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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chaka911, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Chaka911

    Chaka911 Senior Member

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    Theres a spot me and my friend go to thats hard to describe. Its a cement cubical on the top of a hill next to the train tracks. The train then goes out onto a bridge. Any ways the cement structure on top is absolutly fucked with spray paint. I mean there were a few nice throw ups but now some idiots went up and wrote there names and i love ___... Im new to graffiti and im wondering if i should bring a bucket of paint and a roller and buff everything and start new with plenty of room for actual art and not bullshit. is this rong?
  2. Krylon bomber

    Krylon bomber Elite Member

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  3. scape1

    scape1 Senior Member

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    you could but why not just paint over it with the piece your doing it sounds like a great practice spot
  4. Chaka911

    Chaka911 Senior Member

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    alrite i think i will... i can just spray over it because the colors are everywhere and really bright and u can still see the shit underneath my paint
  5. stuki

    stuki Member

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    just paint over it, if it was a bunch of horny teenagers trying to get in a chick's pants, fuck em. The cats who did the throws may come back and redo em, never know...
  6. Puffer

    Puffer Senior Member

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    either way is fine, your choice whatto do, i aint painting anything on it.
  7. The Incredible D

    The Incredible D Elite Member

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  8. scOpeOne

    scOpeOne Elite Member

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    why waste a bucket of paint? jsut paint over it cuz if rue realy new ure probably not gonna do anything worth priming a whole wall for

    no offense ment
  9. snow2skate

    snow2skate Elite Member

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    Yeah, Lots of people do that when walls have just gone to shit from people writing on them with markers and just doing tags and crap.
    One time when i rollered this tunnel and it was nice and white and blank, I cant beleive I said this but I had said, Man this is beautiful, a wall without graff on it, beautiful, I had disgraced myself.. Good thing i did a peice on it ha
  10. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    go to a store and get a quart or gallon of mistinted paint.
    most hardware stores that tint paint will have mistinted house paint marked down
    anyways, i usually get mistinted paint for like 50 cents-2 dollars at work
    and just bring a roller dont even use a pan and paint a background before you start
    not worth painting the entire thing if you are not going to peice the whole thing, but its up to you. get cheap house paint, because when you spray over it, it usually wont flake off even if its interior crap latex paint.

    nobody is gonna read this long post.
  11. Away

    Away Senior Member

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    overwrite nigga.... if you wanna piece that wall dont bother painting over it just go straight to the piece.... but if you wanna sign up than fuck dat shit fool
  12. met-trains-r-tha-best-biatch

    met-trains-r-tha-best-biatch Member

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    wasup people
    it depends if its shit concrete and bumpy and shit i would paint it 1st.
    if it is smooth i usally just start. it prob depends on how much tags and shit also. wel thats wat i would do
  13. sianz

    sianz Member

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    heh if ANY chick would have sex after writing "i love _____" on some wall........

    id do it ;)
  14. .A.K.4.7.

    .A.K.4.7. Elite Member

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    there may be history on that wall! tags are simple but they mean alot to some people! LEAVE THAT SHIT
    if you want to paint it do a piece but dont get rid of all the history on that wall!!!

  15. shineONE

    shineONE Elite Member

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    find a new spot. simple. although i hate it when a good spot is covered with tags.
  16. Chaka911

    Chaka911 Senior Member

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    im gonna roll over it... i thought it would be disrespectful but the throw ups wernt that good and it would be alot better for all the writers around if i cleaned it up so we could read our shit
  17. neaksta

    neaksta Senior Member

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    id just rock throwies alll over it
  18. Golem

    Golem Senior Member

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    If your word has the letter "M" in it I suggest using that letter at least 5 times to emphasize a delicious macadamian nut cookie you may be eating while painting.
  19. Optical_virus

    Optical_virus Member

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    <_< this is highly self explanatory...roll over what u need...if your "homies" are keen to paint
    well they will roll out there own spaces or decide prior to painting the space needed and do a crew painting...

    old throwies that were ugly or even toy don't deserve to be there if ur gonna do a nice piece man..its not like they're nice throwies or a piece done by an OG
    follow the bible.

    stay up.

  20. faime

    faime Senior Member

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    fuck yeh man

    keep some of the good shit but buff tha otha shit