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Cheapest/ Worst Paint You've Used

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Yan, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. Yan

    Yan Member

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    ok ok my first topic (and post... hey )

    whats the cheapest or shittiest paint you've used?? if its cheap , does it work good?
    if its shitty, whats so bad about it?

    hey i'm bored so please don't bitch my head off about this pointless thread... (if you weren't going to your automatically awesome).... anyways i'm prolly coming off as a fag so I'm gunna stop now...

    oh i've used this cheap paint called " Quick Color" ... you can get it at home depot.... its like a buck with tax... i think its ok... except the white... avoid its white at all cost it sux so much ass... but the other colors are ok! :)
  2. jade

    jade Elite Member

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    ummmmmmmmm cheapest shit ive used was mr.spray.............i dont even think the company is around any more......found the can in an old hardware store ive used is montana.............
  3. shaffer

    shaffer Senior Member

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    Cheapest is Wal-Mart cans for 94 cents. Its okay for tags and throws. Oh and at swapmeets you can get Krylon for a buck.
  4. ESNED

    ESNED Elite Member

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    best ive used is this stuff well i actually forget what its called but its graffiti removal in a can. u should try it
  5. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    worst paint ive ever used if zellers paint it runs like water looks like water and doesnt look like the coulour its sousposed to be <_<
  6. s0dium_gl0w

    s0dium_gl0w New Member

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    Worst I've ever seen is 'WOW' brand paint at Walmart, using the white is basically like trying to paint a wall with milk, fawkin pointless <_<
  7. I dont remember the brand's name, but it was from wal-mart, the color was a bad gold and also a "kind of silver/chrome...", they both cover well but they were drippy as was like if there were too much pigments or sumethin' like that, you could barely see them, trust me, it sucked....

    At canadian Tire, you have cheap brand for about 1 $us that are worth the price, only for flat black and white...

    My two favorite brand: Montana, True Colorz...they are really worth every cents you pay to get 'em !
  8. panic

    panic Elite Member

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    quick colors rule what what.
  9. cypher_isc

    cypher_isc New Member

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    The new krylon's cant cover for shit... but its ok I'm too poor to buy them...and too scared to rack em.
  10. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    the worst ive used is the new walmart cuz its real drippy and can only fit ny fats and germans
  11. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    crappiest? some deco or something paint from wallmart. bought to cans of it for a piece (the 3d).

    like a purple and a pink. well the paint doesnt come out in a nice mist, it sorta splatters to give a texture or something and comes out so strong it bounces off the wall quite abit. so i got paint all over and it made messy as fuck lines and fills but hey it worked....
  12. Thief

    Thief Senior Member

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    Paint is paint I guess, but I'm not really feeling the new krylon much.
  13. -> DUMB ONE <-

    -> DUMB ONE <- Elite Member

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    walmart isnt drippy, you just paint to slow.
  14. ESNED

    ESNED Elite Member

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    ok well there is this decoration paint at michaels used once it smells like hair spray and its see threw and drips i used the red
  15. darkling_stalkr

    darkling_stalkr Senior Member

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    shittest stuff i've used is this crap at canadian tire, it was suppose to be metallic but it urgh. best is krylon. me likey :ph34r:
  16. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    cheap canadian tire rust paint. the paint drips like shit and doesnt even take caps, the paint jsut leaks out the sides
  17. CaliforniaSkan

    CaliforniaSkan Senior Member

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    Worst is Krylon its just so watery. Best is Rustoleum it has the perfect thickness and pressure, it is also very rackable unlike Montana.
  18. kaotik_is_back

    kaotik_is_back Senior Member

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    speed enamel, or something of the sort... 2 bucks a can.. i could get two cans of better stuff at a dollar store.. drippy as a virgins pussy and covers like a hand towel.. crap..
  19. Lazer

    Lazer Elite Member

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    i bought the cheapest stuff from walmart, forgot what its called though...
  20. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    its called color place. i use it all the time.