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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Xx!@#ZIG#@!xX, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Xx!@#ZIG#@!xX

    Xx!@#ZIG#@!xX New Member

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    hey is there caps in wallmart or other stors that are good to use on paint where can u find them my sn is Xxmosh bmxXx
  2. sier323

    sier323 Member

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    go 2 a graff shop or make ur own with a niddle and a few stock tips sqeeze the niddle in the tip not that much or that shit will back fire on ur ass just move it enough 2 see the little hole in the tip get big and ur set(this only works 4 fat tips)the bgger the hole the fater


    BRAINE Elite Member

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    wow are you serious?
    theres already a caps thread, and this thread maybe just got approved after how long?
    anyways ny thins: krylon workable fixative, krylon specialty non slip coating, others
    ny fats: krylon home decor latex, all other krylon latex basically, glue, etc etc.
    chisel caps: rustoleum aqua, 3oz cans of spray glue

    thats all i care to share at this time.
    close now?
  4. Malicious artist

    Malicious artist Senior Member

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  5. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    chizel caps are on like every cheap can of paint i ever see plus tremclad.

    Rusto Fats: i think we all know :p
  6. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    i think you would no that if your on the site
  7. Hilo

    Hilo Elite Member

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  8. kila

    kila Senior Member

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  9. westce

    westce Member

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    caps are so cheap go to a art store inf your in a city jes google that or somethin they cost like 25 cents a piece support local hiphop
  10. cowboyoop

    cowboyoop Member

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    Try home depot or aC moore, maby michales you can get a bag of them for a dollar.

    there only for kilx paint, and krylon.
  11. .:expo:.

    .:expo:. New Member

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    i dont know about michaels but yeah probably AC Moore
  12. SeKs

    SeKs Senior Member

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    fuck supporting hiphop, im supporting Vandalism. ;)
  13. leg-e-leg

    leg-e-leg Senior Member

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    well if i ever need caps, what i do is go to a hat store, n find some good caps, new era type shit, n then the say 'whoa....' that shit is ill... so i grab a cat, n rocc it, then run, then come bacc.... and they say 'aiyo, ur cool; so i say... no... i'm dope because thas tha new slang tha kids is usin'
  14. blondeshady2001

    blondeshady2001 Senior Member

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  15. Fang

    Fang Senior Member

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    Go rack em off spray glue for NY fats or oven cleaner for other fats
  16. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    yes lots of hardware stores will have caps they just wont be called the same thing (ex. rusto fat, pink dot, grey dot, etc.) they'll just be some stock caps. if you want actual graf caps just order them offline