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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. ian

    ian Elite Member

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  2. PREA672

    PREA672 Elite Member

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  3. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    Well one time, I was at the store and I was walking down the chips isle and I saw some dip but i was thinking "should i get the hot or the mild dip?" turns out i eventually got the mild. but later on i found out the hot wasn't that hot in the first place.
  4. TastyMcNasty

    TastyMcNasty Elite Member

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    ribcage- too many unneeded extensions... try and tone it down a bit... and loose the connection from the C to the H
    prea- i'm liking that R and that E but not feeling that P so much...
  5. Female

    Female Senior Member

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    i like the E, and @ribcage love how the C goes into the H
  6. AcrsK

    AcrsK Senior Member

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    Quick doodle of "Phew".
  7. Flawless Victory

    Flawless Victory Elite Member

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    I don't really see what you're trying to do with that bubbly tit thing, but you should try to make the letters look more symmetrical up top.
  8. IbuprofenTablets

    IbuprofenTablets Banned

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    [Broken External Image]:
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2010
  9. MoganOne

    MoganOne Moderator

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    Freestyle with Permanent marker
  10. PegCityBoy

    PegCityBoy Senior Member

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    @Mone looks good maybe try a new M out, seeinn that one a lot, just a thought
    @phew i can barely make out any letters in there, i see what you're goin for but i'm not quite feelin it yet, just make sure the actual structure of the letter is down then you can fling em anyway you want
    @prea i like it other than the hole on the P being a bit off it looks good
    @lucid pleeeaase don't dot your i with a star it's like a bitch named candi doting her i with a heart, annoying as fuck
    @reach on the right track, just keep practicing
    @kils not a huge sticker guy, but i love it, that double sticker hand is sexy
    @soar watch your bar width, the A and R look like a fat kid comin out of a candy store in a couple of em
    @sbane you're doin the right stuff straight simples, sucks don't it? but it's absolutely worth it
    @unique looks good reminds me of DOES, not callin a bite, but just looks familiar, but that might be because i just watched a good 8 videos of him lol
    @conor got a lot of tumors comin outta your letters, and work on your handsteezes

    now that that shit's outta the way, 2 pieces i've been working on, 1 i'm just reposting cause nobody knows how to crit in here and the other's new

    old one

    new one not quite done yet
    can't stand the P in this but other than that i'm pretty happy
  11. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    thanks guy and i think thats a killer S on the second and has the most flow out of all the letters you have. now just make it all flow together just as good evenly
    so i'd say try goin with the second sketch more. i lieks it
  12. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    scond 1 say spam?
  13. PegCityBoy

    PegCityBoy Senior Member

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    yea first one's missing an M not done yet either
  14. EXI

    EXI Senior Member

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    looks nice peg, i like second one better than first
  15. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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  16. EXI

    EXI Senior Member

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    looks good zewl you did forget the 3d on the W on the second little extention
  17. xX*Conor_Snake_Bites*Xx

    xX*Conor_Snake_Bites*Xx Member

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    @boomslang-Dudee.....when i started graffiti, i thaught it was just for funn..but now i realize that its more then that...In my opinion its about gettin your name out and at least tryin to do something you like.It might not be perfect to other people but they can suck it, because I did something right for once..something I can be represented by.If its a lil messed up, who cares, so am I.So In my 13 years of life i would like to that everyone who got in my life and said something..Btw boombslang your one cool kid
  18. Serbr

    Serbr Member

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  19. PegCityBoy

    PegCityBoy Senior Member

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    since your new i wont rip you a new ass hole, but it's give em to get em here
  20. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    serbr- s is bad, 3d / shadow is off and ugly, and your letters get smaller from left to right. like the b tho