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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. MN Nice

    MN Nice Elite Member

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    Any crits gentlemen?

    @fred: not every letter has to Mach exact movements. Break out of that habit.
    @totesm: I read fok as in foking terrible structure. Get ya bars going.
    @dontcare: decent stuff just watch your bar widths.
    @tasty: e is dope, flame is kinda dumb tho. Arrow effect is pretty cool.
  2. DontEvenCareAnymore

    DontEvenCareAnymore Senior Member

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    @MN there's just something about that S that's bothering me. Everything looks good besides that.
  3. cred1384

    cred1384 Senior Member

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    I think it's because the top left side goes up again? Just my 2 cents.
  4. Axil

    Axil Senior Member

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    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    Put all your letters on a line, theyre sitting uneven right now. If youre going to make one letter slant, you should make them all slant. C and R are on same slant, but the rest is not. Dont add on little extensions like on the A and E, they look bad. Watch your negative space, try to make it consistant throughout the piece. So if theres a lot of space in the middle of the C, your gonna want to leave some room between letters, or the holes on your other letters a little bigger so theres not just one gap of space on one side. Stucturely the E and K are a little off, but the rest can rock if u fix it up a bit
  6. TinK gxc

    TinK gxc Member

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    ^Not sure if there's much my toy-ass could add to that.

    Drew this for a buddy
  7. The Abducted

    The Abducted Member

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    Tink: Thicken up your bars a bit, make your letters a bit fuller. Also, don't let them get so far apart, at least some part of your letters should be touching, always. They don't necessarily have to completely lap, but at least some part should touch. Keep your letters the same size, same direction, and angle. Also on that first one, tone down the back ground brother. A skyline, a simple color around the outside of the piece is more than enough for now. Skylines (Also called auras, glows, outer outlines, and other strange things these days) are best as either the primary color of the fill, or a color on the opposite end of the color spectrum as the fill, bright to make the piece pop.

    On the plus side, you have an understanding of 3D direction and high/low lights.
  8. TinK gxc

    TinK gxc Member

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    Thanks for the comments man. I don't think I necessarily agree with with the mandatory letter-contact, (as if it's not really graffiti if they aren't touching...) but I understand what you're saying.

    Lol and for the first one I started with just the pink and made a few red marks that I really hated, so I had to incorperate them better somehow. SO yeah I agree the red portion makes the background look shittier
  9. The Abducted

    The Abducted Member

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  10. Arose.One

    Arose.One Elite Member

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    they pretty much need to touch or overlap in most cases, especially if your letters are that weak, they need to lean on each other for support. having them all standing apart, alone, makes them look even more like rejects then they would with a crew. if you can't put together a solid simple, don't play with extensions, connections, etc.
    i don't have anything positive to say. i would say you have an okay grasp of 3d and highlights, but what's the point of okay effects if the basic letter structure is weak.
    fuck with some simples, figure out what you CAN do with letters.
    the handy is good, nice and loose, but i would lose the quotaion marks, they're too rigid. and it looks like it might say BINK.
    practice keeping your bars an even width throughout.
    i've seen 2 cats on here in gxc.
  11. Evoke-HMW-SGC-

    Evoke-HMW-SGC- Member

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  12. Semper

    Semper Moderator

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    Don't try wildstyles yet, keep it really simple until you get your letters down then add funk. Wildstyles can take years to perfect. Also why does every newbie use arrows? There are other ways to end an extension
  13. Evoke-HMW-SGC-

    Evoke-HMW-SGC- Member

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    Yeah i know, but i just got bored of simps ahaha, it isnt terrible though is it?
  14. CallMeFred

    CallMeFred Senior Member

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    ^I think we can safely draw that conclusion based on the comment Semper left.
  15. totesm'goates

    totesm'goates Member

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    2013-02-22 12.09.27.jpg

    I know it's simple but I just wanted to know if my letters are uniform and work together? and if I should have made them connect?
    I'm still not sure if I like the inside of my "O"
  16. CallMeFred

    CallMeFred Senior Member

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    ^Not simple enough for you yet imo. try keyboard letters..
  17. cred1384

    cred1384 Senior Member

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    I thought the more arrows you use the cooler you are. It's like my whole life has been a big lie...
  18. FADE23

    FADE23 Senior Member

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    Sloppy drunken piece, any crits? image.jpg
  19. QUEEZ

    QUEEZ Senior Member

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  20. SCAM*oNe

    SCAM*oNe Senior Member

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    Thats pretty okay except for the hand style and bubble letters they shouldbe more connected.