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Body Mods

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by whOaHT, Jun 1, 2004.

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  1. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    word, well you should send me the design! Either on the interwebs or via phone. I'm stoked to check it out anyway.
  2. M3KA1!

    M3KA1! Elite Member

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    imma scan it and send it online. so you can get it to get the work done. it'll be a lot cleaner versus phone.
  3. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    Awesome! I appreciate it alot man. Thank you. Just pm it to me!
  4. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    New stuff I've been working on.

  5. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    you did that? Lokks clean, shoulda made the blade going through the skull tho... anyways tight design
  6. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    naw, we discussed that, woulda distracted attention away from the skull, the focal point.
  7. my.favorite.addiction

    my.favorite.addiction Banned

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    And yous a n00b? that shit is fresh! especially like how the "I dont give a fuck about" looks all elegant.
    Good skull too.
  8. brantay2

    brantay2 Member

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  9. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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  10. 2mor

    2mor Senior Member

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    why do you just keep posting ridiculous two word comments ya fuckin cunt?
  11. dimmu

    dimmu Member

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    tongue split, 35mm stretchers in both ears
  12. ant0215

    ant0215 New Member

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    covered in tattoos, ears to 7/8, septum to 6g, both sides of nostril, used to have dimple piercings but took them out.
  13. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    5/8th lobes and septums at a 4g
  14. Member

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    This thread is full of gay, bad tattoos and little boys with no facial hair.
  15. shark101

    shark101 Senior Member

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    100_0184.jpg ^Dunno if this seems like a gay tattoo to you? :p It's a compass rose with an eye in the middle, the compass symbolzing, more or less reminding me to stay on the right "path" in life, and the eye represents my family and friends that have looked out and supported me my whole life...Sorta deep which i thought would be important for a first tattoo. Meh I like it. Got it Dec 16th 2011

    (Tattoo's on mt left forearm)
  16. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    this thread needs more bumpage yo!
    hmmm, it makes me wanna get some new ink done
  17. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    Some steez I've been workin on.



  18. TastyMcNasty

    TastyMcNasty Elite Member

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    want this as my first tat. hopefully can get it over the summer when i get a better paying job
    and want it in black, not the blue.
  19. AZTEKA

    AZTEKA Senior Member

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    this chick is hot. props homie if this is your chick.
  20. TooYoungForMercy

    TooYoungForMercy New Member

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    lol at all the fucktards tattooing themselves.
    5/8 lobes. my goal is one inch.
    4g inverted p.a.
    sleeve on my left arm inspired by this old ass experimental horror movie
    my feet have a band logo spread across them both. a hardcore band out of cali called spazz