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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Rask Wsk LA

    Rask Wsk LA Senior Member

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    dope shit swae, the W is just to straight up and down, either way tho, it runs
  2. xX*Conor_Snake_Bites*Xx

    xX*Conor_Snake_Bites*Xx Member

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    yo swae i like that shit..No offence but im thinkin of bitin your style.?Idk maybe
  3. Stigma02

    Stigma02 Senior Member

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    swae shits clean but what is that giant bar on the bottom from the w into the E. i did the fill with a blue to white gradient and use pink splash brushes
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  4. YeSnOmAyBe

    YeSnOmAyBe Member

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    swAei like the a you should match the a's bars and redo it.
  5. .newk.

    .newk. Member

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    Yup yup, n00b to BS but have been writing on and off for over 8 years. Never really progressed a whole lot but I do this shit for fun. Here is a progression of my book since I took up 'NEWK' as a name ~6 years ago. Beginning to end is some of my favorite pieces from 6 years ago to yesterday. Don't be too harsh and as always, enjoy! Crits are always excepted and duly noted. Thinking of changing my name though. Found out some dude has been getting up over in Europe with the same name, but I've had this shit for YEARS so I don't know about letting go of it.

    First and second piece in this book


    Just messing around, probably like... '05?


    trying out KMOS


    More NEWK


    Getting a little better (did this years ago but decided to fill it in a couple days ago)




    A little better


    My favorite piece in the whole book for a looong time




    Dicking around


    Did this earlier this week


    Trying to get a decent throw


    and my new favorite piece


    and this fun little piece was done ~5-6 months ago I think


    I know that you're thinking that someone who's been writing for 8+ years should be a lot better but please, take it easy. I only do this for fun and sometimes take long hiatus's due to school,work, and life in general so I can't draw as much as I'd like to. I know I should've kept some of the lines a lot cleaner and I marker'ed a couple that should've been left alone, but whatever. Just wanted to share some of my works.
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  6. MakeHate

    MakeHate Member

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  7. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    yo NEWK, some of that shit is okay...not really though....I know you said it but damn man, it only takes about a month to get straight letters down...your K's are bunk as fuck, and you don't really seem to have proportions figured out...start drawing more is the only advice I can give..and HATE..not too shabby...feel like that E could be better though.
  8. .newk.

    .newk. Member

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    uhh thanks? I do this shit for myself. Sort of a bit of stress relief if anything. I'm not here to impress anyone just wanted to share my shit from the past 6+ years. What about my K's are "bunk as fuck" and what letters aren't straight? Please don't mention any piece from the beginning or I'll have to call you on being argumentative for arguments sake. Also, fuck proportions. Writing is about SELF expression, not "express what someone else thinks looks good"

    I think I just remembered why I gave this shit up a couple years ago. Nobody can just accept someone elses style and feel the need to talk a bunch of shit. Talking down about someone's work != critique.
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  9. AnoR1oNe

    AnoR1oNe Member

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    [​IMG] well dis is only pic i uploaded so far crits is welcome tell me wat good dog ill put mo up later holla at a ***** im out
  10. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    Let's take a look at the second to last one. Hahahahaa you don't have enough arrows homie!

    Me too! I think it was because you probably never painted before, and still can't sketch, and claiming you've been in the game 8 years.

    You have to have it first, homie.

    I don't really know what you were expecting coming onto this site...but I'm just keeping it real dude. You asked for crits, you got em'.
  11. .newk.

    .newk. Member

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    First, I'm not your "homie". Second, that's what I was feelin that day so that's why I drew it like that. Maybe I'll do bubbles next time, or different connects, or maybe I'll just do another one with more arrows just for you, sweet cheeks.

    I've painted a bunch, and I find it easier than sketching small pieces) but it's just not my thing anymore. I can't afford to go to jail and I'd rather sketch up something in my book every couple of weeks/months when I get the chance. I've been drawing since I can remember and "writing" for OVER 8 years, on and off. That's not a claim, that's a fact. Just because I can't sketch up to your expectations doesn't mean I can't sketch. I've seen shit MUCH worse.

    Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was chatting it up with the overseer of all that is "style". [Broken External Image]: Do you even understand the concept behind individual style or do you just feel that everything should look how YOU want it to?

    I wasn't expecting anything, I just wanted to show some of my shit off. There is a difference between "keeping it real" and being a dick. You don't seem to be old enough to discern between the two. But I was confused as I figured "crits" would be constructive and not some OTHER toy-ass bitch telling me how shitty I am. So, thanks again. You're a great ambassador for this community.
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  12. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    Hahahaha, damn, that really cracked me up. I needed a good laugh. How old are you, 30? I never said I was the overseer of style. I just said you don't have any. Out of all the 7 or 8 pictures you posted, none of them progressed, whatsoever. I feel you on the not painting, too much to risk, etc, I understand. I'm not trying to be a asked for crits, I gave what I think about your work. If you didn't want to get butthurt, maybe you shouldn't have come here. Yes I do understand the concept of individual're style was my style in 6th grade. I'm done arguing with you, just keep drawing, and try some straight letters, or somethin'....I'd also like to see some of your painted shit, if you have any pictures.

    Edit: Show some of your shit off.....hahaha, there's nothing whatsoever to show off...I'd be hiding that shit.
  13. .newk.

    .newk. Member

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    You're right, maybe I should've stayed away. Is that the advice you give to everyone who isn't up to "par" with your ideals of "good art"? Who are you to say I have no style? 90% of the shit you posted is bland and whack. No wonder people get up all over your shit, it's shit. No pics of my painted stuff except a HORRIBLE piece that started off good but fucking sprinklers came on while I was painting (4am) and ruined it. I try and keep evidence to a minimum.

    And what good is it to keep all your work to yourself when you could have welcoming individuals such as yourself giving such helpful advice? You need to get off your own nuts.
  14. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    This is the last time I'm going to respond, and I'll try not to be a dick, or "on my own nuts". DRAW. and Draw some more. What should you do after that? Draw some more, again. The more you draw, the more you progress...You will figure your own style out soon just seems like you are trying to force some of your shit, I don't know. Good luck, keep postin', I'd like to see you get better.
  15. .newk.

    .newk. Member

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    Thanks for the non-condescending, somewhat helpful and overall NICE post. This is how it should've started out. I'm not here to start shit with anyone and maybe I'll learn a thing or 2 around here. Like I said, this isn't something I take too seriously. It's just a fun way to burn some steam.

    Also, I may take one of my favorite markers and go hit up some spots around here just for nostalgia sake. Nothing crazy, just some tags here and there :cool:
  16. pointman

    pointman Senior Member

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    Ok this is my first attempt at anything graffiti wise it looks pretty shitty out of proportion ect, but i guess i will be able to see myself improve over time through this forum.

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  17. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    nose2 is right, your works aren't impressive for someone who has been doing it for 8 years
    I know that you're doing it for fun and not to get up. and I know that every artistic mind has the right to express itself the way it wants without being bound by any rules whatsoever.
    the kind of graffiti you're doing doesn't belong in the artistic half of the game. it belongs in the typographic one. it's called writing, you're not drawing anything, you're WRITING your name... they're letters. and letters in theory, have structure. people majoring in graphic design or arts in general go through a typography class where they learn about letter structure, word placement, dimensions, kernings, spacings etc... other people learn it on their own with time and practice. other people have really good handwriting and are just simply kinda "born with the talent" if you wanna put it like that.

    bottom line is, whether you're a toy or a king, have been writing for a day or a decade, there are global typographic rules and norms that define whether a piece is good or bad.
    nose2's comments weren't really subjective. if you want to improve, you have to learn some typography, because you clearly werent born with a talent and haven't progressed with time.
    so either invest in some typograhy courses, or practice practice practice on your own by starting from zero, from simple straight letter pieces.

    hope this helped clear things out
  18. Flawless Victory

    Flawless Victory Elite Member

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    HOLY SHIT, 8 years dude?!
    You either need to find another form of stress relief or just fuckin' kill yourself.
    But, for your sake, I'm going to assume you lied about the 8 year thing.
  19. Rask Wsk LA

    Rask Wsk LA Senior Member

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    quick simples, fucked up on the 3D

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  20. swae101

    swae101 Member

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    thanks for the crits everyone
    ill be sure to fix my errors on my next piece