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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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    rasek bitch nukka how are you
  2. ColorOptional

    ColorOptional Member

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    Jet pack- Nobody gives you crits cuz your simps are on point kid, lets see alittle more wild style next time!
    Timeless- That second one is the shit< I dont think I have to explain. Haha
    Candy- That second is is dope, not really into the other ones though
    Your dad- I dont know man, the letters themselves look good but they dont really flow.
    Toast- I like most of your shit I have seen fo far bro, the s in that one looks alittle funky to me though
    Ink me- New to graph thread man, its all about simples for you right now. Keep it up though

    Heres my latest pile of shit.........
    View attachment 435617
    Looked better before the color. Any crits?
  3. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    The R on the top's leg goes out too far which covers the A a little too much. The S on the bottom is perfect. The E on the bottom i hate to say is my least favorite. To me, the bottom bar of it needs more movement. The top bar is kinda awkward too, id just make it a horizontal line instead of a noodle thing. The K on the top is dope. Maybe put a bar ontop of the top sketch's A, if ya know what I mean.. Peace.
  4. littlerocky

    littlerocky Senior Member

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    haha werd then im cool wit you.
  5. VaNdAL xBA!x

    VaNdAL xBA!x Banned

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  6. ColorOptional

    ColorOptional Member

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    There you go brotha, I would fuck with the k alittle bit more though it almost looks like a x.
  7. Snew

    Snew Senior Member

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    sek- id go a little simpler without the long extensions they kind of throw the peice off a little.
    Ink me- work on simps just get your bars down.
    Toast- i like your simps alot. id like to see one thickened up a bit.
    Rasek- to me it always seems to me like all of your letters lean and flow real well and eithor the a or the s are a bit too strait.. which could work if all the letters flowed to the middle.. but i mean for the most part its dope just get a little more wild.

    the first 3 were posted a while back but i got no crits.. the last two are a new throw..
    [Broken External Image]:

    crits... sorry for the huge post..
  8. VaNdAL xBA!x

    VaNdAL xBA!x Banned

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    i jus did the shadow n shit but my phone died so i cant flik it yet but im likin it so w/e
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2008
  9. ColorOptional

    ColorOptional Member

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    Nah the k looks better on this flic the first bar looks straighter.

    Merry Christmas to all the writers out there, sparkin one up right now for all of ya.............
  10. CandyRain88

    CandyRain88 Senior Member

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  11. VaNdAL xBA!x

    VaNdAL xBA!x Banned

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    the last two are both ill like the middle S alot tho
  12. timeless progress

    timeless progress Senior Member

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    sek- do a few simple's like keyboard letters, the last one you posted is good compared to that ZRO you did but still needs improvment. Trust me I know how boring it is to do simples I did them from about september 07 to may 08, but down the road you'll realise that its not all the fancy extensions, arrows, and shit commin out of your piece that makes it good, it a well balanced structure, style, and flow.

    heres what I did on the backside of that last one(befor I passed out for an hour and a half)
    View attachment 435688
    its aight, I could actually see me putting this one up, maybe not with the background tho, not sure about it
  13. sank.

    sank. Senior Member

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    timeless progress - not quite sure what that says... you something. but i dont know what you were going for with the 3d/dropshadow. i'd say fix that up. also the lil bits are overused. you should only have addons when you've got good letters. lastly i think you should take the advice you gave sek, go back to basics. the mountains dope and so is the lil buuuuurdmang. just my 2 cents take it or leave it.

    anyone wanna exchange ... plz, i have nothing to do.. pm me!!

    on another note happy chanukah :)
  14. NoCanControl

    NoCanControl Elite Member

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    no more snew snew.

  15. crevette

    crevette Member

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    candyrain - that s looks pretty dope. It's kinda hard to make out the outlines on the first one, the letters don't stand out enough. that bottom one i can't even read...

    snew - second one is dope, except for that weird puddle thing. like the idea on the first one but some of those bars don't look right.

    toast - the top bar on the t isn't as wide as the vertical bar. so... it looks weird.

    my turn.

    i didn't make the p wide enough. got ideas for any other fills? thanks.
  16. mtown

    mtown Banned

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  17. muddyluv

    muddyluv Senior Member

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    checkit.please ctritisize.muddy.

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  18. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    that top zane is the best i've seen from you. work with it.
  19. mtown

    mtown Banned

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    rasek: do you really mean the pen freestyle?i tought it sucked balls but thank you
  20. Zase

    Zase Senior Member

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    candy that loose S is dope
    not feeling the others there too complicated