over your bed, but don't come the the Board
    MADE FOR TOY'S, on a Thread Title "TOY BLACK BOOKS" and strut
    your, expressive arrogant bullshit. fuck..

    and learn how to fuckin speak English get off that Ebonics bullshit,
    express yourself like you are an educated person.

  5. MarOne...

    MarOne... Elite Member

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    Wow, good job...

    You did 2 out of 4 letters. -_-'

    lose the arrows. Both of them.
  6. chektwo

    chektwo New Member

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    I think this'll make everyones day in a superbad-toy way.

    I've just started getting into graffiti over the past two weeks, and I started a blackbook about two days ago, the first few pages are mostly tags & letters.
    But I did these last night... and I know they suck, but I was just wondering how to move on from "lame bubble style" to "better bubble style", and I thought this would be the place to ask.

    I dont think these are cool or that they rock in any way, I'm just after lots of crit.

    ... *gulp*

    [Broken External Image]:

    I think the W needs more work... and the rest of it.
  7. edapt_gc

    edapt_gc Member

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    chektwo: just look around at some throwies that are successful. you will notice that all the lines look effortless. You won't see any awkward curves or kinks, just smooth flowing lines. I would try sketching it really quick, to get the smooth motion down. and then once you got that, work on structure a bit more. some of your letters are hard to make out.

    here's some of my sketches, crits appreciated:


  8. amberTrichome

    amberTrichome Member

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    Seriously drop ur like 10x worse than me and I wouldn't dare pick up a can yet... I can usually keep my bars n outlines even lol at least if im not lazy... evasion dont really like those letters w/k but the background is sick n the flower is trippy
  9. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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    ^both of you,,new to graff thread,trust me theres no better shit to read to get you started
  10. (SoS) Flu

    (SoS) Flu Senior Member

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    your squishing your letters together tooo much it makes it seem like and illusion and if your going to squish it up dont make sooo many extention ya dig.

    on the first piece none of the letters really flow with the E.
    like it has inward bends and you should have one or two other letters have a similar bend so it would make it balanced.

    your stroke game in inking is pretty weak and the extention from the P shouldnt exist its just there to confuse the hell out of us.

    but seems like your getting a better feel for graffiti and you know where to put stuff just sometimes you seem to over do it. another thing some people might tell you take of the arrow on the second burner but keep it. its the middle letter and it can be slightly different from the other letter because since its in the middle it wont throw anything off and the P and T look wierd that close.
  11. drop one.

    drop one. Senior Member

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    ive picked up a can imma beast at throwups and n tags i just kinda suk at piecin but lines aint suppost to be straight all the tim fuk hed god do ur graff hw then talk bout my shyt n post up if ur better than me
  12. Tokenkaligreens

    Tokenkaligreens Elite Member

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    graff hw? kid your a joke a beast at throw ups and tags lmfao. STFU take the crits and work your letters, cuz they are horrible. otherwise just gtfo.
  13. edapt_gc

    edapt_gc Member

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    i appreciate the crits, flu. I'll work up a sketch sometime tonight and keep that shit in mind.

    I agree about that E in the first sketch... it doesn't seem to fit. your also right about the letters being too squished. i gotta work on that shit. I think i'm doing it to try and force the letters to flow better, I just haven't quite figured it out yet.

  14. fromthegrave

    fromthegrave Senior Member

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    check2- dont draw in a Black book yet, ur gunna regret using it up early. have other kids u know do stuff in it if anything.
    good start tho.
    edapt- drop the extensions, separate ur letters and do some simples with some style. i like the e in ur first one, evolve that a little and get some letters to flow with it.

    kinda like this sketch.
    any suggestions before i ruin it with color?
  15. TaskOne

    TaskOne Senior Member

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    Looks sick fromthegrave! I suggest making the S flow more with the rest of the letters, and the bars seem alittle smaller than the rest of the letters aswell! Keep sketching.
  16. (SoS) Flu

    (SoS) Flu Senior Member

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    yeah man just keep working at it. you have potential im sure if you put your mind to it you can make those corrections.

    Grave: you should maybe drop one or two arrows from the S unless you want the S to dominate the whole piece because its mad dope and it makes your other letters look plain which there not but i like the A. or you can just take out one arrow and add more in different spots like around A and R and maybe even near the E.

  17. fromthegrave

    fromthegrave Senior Member

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    gotcha, thnx kids.

    ur coloring is dope
  18. (SoS) Flu

    (SoS) Flu Senior Member

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    my bad check i forgot to help you out.
    check2: look at other peoples throwups and bite them because your at the stage that you have to bite throw ups and a style here and there then when you like a style you turn it in to your own and make the best of it. i learned that from a really cool guy name mass appeal you should check some of his shit out he has a european style you cant find much styles like that where im from and its pretty original and when doing a throw up have all the same base structure and movement seems that your trying to hard to make it look perfect it looks better when you do fast easy strokes.
  19. letsgobombin

    letsgobombin Senior Member

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    poze, i've seen your throwies and tags and at their best their only passable and have you noticed even the people that are good don't go around being big headed, but your miles away from that anyway
  20. (SoS) Flu

    (SoS) Flu Senior Member

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    you can get good on your own its hard i tried for a while but i couldnt do it and im a great artist but this was out of my nature but im telling you personality is the key to a graffiti artist as well. graffiti is a community of people with similar interest and if you dont want to be accepted be my guest. you should just accept what people say to you and try and prove them wrong so you can gain your respect man. im crushing all the beef i have with you man just try and take this advice that im writing to you.