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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. GIzUrD

    GIzUrD Senior Member

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    IM SCARED- the telephone pole looks pretty good, and on the picture with alot of stuff on it, theres a tag with a swirl below it, maybe you should work everything around that cuz it look pretty good. oh and press the enter key after each image.
  2. synps

    synps Senior Member

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    Imscared- use bars and simples and give crits to get crits
    shpel- that last piece is my fave
    ares- that middle one is ill just fix the 3d on the little bar off to the left
    duke- bold up the line on the bottom of the letters and the top of the 3d

    Heres my exchange for atomik/srime
  3. Atomik

    Atomik Senior Member

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    look like colors i would use haha as requested heres yours synps quicky 2 pager
  4. NoCanControl

    NoCanControl Elite Member

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    edit. my bad.. image was way tooo biggg.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2008
  5. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    Synps, your letters individually are pretty solid, except your N, but you're lacking flow. Your piece doesn't all connect together into one solid unit.
  6. Imscared

    Imscared Member

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    no can control- sick.
    atomic- love it
    esco- your c looks like an e, the o seems kinda wiggly too. besides that i like it :]
    wings- looks real good but idk if i like the block pieces that are in there
    klic- i like youre toss's and youre alphabet a lot
    gizurd- thanks for telin me about the enter thing... didnt know :/

    everyone thanks for the crits!!!
  7. NoCanControl

    NoCanControl Elite Member

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  8. Epoc

    Epoc Senior Member

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    nocando- gnarly...bit hard to read. 3d is especially coo-al, i can see it being easy to fuck that method up.
    atomik-nice , P is a bit strange compared to rest (top part)
    snypes - nice n clean
    duke - getting there... keep more simp?

    still just working it....
    [Broken External Image]:
    hating my K's especially

    ps: scardy cat your telephone pole is atmospheric as shit. props.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2008
  9. mtown

    mtown Banned

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    epoc:idontlikeit try to make the letters fatter
  10. Infoe

    Infoe Senior Member

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  11. peace89

    peace89 Member

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    infoe- the o is kind of weird cause of the line shit on the right exe for that i like it
  12. calculating infinity

    calculating infinity Elite Member

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    you are a fool, that guy burns you any day of the week.
    any one of those is better than anything youve ever done.
  13. Imscared

    Imscared Member

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    Epoc- pretty good but you're right your K's are kinda weird. just keep doing simples and you'll get it (something i really need to do too) and mtowns right, make em a little fatter and i think it'd be dope
  14. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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  15. TastySesamcrew

    TastySesamcrew Senior Member

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    No Can Control - Killin it!
    Resk - I like the top K
    Info - Nice simple!
  16. jupsick

    jupsick Senior Member

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    nocan control im loving it its awsome !!
    info solid pimps awsome keep it up but 1 thing i dont like is the F thw lower bar of the F is small i mean really small commpared to all the others..
    resk...umm i dont know how that style is called but i dont like it one bit
    it looks off at all sides exept maybe the couloring
  17. SageGSCnj

    SageGSCnj Member

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    Did I say ANYWHERE in my post that im better? Hmm no I dont think I did. So get some fuckin specs or learn to read. I said you couldve chosen better shit to prove your point. They're definitely better than me but I can see myself gettin better than that. Therefore fuck you ill keep my name...dick

    And resk the one thing that gives me a headache everytime i see your shit is the R. I just dont like the bottom right bar the way its pushed out and down. It stops resembling an R at that point
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2008
  18. mtown

    mtown Banned

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    how do you make a S with bars could someone send a pic i need inspiration or a tutorial or somethin
  19. klic

    klic Elite Member

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  20. mtown

    mtown Banned

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    thanks man i will use it but not bite it;)