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Chemistry 101:Beginner Ink Labs and Pics

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by HëRbN, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Kanoodler

    Kanoodler New Member

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    Has anyone tried adding acids to their inks? Been thinking about making a batch with some muriatic in it.
  2. SozeyBoii

    SozeyBoii Member

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    lol no dont do that. that´s not the move lmao. often the acid´s react with dyes or whatever else is in the ink you mixed into it and it´ll possibly explode
  3. Andros

    Andros New Member

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    Okay so toy question: for markers is it better with or without Xylene? I've been looking and I see that people either use it or don't use it. Are there advantages or disadvantages of having Xylene in your ink?
  4. StammaDaHammer

    StammaDaHammer Member

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    I think it's dangerous to breathe in the fumes, not sure if xylene based inks stain better than ones without.

    Also, does anyone know how well inks'/ dyes will stain brick and concrete walls? I've got an idea of transfering ink into an aerosole
  5. baker

    baker Member

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    Hey so i just read a whole lot on this thread, and i've decided to make my own stainer ink. I live in denmark and I just searched up dot3 on Google, and it seems that dot4 and dot5 Are alot easier to get a hold of,can i use that? also what else should i add to leave a gnarly stain?