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Boston; No Bullshit

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by mr. she77, May 28, 2004.

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  1. CLEAR

    CLEAR Member

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  2. marone

    marone Member

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    fuck it forget i even said anything about a dvd u right i'll just find writers and chill,but on another topic atleast let me show some of my work did this when i still learning (i still am) aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v231_Nasty_nos_100_1897.jpg
  3. JB183

    JB183 Member

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    Yea Thas my Nigga mar 1 This dude got crazy skills and even crazier ideas^


  4. johndoe

    johndoe Senior Member

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    $110...ballin son
  5. daze?

    daze? Member

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    and you are a "hustler"?

  6. marone

    marone Member

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    na i borrwed that 100 from my mans.
  7. marone

    marone Member

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    yo so i'm makin a bord and i have this idea to put a cologe of newspaper clippinz about the murders thats been goin on in boston.
    View attachment 220111
    but then when i put that shit to like make it stuck on there it kind of got fucked up
    but it still looked kind of ill
    View attachment 220112
    View attachment 220113
    so i took that shit off and started ova
    View attachment 220114
    View attachment 220115
    but then i think i fuck up on that too cause i spray to much on one side ,so do i wait till it drys and try to sand it out or what?
  8. leaks

    leaks Senior Member

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    hahahah wow is all i have to say to this whole site
  9. ohiammenstrual

    ohiammenstrual Senior Member

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    good luck getting your deposite back kid
  10. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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  11. CLEAR

    CLEAR Member

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    i post all that shit and we're talking about skateboards?? THAT is why this site is so horrible.....
  12. marone

    marone Member

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    com on theres paint in one the pics
  13. halfonabunksack

    halfonabunksack Member

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    this kids a fuckin looser..............somebody should robb that kid!
  14. shifty!

    shifty! Senior Member

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    yeh 110$ isnt ballin...son, thats nothing...
  15. YBE

    YBE Member

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    Mar 1's a
    cock gobblah
  16. marone

    marone Member

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    yo yall found out my ture identity
    the cock gobling cop what can i say you guys are too smart i'm off it


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    yoooo i never knew that boston had good graff like that. u should come over to nyc and see some ill shit too.

    POSTMANSLUT5000 Senior Member

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  19. Dropping Bombs On Society

    Dropping Bombs On Society Elite Member

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    Whose seen the wall outside of underground... Kem rath ext... Ill post some flixs in a while. But I wish this thread was a little bit more lively. w/e peace.
  20. SsNnEeAaKkYy

    SsNnEeAaKkYy Member

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    that walls hot...i went there like 2 weeks ago
    n the kemz wasnt finished, went back a week
    later n that shit was flamin

    that ext piece was the one all the way to the left
    with that ballin ass 3d right