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Canadian Postal Stickers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by jurass finish first, May 6, 2004.

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  1. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    hey i heard that the stickers are free and stuff but i went to a post office and i the lady didnt know what the hell i was talking about. how can i get some?
  2. jade

    jade Elite Member

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    wuts a canadian postal sticker....the big envelope with red leaf thing on the side of mailboxes...??????
  3. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    they suck, dont bother. if your trying to use them for slap tags you might as well get someone form the US to send you stickers. the canadian one have writing all over them, the only thing there good for is doing throws on and then cutting them out.
  4. koTkiT

    koTkiT Member

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    No, they are smaller stickers used for shipping packages,i think that is right, correct me if im wrong.But i dont know the big hype on getting them, they arnt that dope cause they allready have writing in the back ground that draws away from the acctual tag.If yer gonna get stickers go to the dollar store, they usually have hella kinds and they are really cheap, and usually the stores have no cameras,if you are really cheap and dont want ta spend $1.10 for 126 stickers, like they have in vic.
    Dont get postal get UPS!
  5. jade

    jade Elite Member

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    why dunt ya just go to a art store buy a blank sheet of sticker paper........ its size of pc paper only its one big sticker you can cut up and stuff
  6. koTkiT

    koTkiT Member

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    Ya those are soooo dope, you can cut em up for smaller stickers or do a big phat graff on it, but if ya decide to put time into doin a peice on one of those wait for the perfect spot to post it up so it doesnt get peeled, buffed, or weather eatin.
  7. ESNED

    ESNED Elite Member

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    there good except the back lines that make it easy to take off the back is a bitch cause most of the stickers wont have the lines along with it so there a bitch to peel off. so the big sheets are good for making bigger stickers. thought its expensive like 30 sheets for 20$
  8. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    30 sheets for 20$ ???

    yo... go check your local big office supplier... its cheaper then the dollar store.

    i got like 70 3"x4" for like mayb 3$USD...

    yup i got some canadian purolator stickies... they really suck unless youre gonna use opaque markers... i ended up doing silver throws and karaks....
  9. imported_newz12

    imported_newz12 Moderator

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    The canadian customs stickers are pretty good... Open a fake business account with Canada Post and you will receive thousands.
  10. afterten

    afterten Elite Member

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    yeah, I didnt know what they were like before they got sent to my house. I have like 600 of them sitting in my room taking up space.
  11. HeTaK-cac

    HeTaK-cac Senior Member

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    where can i found good stiker i wanna do good piece on it but i buy some at bureau en gros and it suck i whan`t some who gonna stay even if i put a lot of colorz on it because the bureau en gros one i cant put colorz in my piece
  12. drace

    drace Member

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    yo jurass...... i know exactly what your talking about .....what your looking for is just a normal sticker its about three inches by 3 inches in the back ground it say's CANADA (diaganaly goin from left to right ) i go in to detail the top left corner in small it says SHIOOING COPY under that it says Detach and apply to item... then beside that it says the same thing in french (at least i think it says the same thing)
    then it just has like all that shit like name address city/prov/postal coke and so on.....when you go to the counter just be like can i get a bunch of stickers and they'll WHA and be like my friend said they wer free and just explain how i did to you.....
    hope i helped man

    happy new year peace
  13. Malicious artist

    Malicious artist Senior Member

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    you pretty much have to rack stickers in canada unless your local postal store has sticks for free, if you go to some cheap place and mabey buyy a pack for like 1 dollar you buy it and just walk around the store pertending your looking but just keep putting a pack in your pocket or bag and just keep taking them off the rack. you can get liek 4 packs
  14. GBE

    GBE Member

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    My school has big sheets of 8 blank labels each. They're huge. They have big box loads so I take like 5 sheets at a time...
  15. hella_greasy

    hella_greasy Senior Member

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    i just orderd 500 usps stickers for free! :lol:
    at the end of the order form there was a warning saying it was a federal offance if you use them for anything other then mailing shit :ph34r:

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    i think the canadian postal stickers are dope. There super fuckin sticky tho and it takes a while to crack the backs on them..heres how you get them in case anyone doesnt know...its not overly hard

    go into post office
    tell them your selling your xbox on ebay and need mailing labels to send it to toronto or w/e
    ask for a few extras in case you screw up

    they look like this:

    the flix isnt mine
    i go in at least twice a week, make sure you dont abuse it though or they start getting suspicious. Just go in when theres a different employee working...or hit up several different post offices around ur city
  18. Royals

    Royals Banned

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  19. uvwx779

    uvwx779 Banned

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  20. jzzy1

    jzzy1 Banned

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    wish i had some