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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Cobra - for the bi-weekly battle

  2. Rae

    Rae Member

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  3. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Thanks a bunch! I have a ton more here -
    And my traveling blackbook project -
  4. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    I can see you carving yourself a style from this idea. My suggestion is to make things purposeful and that the words you create should be a mixture of stickers/ cutouts and hand drawn letters. Remember graffiti applies composition for it to be truly successful and that idea applies or should apply to your stickers/ cutouts.

    There's a lot to chat about and many answers can be found by watching some YouTube videos on basic composition, letters structure and lighting.

    Lastly - altho Prismacolor aren't my favorite marker, they certainly are not bad. Like many other things it's practice. Also, understanding what is possible with the tools you have. I've seen some artists do great things with a Sharpie set or ever lesser brands.

    Good luck and keep on working!
  5. Rae

    Rae Member

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    I followed both your pages
  6. Cleansy

    Cleansy New Member

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    Im new to graff would appreciate some critique sorry for quality

  7. SpawnCamp

    SpawnCamp Senior Member

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    Let's do the time warp again.

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  8. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Filling up a blackbook with the bi-weekly battles





    MASTER Battle Final.JPG





    Sifo 2.0.jpg


  9. Side_One

    Side_One Senior Member

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    I'm not that big on posting as often as other writer here. Before I joined BS I was practicing beforehand and I thought there would be a lot of critique from other better writers. I'm have been practicing the bi-weekly battles for 2 years on my own time before I joined BS a year ago. I'm still at the 'toy' stage but I'm noticing my own little improvements. I don't have a particular style, however I noticed that I'm leaning more towards the simple 'bubble' style. In the future I would love to reach the 'wildstyle' style but I'm not even close to that stage anytime soon!!

    Here are my drawings that I did in the past.











  10. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    Nesr exchange, practice trys


  11. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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  12. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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  13. Sake7274

    Sake7274 New Member

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  14. Side_One

    Side_One Senior Member

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    Good start in my opinion. The only thing that is missing is the 3D effect and outline of the final piece. I would off done the whole lettering either in purple and the 3D effect in yellow or vice versa, and the outline/border pink all around, but thats my two cents. Otherwise, I would suggest sticking to simple lettering/bars before diving into deep water. Once you master the basics, move on to the next stage with experimenting bending letters and adding extensions to the letters like chips, arrows, etc.... I know that might be a bit too harsh to write/critic, but I feel like other members would off said the same. Just practice ALOT. A lot of people stress this term but it's true. The more you practice the better you will be where you want to be. Good luck!!
  15. Mrragetwo

    Mrragetwo Member

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