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blending molotow markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Colten Engedahl, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Colten Engedahl

    Colten Engedahl New Member

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    I'm looking for some tips on how to best blend colours with molotow one4all paint markers.
    I am trying a couple different methods but it's not quite right.
    So if any one can help point me in the right direction that would be great.
    Help me better my art, so I can put my ideas to paper.
  2. Mr.Late

    Mr.Late Senior Member

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    Hey there, i jus bought a complete set of these markers n they r very high quality n very good markers but if you really wanna blend ur better off with prisma, copics or even sharpies, they have speccific blending markers which is cool. You deff need to research n look into the technique tho because if u do it right it you can get some nasty combos. If i were u n were trying to blend molotows id try doing halftones.
  3. EBA

    EBA Elite Member

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    You can't really blend paint markers. You can bu enough intermediate colors and stipple in but it will never look as smooth as any of the alcohol-based markers that Mr. Late mentioned above. Of course, how you rock it can do a lot on something like this. I would recommend grabbing a scrap of extra paper, testing out your transitions first, then executing what works. Just keep in mind it's not going to be a smooth blend no matter what. Those are designed to be opaque, and that means they will obscure whatever you put them over. Work darker shades first and you might get a little bit of transparency. Do NOT try and puddle them up and mix them wet because that will probably soak paint into the other marker and change its color and it won't look good.
  4. Colten Engedahl

    Colten Engedahl New Member

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    thanks I'll rethink my methods and find a better style that works with my ideas and my medium. these are great markers and I'm starting to see what I can do with them. and really like how they work for me.
  5. smashtastic

    smashtastic Member

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    i found a paintbrush really helps in regard to pooling a little bit of paint on both sides of your transition , because you can just wash out a paintbrush
  6. 801graffbomber

    801graffbomber Member

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    do light the dark then shade dark to the ight color 1409281205477.jpg
  7. loonaii

    loonaii Elite Member

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    That looks like shit. Don't listen to this guy^
  8. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    I just use my finger to blend them.
  9. MikkyHarren

    MikkyHarren New Member

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    Last edited: Sep 23, 2014
  10. Sanguine

    Sanguine Senior Member

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    Blending acrylic paint? Eh you might as well just buy it in tubes and just a brush, hombre. One4alls aren't really for blending.
  11. SinOneGraffiti

    SinOneGraffiti New Member

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    Paint markers as a rule won't blend... If you have used Molotow for a while, you can use your finger to fade, but as the paint is so opaque, blending is nearly impossible. stick to Copics, Prismacolour, or Ironlak Strikers. Even sharpies work well after a bit of practice...
  12. kickiticy2

    kickiticy2 Senior Member

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    lol ^ that pic. and the comment below it..!

    with paint i get dirty i use edges of paper or my fingers (/ nails) to fade. I also use color pencils in combo too tho so idk
  13. Yukster

    Yukster New Member

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    Has anyone tried blending using Liquitex Flow Aid? I'm an artist using Molotow, Montana & Liquitex markers on canvas and blend with Flow Aid. You need to use it pretty sparingly and blend the colours like you would with paint - put darker shade down first, you'll need less of this than the lighter shade you are blending in. It does work - hope this helps.