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Bs History Lesson

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dcite, Sep 27, 2004.

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  1. lead_pipe

    lead_pipe Senior Member

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    is tony the tony the tagger who beefed up the old forums like mad back in the day
  2. -> DUMB ONE <-

    -> DUMB ONE <- Elite Member

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    i remeber one time tony and some other guy were fucking around with joking around beef, and the guy got a FROST FLAKES cereal box with the huge picture of tony the tiger covering the front, and stabed a knife through tony the tigers face, and posted it in reply to tony. very funny shit.
  3. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    lmao i remember that! the fuckin butterfly knife! good times
  4. EVAK_GBCKrew

    EVAK_GBCKrew Elite Member

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    EVERYONE remembers me. Mission accomplished. Hahahahahhaha.
  5. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    i didnt even post on the old forums i jsut came and checked out info and tips and left
  6. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    damn dude see now i feel bad for not goin to this shit every fuckin day way back in those day but i had a lil side dish of beef with tony the tagger .... was that u tony?
  7. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    i think i might have that picture saved somewere
  8. ssypark89

    ssypark89 Senior Member

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    i remember matr and lumos.. those guys were sick
  9. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    matr's back and lumos *shakes head* that guys the fuckin master
  10. BeeOne234...

    BeeOne234... Elite Member

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    wooooooo now this is pure jokes...back in the day...Ok so I got dumped HARD by this kid from England and was left in a- for the most part empty apartment...turnatables and a mixer...vinyl...a grow room full a goodness and a cell phone that worked only when it wasn't raining...a beatup ass dial up computer in Oly, WA...and maybe my hoodie...
    Broke from New Orleans flown in from the big island HI and left alone
    for the 1st hard winter................news12 brought friends together despite of the harsh weather...
    Yeah i remember and Klit got tight first time yappin graff tactics....wishing we were still in contact I hope that him and his nurse are still droppin surgerys on Sydney <3 manifest evil baby pussy crew pure evil yeah...met good ol' justin boner bone next and thats where we stayed....tight. Always seeking each other's insight...hahaha back when he was Mister Boombastik right right...
    PC baby...Crewk crept up in the spot and made his name heard ya heard...I miss you Mike Incognito...360- you know you got the rest -programed so give it a ring it don't matter if you gave the ring to miss thang you still my only bling. Friend. Call a truce and then call your bug...seriously, don't regret our hugs...wooo moving on from the touchy touchy I met my homie hour on this forum haha that nigguh is STILL on my 3 years later...4 spots later....hahaha GEEZ always had the illest flicks sketches and walls...and in my eyes still reigns supreme...Giving up the recipbees to the younger generation of vandals...mixing paint and swaping handles from ink to krink...wooooo....Good ol' Garf and his master blow it up secrets....ya'll don't know about garfo he killed it, and when we are distant as the desert from the mountins he has a spot in my mind speaking of Mind...2...he's divine used to spend the late nights sharing and busting out the rollers that made them scream whoa now Pussy Crew is too much for you... we were disecting crews...meeting on the levels of that which was real...we knew the where the hell is his flicks I flocked...Foe always down for speaking his mind and supporting the pics.......Battle fiends...Mwah...Your not my foe...i'll never dispise...
    Where is ARISE???? If anyone knows his contact info drop it...I would LOVE to see that headnod and bboy drop it.... <3
    Scream UPC still coming through... hollurring at as can beeeeee....
    doctor domer gets his name up highrises....
    Lifer...hahaha...lil ninja's...........
    Flow always down for a spot on the couch :) he is the graffiti welcome and fr8whr yeah yeah we cool still to this very day! Ya'll remember J21...he'll be here in a couple of days...still ragin'...he's a fuggin boxstar...tony the tagger...keepin' ezact live...the bay area still stares at ya..............................mmm shout to cidaz.....AntOne the Masses are at your ankles.
    ...AK47....nonstop droppin the hope of our futures on a buzzy bee...still....decades older having respect for them...and awww my lil grandson...still draws anime for me and flatters me...i still ain't got shit on lil Mode7's young gun ideals on reality. Ares came through daily with pics to make me shy about showing mine. Nokos...yeah yeah i remember that ish...i always liked you and you always remember my came a long way...Msfyt came in the mix and we would be connected at the hip if we were to chill...What up yusa uyffjhfhmtf...still got love for you and the crew...yo them days like back we're real I spill a little drop of my 40 popped off for the homie Zewlah...I love you till the day we rejoin and spoolah the thread out to make this quilt of fame span out....I am buzzin...yup....PC crew still smashing the underground.....Thanks for making those hard times as easy as the bombs we dropped...
    Anyone else I forgot all apologies It's the buzz in me.................
    A tuesday night drunken ninja paint splattered emcee..........................................
    That felt like time travel. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........Muah!
  11. ares

    ares Elite Member

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    Speaking of posting flicks, haven't seen you post anything in a while.

    Do us all a favor, and bump randomism.

  12. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    yay! i love you bee :D

    i still see garf on AIM every now and then
  13. Cherubic Meekus

    Cherubic Meekus Elite Member

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    with all this nostalgia you cant help but hear the song ''Memories'' echo threw your head.
  14. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    back in the day it was albout garf-e, man would he make me laugh. people really cant take any constructive critisim but garf would feed it to you anyways. i actually see garf logged on here once and a while, but he never posts.
    crewk, klit, boner, ak, and jail were the artists throwing up some amazing sketches and pieces.
    flow, bee, mind, and destroyingyourvision(i think that was his name) brought the wisdom.
    lakester brought the benched flicks.
    lol, and nokos brought the beef.
    as for me i was always talking about positive conquences to graffiti, recylcing, sexism in graffiti, and any kinda of beyond graffiti activies.
    it was pretty much the same as now, but WAY back in the day i think there were less "newbies". topics erent ruined so fast, and people actually thought before they typed. oh well the world changes.

    anyone know when the boards first started?
  15. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    ah lotsa more flix cuz of the flix section... man it was awesome haha

    and me trying to have the most posts haha... but tony kept on having more...
    well now i did it haha

    nd me showing my wack peaces n every1 saying they sucked and me arguying that they where dope haha
  16. SoBmoB

    SoBmoB Banned

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    when i first joined this forum last time i had no e beef at all. no one though i was a cop. and no one called me toy. since then my styles gotten soo much sicker and i've been arrested hella times. cops know what i write so i can bomb carelessly cause for some reason whenever i get arrested. most that happen is that my paint gets taken away...never get ne punishment. so till im 18 im gonna hit it hard.

    but im tryin to say. since i don't care bout cops knowin who i am. I'm able to post flix of me n say shit without heat. and for some reason people think im bacon now. I don't think i've ever asked ne ones name sept for psykaozz. even then i didn't care for his last name.

    and lotsa peeps callin me toy. what's with that shit. check under my post's a column in tags tags tags. does my style look like it's toy?


    ne who. me silkk n esned have been postin i think for maybe the whole time we've been writin. maybe little more than a year.
  17. Mister Elmo

    Mister Elmo Senior Member

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  18. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    bombing scicne has become better technology wise and organaization
    but there will always be the one stupid guy making a topic asking for a "tag name" for himself
    i feel embarased for whoever does that
  19. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    i also liked how you could change your username. i think my last one was "ONE.TWO.THREE.FOE"
  20. halo

    halo Senior Member

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    I remember the trading thread...... *sniff* come back, trading thread...I also remember every second post was a battle about the Leter A or somthing stupid like that.......and kosos or w/e his name was lol he got raped like amiilion times in battles in the beggining, and then just all of a suddene pulled ahead in his skills, that dude had ptential.........nobody remembers me....I was such a toy...I got bashed by tony the tagger(tony) and Mr.Jail a couple of times.....I went by the name style...and style 2.....and style 3......and flur.