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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. GimmieGotShot

    GimmieGotShot Senior Member

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  2. freka

    freka Senior Member

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    started riting name backwards now so a simple to get the feel of it

  3. FLSteele16

    FLSteele16 Senior Member

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    Gimmie- those throws are good and i really like that tag
    Freka- your other stuff is dope as hell. i like your simple the s and the r are really good but he e and the n need a little work.

    This is my first post in the black book thread. My yellow started to run out
    [Broken External Image]:
  4. xSHARKx

    xSHARKx Member

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    wow, thanks a lot guys.
    i honestly expected to get ripped to shreds. haha

    i'll post up crits and more shit later.
  5. Mr yarbles

    Mr yarbles Elite Member

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    Just trying it again.

    cos use bars, don't overlap your letters

    freka that's fresh keep it up
  6. GIzUrD

    GIzUrD Senior Member

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    [Broken External Image]:

    the quality really went down after resizing this... anyways i just added a little to this whenever i had a break a work, it took like a week. all started with the teeth.

    as for crits.
    FLSTEEL16 cant read it... couldnt even guess... but by the looks of your tag, maybe its says COS? everyone will probably tell you to "go simple"

    REEPH looks on check

    FREKA its pretty sloppy looking, also i think you modified your letters more than what your ready for.
  7. iVIBE

    iVIBE Senior Member

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    gizurd thats pretty fresh, I personally dont like the "I pretend to pray" text but thats just me, besides that, shits dope
  8. sketchthescene

    sketchthescene Member

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    first piece

    any improvement suggestions, i just started writing

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  9. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    like i said to the last guy. your new, check the new to graffiti thread.
  10. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    FleeSteel- Bars man try to go look at the the new to graff. thread.. Frist off you lettering is way off, and you should even worry about coloring at your stage.. .that what A lot of ppl are going to tell you. Im not the only one who going to tell you this trust me.

    Sketch- I like it a lil but. just make sure your bars are all the same okay man.
  11. thebaconator

    thebaconator Member

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    yarbles-- i like everything but the K
    fromthegrave- shits mad dope bro...the last one i like the best

    just some bored at summer school stuff
  12. Mo152

    Mo152 Senior Member

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    wow.... look at the first post on this page and study the fuckin shit out of it..
  13. BombingSciences Bitch

    BombingSciences Bitch Senior Member

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    Is that meant to say EMA or is it just a bunch of arrows and mushrooms..

    New to graff thread, sharpish!
  14. freka

    freka Senior Member

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    got bored so did this its scruffy as i wasnt in a mood to sketch but was bored haha


    the baconator: go more simple man like others said go to the New to graff thread and learn about bars and stuff so yea
    crits please?
  15. pureemoti0n

    pureemoti0n Member

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  16. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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  17. Keb420

    Keb420 Member

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    whatchu think?

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  18. Keb420

    Keb420 Member

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    thanks for the advice ill try it
  19. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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  20. Spark391

    Spark391 Senior Member

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    thebacontar - check new to graff thread, do simple letters you got to learn basics before going for 1000 arrow wildstyle..