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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Kalypso_TGEB, May 28, 2004.

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  1. Kalypso_TGEB

    Kalypso_TGEB New Member

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    I don't understand caps. i cant get them at any stores in my town, only in vancouver. I bought some NYC fat and thins but the fucking thins only worked for one time on my montana spray cans. what the fuck is going ????? do i have to buy new caps everytime one doesnt work, thats crap. and would i have to order caps off the internet if i wanted gold blue and gray outlines????
  2. ESNED

    ESNED Elite Member

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    i dunno go fuck your self for opening a thread thats useless search the forums for the right spot where it already has answers but so u shut up...
    clean ur caps when ur done using them if ur so worried bout them clogging, and there cheap so dont bitch, and ya u prob will have to order them online but u dont need other caps just do with wat u can get, all u really need is the basics... ny fat ny thin ny, ny rusto, german outline, pink dots

    thats all i use for caps
  3. genome

    genome Elite Member

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    just use the stocks. and when youn bomb use a fat for fill.
    caps are really over rated unless you are str8 b4llin. how homo
  4. boo-yaka

    boo-yaka Senior Member

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    Ok, you really suck for opening this thread, but here's some advice, not every type of cap works with every can (they have different valve systems, or whatever). Use german skinnys (a.k.a. outlines) on euro paint and other euro caps on euro paint. Most American paints can take euro caps, but it differs from brand to brand and not all American paints work with all American caps (several brands do not work well with NY fats, in which case you should use Rusto fats or German fats). Anyway, go find an online graffiti store that explains what caps go with what paint (there are several sites that do this) then you won't have to clog up the internet with your really obvious, continually asked question.
  5. whOaHT

    whOaHT Elite Member

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    do i smell ...... retardism ?


  6. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    wring forum section... got to the tips spot and check for a cap thread
  7. mindo

    mindo Elite Member

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    NY RUSTOS HAHAHAHAH!!! thats such a joke....they are just plain old rusto fats. they have nothing to do with NY's at all. Ny thins clog up easily...even if you try cleaning them after you paint chances are they will be clogged next time you try...if you buy them in bulk from bombingscience it's a lot cheaper then just buying them when you need them. NY fats are good for doing quick fills and dope fades on handstyles...i would consider them to be a bombing cap, Rusto Fats also a bombing cap to me but can be used for pieces if you want, they have good coverage, I'm not the biggest fan of german outlines but i will use them from time to time depending on what i want to do with them...i don't tend to use them for outlines oddly enough...and pink dots...i hate those fucking'll run out of a can of paint in no time if you're not careful.

    If you don't want to pay for caps then go to a hardware store like Home Depot and look at the aerosol products and just grab some caps off those cans and test them'd be surprised at the type of spray you can get out of those caps. It's how they did it before there were 4,000,000 differant kinds of caps.

    but you can get most of this info in other threads. check in the tools and tips section.

    actually....thats where this thread is going now.

    hope all that helped you out.
  8. ESNED

    ESNED Elite Member

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    how true my friend found a shooter cap on some no name can for some spray type shit he told me it was a ny when he gave it to me cause they looked the same in the dark and when i used it well take a guess
  9. Sier

    Sier Senior Member

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    the cap probably gets clogged so you might want to put it in some paint thinner.
  10. KwazOne

    KwazOne Member

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    Your a Whack toy if you use death caps.
  11. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    wow, are u ever toy
    please kill yourself
  12. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    i use fan stocks for piece fillings... theres nothing better. well i use like ny thins for filling the real small areas....
  13. genome

    genome Elite Member

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    death caps?
  14. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    stocks. i love useing them...
  15. kamikaze

    kamikaze Senior Member

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  16. mindo

    mindo Elite Member

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    Your a Whack toy if you use death caps. [/b][/quote]
    You are an idiot above all idiots. If you can't properly use a stock cap to rock shit you shouldn't have the liberty to rock with specialty caps. You need to be able to write under any conditions. By only using specialty caps you're being babied and being a pussy. At least take some time to practice wth stocks. Another thing is that if you can rock really dope with stocks then when you actually do use caps like NY thins, you'll be fucking dope with them even more so than if you just started with the NY thins.

    But thats just my wack toy opinion. :rolleyes:
  17. checkers

    checkers Member

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    too many fellow artist dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Disciple

    Disciple New Member

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    is there any products that for sure have fat/thin caps?
    all i'm lookin for is fat caps...i've heard you can get german outlines from invisible glass (car window cleaner)
  19. Seek

    Seek Member

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    I agree..

    practice with stocks then once you get somewhat good order tips. if you order them when you suck you're just gonna be wasting them anyways.

  20. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    very true..... but stocks are fuckin beautiful for sketching and outlineing and if yall dont agree with that you just dont know shit about caps