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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    Post what events are happening in your area, but dont forget to add where that area is!!
    Make sure to include specific times, dates, locations, fees, etc...
    Also DO NOT POST in here unless you are posting an event.
  2. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    Art Primo Showroom:

    5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

    What's going on:
    • Graff Jam
    • Sticker Swap (Bring stickers to trade)
    • Art Show
    • Live Painting (Come early to reserve a spot on the wall)
    • Black Book Session
    • Specials on Molotow Spray Paint, Caps, Graff Magazines, DVDS, Clothing, and More!

    74 South Lucile Street
    Seattle, WA 98134

    The ARTPRIM0 Showroom is located on Lucile St. between 1st Ave S and East Marginal Way.
  3. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    LOSTINTHEMUSIC Senior Member

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  5. Staze

    Staze Member

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    17th Annual Bridge Jam. On the 6-7 of August 2011. @ The Bridge of Peace, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland.
  6. urbanscrawl

    urbanscrawl New Member

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    Laser graffiti - Vancouver, BC
    Fri Jul 29 & Sat Jul 30 2011
    We've got the GRLs' setup of lasers & laptops, and projecting on walls around the city from about 9:30pm-11pm both nights. also, check our map here to find out where we'll be & come join us.
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  7. 229TheVenue

    229TheVenue New Member

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  8. criscros18

    criscros18 Banned

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    Nigeria: December 31, 11.45 - Bomb the president's house
  9. coldest_beer

    coldest_beer New Member

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    FAIRSTYLE: Exposed style

    An Art Show
    Featuring works by:
    Arson, Eafo, Eskoh, Inko, & Toner

    Live beats by Wakcutt

    $10 at door
    All Ages, Licensed

    The Old Ant Hill Building
    148 10 ST. NW, Calgary, AB

    Selected photographs by The Caminus & Grafxnine

    A portion of proceeds to support local charities.
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  10. Drone_One

    Drone_One Member

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    Different locations around San Antonio, TX.
    March 8-11.
    I will post more info as it comes out.

    UNITEDBYART New Member

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  12. heebz

    heebz New Member

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  13. subliminal

    subliminal New Member

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    Seize Art Fare - London - June 1 2012

    Seize Art Fare - London - June 1 2012
    View attachment 68032
    As corporations infiltrate graffiti culture in an ever present spectre of sponsorship it undermines the soul of graffiti, whose true nature is that of vandalism & expression without permission. Thus it has become necessary to create a platform for graffiti that is outside of corporate sponsorship, museum patronage, & gallery contracts.

    We return graffiti to its roots.
    100% illegal, no permission, no entry fees, no sales.
    Just public art.
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  14. RollingStock

    RollingStock New Member

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    Show of Hands Flyer.jpg

    A Full Scale Exhibition of Graffiti Handstyles from around the world, in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Rolling Stock Gallery.
    Want in? email or message. Thanks.
  15. Marc Ferman

    Marc Ferman New Member

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    Join us for two movie premieres during the 2013 Street Culture Film Festival in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. We are showing two great documentaries and will have a graffiti art gallery featuring local artists. Tickets are $12 per movie and must be reserved online. Both films will include a live Skype Q&A with the filmmakers.

    BOMB IT 2: 7:30PM




    BOMB IT 2: In the follow-up to the explosive global graffiti documentary Bomb It, director Jon Reiss takes audiences to previously unexplored areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia on a hunt for innovative street art and artists. Bomb It 2 explores the indigenous street art scenes in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Perth, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Chicago, Austin and the Palestinian refugee camps on the West Bank.

    DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK: Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC is an independent documentary directed by Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau. The film explores the history, culture and social impact of New York’s summer b-ball scene, the worldwide “Mecca” of the sport. Doin’ It In The Park lovingly uncovers this movement through the voices of playground legends, NBA athletes, and most importantly the common ballplayer who all day looks forward to calling “next” game at their local schoolyard.
  16. Eor1123

    Eor1123 Member

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    Nothing, I live in Southern Vermont so there is zero graff related events... It really fuckin sucks...
  17. Matt Boyle

    Matt Boyle New Member

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    The Hot Butter Collective is excited to present Volume 2 of Con Artist Collective's Slap Sticker Exhibition at Rv8y Stvdio Gvll3ry in Colombo, Sri Lanka on July 17th. The show will feature 100+ original DIY stickers by artists all over the world from NYC to India, Asia, South East Asia, Australia and surrounding countries.

    The original show in 2013 was a huge success and we hope to make this one just as awesome!

    Artists in/ from India, Asia, South East Asia, and Australia can submit their work before the July 14th deadline.
  18. dangeri

    dangeri Senior Member

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    Forgot about this section.. Next week in Dundee, Scotland
  19. eightyone

    eightyone New Member

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    Any events in Europe ?? JUL/AUG ??
  20. dangeri

    dangeri Senior Member

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    More Jams from Sundee, Scotland.