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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. BigBlueViolence

    BigBlueViolence Elite Member

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    He did connect it when he inked it,
    It's just hard to tell because the pencil/pen
  2. RhodeIsland

    RhodeIsland Elite Member

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    LIZARD Senior Member

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    i see it now.. if the piece was bigger it would be easier to tell...either way that style is dope
  4. MASE P_2s

    MASE P_2s Senior Member

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  5. Member

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    bump for crits..
  6. Cyto Aka Son1c

    Cyto Aka Son1c Elite Member

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    livin is dope



    new name maybe
  7. Scino & Spank

    Scino & Spank Senior Member

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  8. ..romero..

    ..romero.. Elite Member

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  9. shaken20

    shaken20 New Member

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  10. sellers E.

    sellers E. Senior Member

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    shaken- looks pretty good.
    ai221.photobucket.com_albums_dd85_sellersphotobucket_14.jpg ai221.photobucket.com_albums_dd85_sellersphotobucket_13.jpg
    few throws i did in class.
  11. Graff J up

    Graff J up Senior Member

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  12. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    Shit never comes out how I wanted it, but you guys get the idea.
  13. KnoxIn

    KnoxIn Senior Member

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    [Broken External Image]:
    so its kinda like my other one i hate how i like shaded it with my pen but still

    ahem- im diggin it the only thing is the top of the E seems unproportioned
    graff J- i like the one on the far left the best
    scino- that top one is pretty dope i dunno about the bottom one though it just looks weird to me
  14. Fury

    Fury Elite Member

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  15. BIGdreamSCHEME

    BIGdreamSCHEME Senior Member

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    fury, throw that away and draw the letters on your keyboard
    knoxin, don't know what you were trying to do, but it doesn't look very good, simples
    ahem, looks good, work on that E though
    maker, dope
    daylo, i've been seeing basically the same thing from you over and over again, take some time off from posting and just sketch for a while, then post again for crits

    here's some wackness, hate the u and the d, gotta work on that shit...
  16. Fury

    Fury Elite Member

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    Last edited: Apr 23, 2009
  17. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Bump for crits.

    Fury- go simple simple simple. You need to learn solid line work before you do anything special. Maybe even just work on handstyles right now. If not that, extremely simple block letters with solid bars.
    Lusid- I'm really not feeling the style, but the sketch itself isn't bad. The only thing that I can definitely tell is off of the 3-d on the right bar of the 'U'
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2009
  18. Fury

    Fury Elite Member

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    Nouveaup - I like the color choice and how it's floating above the ground. The white looks good too. I'm just not feeling the block-stacking thing.

    Also, are you referring to my original post, or the more up-to-date one?
  19. KnoxIn

    KnoxIn Senior Member

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    fury dont let your 3-d go over your letters if that makes sense look at how ahem did it its a perfect example
  20. Fury

    Fury Elite Member

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    Knox - Yeah I understand what you mean. I've done both in the past, and I'm just trying to find which I've liked better. I'll do one and post it.