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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. sziv

    sziv Member

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    ? how do i resize it??
  2. SzrZx

    SzrZx Member

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    bump for crits?
  3. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

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    watch the bars tare... make sure they match up, like the top of ur T and left of the R especially.... and if ur gonna make bits like on the bottom of the R, use more than one so it matches the other letters, maybe put some on the middle of the A and E, who knows....

    insomniac boredom shit
  4. sziv

    sziv Member

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    hey i resized it an also heres one i did today :p


  5. Jokz

    Jokz Senior Member

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    the first one im not digging. the second one tho can use some improvement. i like the E and S isnt bad, work on ur other letters tho
  6. MoganOne

    MoganOne Moderator

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  7. EXI

    EXI Senior Member

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    Haven't posted in a while here's my latest i did today
  8. FuckTheFame

    FuckTheFame Elite Member

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  9. hpir

    hpir Senior Member

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  10. ViniVidiVici

    ViniVidiVici Senior Member

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    Nemor I love that first one, I don't care what anyone says, it's dope1
  11. WoRdSmYtH

    WoRdSmYtH Guest

    I agree with ViniVidiVici; Good job Nemor, that shit looks fresh. What sort of markers do you use?

    @ HPIR, stick to your bars. They've got a lot more potential than bubbles.

    @ JOKZ, I would hardly fuck with your ARES at all. I like it.
    I'd change a few tiny details but nothing drastic.
    All in all, I'd say leave it the way it is and give it some color. Good job.

    @ MOGAN, I know you've already got that shit on a wall,
    but I think the second and third letter (O,N? MONER?)
    should have thin bars like the M, E, and R do.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 10, 2010
  12. -Sinn-

    -Sinn- Senior Member

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  13. Willis1989

    Willis1989 Senior Member

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    sinn- great stuff me likes
    Exi - Cant read what that says

    Crits pls
  14. Sbal

    Sbal Elite Member

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    Sinn that top S is crazy and fuck yeah for Del the funkee homosapien
  15. EXI

    EXI Senior Member

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    it says SNT and it is block letters..???
  16. ViniVidiVici

    ViniVidiVici Senior Member

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    Wil - I just don't like it sorry. The thickness in some spots are really bad, like in the bottom of the W and the right side of the L, also the I just doesn't fit the with the rest of it, it has curves and tons of edges while the rest of the piece does not.

    EXI - NO stop, that is bad, it's sloppy, your lines are not even close to straight and clean, horrible extensions and connections. What the fuck is up with that one arrows 3D? the drips are sloppy as fuck, and all your curves in the piece are bad. honestly I barely ever rip apart someones piece this much, but yours needs to be ripped apart cuz there isn't anything salvageable in it. nothing at all.

    SINN - you should post in the intermediate thread cuz you're no toy, but you're no pro yet, so I think the intermediate would fit you well.

    Kane - perhaps post those in the throws thread?

    Moner - It's good, clean and all, only thing is the M, the middle part of it where it is really thin, there is nothing actually 'wrong' with it, I just feel like it could be changed to look better, but maybe that's just me.

    szxzx - stop, please, that's sloppy as fuck also, clean up your lines people.... geez what is everyone in a rush for? this is a blackbook, you don't have to rush, take your time and make your lines clean. but that is not the main thing that is wrong with your piece, it's just bad in general, go simple cuz your 3D is whack and all the letters are horrible.

    Sviz - the first one is actually okay, it's not great but it's decent. your second one doesn't flow at all and the A is REAL bad, all the letters have different style which is not good, your E is also pretty bad. Your S is decent along with your R, but once again none of the letters look good with the other letters.
  17. MakeItTakeIt

    MakeItTakeIt Senior Member

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    hipr, the bar thickness on that simp isn't uniform. Those throws are good, but pretty generic. On the first one, try matching the top of your n to the top of your k for a little extra flow.

    zook, that simp, those tages and those throws are all dope as fuck. I'm jealous lol
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  18. PREA672

    PREA672 Elite Member

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  19. Res-tooth Slims

    Res-tooth Slims Senior Member

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    yea the "R" is straight up fire and the rest IS nice but the way you do all those double overlaps and whatnot doesnt visualy make sense when it is combined with a heavy 3D like the one you used....also the extension off the "O" is terrible sorry..try not doing 3D's...use some other effect because "I" think your lettering style doesnt match it...that is just me though and 3D's are doep
  20. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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