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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Scream Out

    Scream Out Senior Member

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  2. kroc_oner

    kroc_oner Elite Member

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    u made it look pretty nice
  3. VaNdAL xBA!x

    VaNdAL xBA!x Banned

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  4. Airsol

    Airsol Member

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  5. Scream Out

    Scream Out Senior Member

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    airsol, draw your keyboard letters, your trying too hard to devolop a style, it takes time

    and to all, my O is not a vortex lol, its more like a sphere or just a circle with some scribbles in it
  6. Airsol

    Airsol Member

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  7. hal.cyon

    hal.cyon Senior Member

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    starting with the a, its tough to tell if you're using bars right. the left side of it doesn't look like it should be connected. and the curve from the first leg to the second makes it look weird, it should be more square. also the hole in the middle is tiny, and makes the bars i can tell you used look off kilter. also it looks like your trying to make the edge of every letter sharp. bottoms of A's are flat. draw it exactly like i typed it.

    the i, is probably the best letter overall, from the waist up. below it looks a bit limp and has no flow or symetry with the rest of the letters. in fact it looks like a table with leg stands.

    the r, the curveture of the round part is much larger than the rest. the hole in the middle doesn't match up with the left bar (left leg). the right leg looks possibly broken. make it curve the exact opposite way. and make it bigger. in fact instead of telling you to make each specific letter match, im just going to say it now, make all widths of all bars exactly the same so the letters match.

    your s is a kool u. unfortunately they don't look a lot alike. s's are all about curves. no stabby things coming off the bottom.

    your o is a d. its another round one, but if you insist on having a flat side, do it on top. that way it looks like the curves are made by drooping bars (ie. gravity) with ugly eyes. i've personally never been a face in graffiti type of guy, but it can be done well. you just have to know how to draw faces. take a cartooning course or buy a cartooning book for help with this.

    the l isn't bad per se, but if your going to cross bars over make sure they come out the other side (your bottom bar should cross over the vertical bar).

    i liked your one on the last page a lot more. hope that helps, i wasn't trying to be disrespectful in any way.
  8. eMJayBee

    eMJayBee Senior Member

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    airsol- first off, give sum critz. Start with simpler letters/block letters/ w/o any little things sticking out, and work on that tag

    exchange I did with seywhat

    and this is the one I need critz on, i see alot of this style on here and gave it a try
  9. Edward"Sezer"Hands

    Edward"Sezer"Hands Elite Member

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  10. Airsol

    Airsol Member

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    [Broken External Image]:
    hal.syon-i redrew all the bars so that you can see how my letters formed

    i under stand where your comming from and thanks for the ideas

    the thing coming out of the s is a kick...caiser tought me (hes my brothers friend)
    hes also the one who suggested a face on the o
    last night he tried to teach me flow and im tryin it out on all my newer drawings

    tell me if this IS the way to do bar method...
  11. CakeWalk99

    CakeWalk99 Senior Member

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  12. GaZm13

    GaZm13 Elite Member

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    eMJayBee. I would stick to the first style. That bottom one is just a bit too much for my taste. It looks completely unreadable to me. I prefer easier stuff to read, that's just my opinion though. Nothing wrong with trying new styles.
  13. ilikekicks

    ilikekicks Senior Member

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    cakewalk - learn simples, dont bend random parts of a letter, it makes it look lkike its on meth.

    Airsol - you need to adjust your bars more so the letters are more apparent. and dont use faces as the center of an O

  14. seywhat

    seywhat Elite Member

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    akso- im not feelin the left leg on the a on the bottom one, dont kick it back so much
    emjaybee- toooo fuuuckkkiiinng freeesssshhhh. imma have to work hard on yours, ill have it up prolly tomorrow if not by the end of the night
    elm- give crits to get crits!!!!!!
    airsol- keep the bars straight
    tunka- looks pretty dope with swolens idea
    swolen- the only thing i dont like on the first one is the w, the hole seems too big
  15. Mass Appeal

    Mass Appeal Banned

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    To be truthully honest with you man youv been doing this shit since i can remeber and i dont mean to be horrible but in MY opinion you havent improved at all , i aint dissing you or anything but to me it just looks all mashed up man , you NEEEEEEEED to use bars and you NEEEEEEEED to tone your letter formings down to a FAR simpler standard

    Edward..i think the far eye socket is kinda outta proportion but whatever. Im not gonna say " this shits whack " ;)

    ASKO im REALLY feeling teh flow on the bottom peice although the A's legs shouldt over lap like they are doing and the Scroll with the O ruins the great flow ... if you carnt do a letter dont substitute it untill you can ... only way to get better to graff thread...use bars...fat em up..dont color..easy as pie know your work is soooo fresh and loving the change in character on the 2nd peice..

    Kroc..same applies to you...use NEED to stop focusing on pretty fills with bright colours...focus on LETTERS BARS AND WIDTHS :D
  16. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Bump for Crits. I did ask when I posted it the frist time

    Steel- You need to take out some of those dame lines. that should make it look a lil better
    Kicks- Looks nice man, really feelin that last one
    Cake- New to Graff. Thread.
  17. Tape

    Tape New Member

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    Hey Everyone, I just found this site like 2 or 3 days ago, started workin on bars and stuff and got kind bored so I did this

    View attachment 388467

    Any advice? The lines are really straight, my camera took it kind of choppy, maybe it got fixed when I uploaded it. Guess well see
  18. Tape

    Tape New Member

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    sorry for the double, didn't color it cause I didn't really decide what I wanted yet. And the lines are pretty shakey now that I look at it haha owell, its my first try.
  19. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Nice Attempt. Go to the New to Graff. Thread. It's a Sticky. You'll find it. You need to start out with Bars then once you get that down then you can start doin stuff to your drawin
  20. Sick!

    Sick! Senior Member

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    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:

    Heres some shitty attempts at trying to be good.......I can not choose a fuking name its hard to decide

    Tape- very nice start, and as Viruz said, always start out at the new to graff thread

    Viruz- id say tone down the 3d and let it almost blend into the piece, dont make it so bold where all you can focus on is the 3d, good job though

    Ilikekicks - Love it!