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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Juicee

    Juicee Senior Member

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    just put a scrap paper under the paper you're drawing on lol np
  2. weakfingers

    weakfingers Elite Member

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  3. FuckTheFame

    FuckTheFame Elite Member

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    [Broken External Image]:

    weakfingers - like the cracks in it but im not too sure what it says
    gatsoi - those highlights are dope and i like the color choices. prob try getting the drop shadow a little more legit
    resk - i like the 3d
    cyto - killed it. those eyes and that fill are godly
    blacktodafuture - that character is dope. it'd be cool to see that head not be attached to a human body tho. to me it looks more like a creature. just imo tho
    juicee - ...throw some color in there? haha besides that i really have no clue what to say. looks like you been in the book for a while. the drips on that syloh are ill
  4. Willis1989

    Willis1989 Senior Member

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    Juice - I think those are shit hot mate, like practically every piece.

    Rhek - Good, maybe make the middle bar on the E a bit longer to take up some of that space

    Weakfingers - I like it, maybe just a little too much detail

    Crits on this pls!!!

  5. kew1

    kew1 Senior Member

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    ai616.photobucket.com_albums_tt250_slerk_August_22_1907.jpg ai616.photobucket.com_albums_tt250_slerk_August_20_2042.jpg
    ^ my girls first atempt at graff.
  6. albino one

    albino one Member

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  7. Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub

    Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub Senior Member

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    the letters in the last one could use some work.
    and thoes shine marks on the ekilla are pretty lame.
  8. Gatsoi

    Gatsoi Senior Member

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    Waste- Bring the outline closer to the letters and use alot less bubbles. Try and make the S flow
    resk - i like the 3d
    Kew1- I reallyyy like the E in the first piece, the fill is nice too.
    Deser- Sick!
    Juice- I like that style, It reminds me of ESKiMO2
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2010
  9. iamBoZ96

    iamBoZ96 Senior Member

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    Juicee thats dope bro
  10. SicK-

    SicK- Senior Member

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    Juice- love that stuff, real clean and tight letters
    Prea-Wrong thread homie, but that handy is pretty dope
    Blacktodafuture- Umm i cant make out some of those letters lol, work on that the fill is clean though
    Deser- Nice fillls and letters homie
    Weak- Good shit little to busy though
    rhek- Your bars are crazy wobbly make em straight and try not to round ever edge. You need to start working n some new styles cuz your not progressing much.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2010
  11. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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    gatsoi, why do you keep posting the exact same letters?
  12. hpir

    hpir Senior Member

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  13. ShutYourEyes

    ShutYourEyes Member

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    That line across the middle ruined it
  14. <[(Smokers187¤GS¤WM)]>

    <[(Smokers187¤GS¤WM)]> Senior Member

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  15. ViniVidiVici

    ViniVidiVici Senior Member

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    Alright finally I get to post a pic not on the bottom of the page. anyways here it is. kinda made some mistakes when inking it, then tried to correct those mistakes but made them worse... eh oh well.

    [Broken External Image]:
    oh and that's not my tag, I was just trying different shit out.

  16. PermanentMarkers

    PermanentMarkers Senior Member

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    Your dropshadow sucks man... The best example is the E, but its different on every letter.. just on the E its like 3 different shadows.

    Your R is an A with a chunk missing.

    The H is just.... there actually not much wrong with the H, its just got no style. On second thought make the middle bar bigga

    The E

    The K looks like a dude about to karate chop something in half, now thats pretty cool but i doubt everyone will see that like i did. Make the arm of the dude karate chopping way bigger, so it wont look like an arm anymore.

    And dont do that shine

    Didnt even see the line till you said something about it, wierd...
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2010
  17. PermanentMarkers

    PermanentMarkers Senior Member

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    Every letter looks real good individually.

    could maaaaybe overlap the HAD a tad more, feels like the CH is overlapped more. But i'm only saying that as a crit to justify this bump
  18. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    i wouldnt do that, by doing so hed kill the only little space left between the letters. id rather cut down on the bottom c, id like to see a close to mirroed d c.
  19. kew1

    kew1 Senior Member

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  20. woonybomber

    woonybomber Banned

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    you finaly got your 3d down werd juss work on them add ons now