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Close Calls

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ducktales, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Ducktales

    Ducktales Member

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    What are your stories of some close calls with authority, or anyone else almost catching you tag.
  2. Jinxed1

    Jinxed1 New Member

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    Only by my Mother and she is scarier than any cop
  3. Graffape

    Graffape New Member

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    Writing on a highway spot on 10 pm. When me and my mate finished our piece we walked to the other side of the highway and suddenly a cop screamed : STOP , THIS IS THE POLICE! I jumped on my bike , and cycled as fast as i possibly could. threw my box of cans in the bush and cycled for another couple of minutes. After waiting a while in the bush i went home. The day after i went to the bush where i threw my cans ( expensive paints :( ) but my paint was still there :D.
  4. owp

    owp Member

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    seeing a skunk while smoking on sum skunk if ya catch ma drift
  5. Hilo

    Hilo Elite Member

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    i have one. i was biking around in an allyway just biking looking at graff and stuff like that. its also day time and its kinda like a residential allyway near a little street i stopped at the corner and i take out my green pastel and am about to tag the grey rough surfaced wall, as im at my "L" i see a familure car (jetta) and guess whos in it. 2 angry parents of mine booking me for doing a tag. aperintly they saw me riding my bike the other street over and i went up to them scared a little bit i was like hey hah cause what else am i gonna do u know? and they told me to throw the pastel away. pretty random
  6. Gestalt

    Gestalt Member

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    one night last week, I was out hitting some electrical boxes since there's a fuck ton of 'em in my area and I'm taking my time with my tag because I learned really quick that rushing it makes it look worse than it already will. anyway, I did 'Huey' and started doing 'Stalt' under it, as I finish my first T I hear a car coming up the street, I turn around and it's a squad going about 40 down a residential street. He must've seen my because by the time I turned around he was right at the intersection, but he didn't even pull over or slow down. Cops got crack dealers & shit to bust around here.
  7. FADE23

    FADE23 Senior Member

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    Few years back when I did stencils I decided to jump the fence into the local school with a friend, it was the summer holidays so I didn't think anyone would be there. I climbed up a drain pipe and my friend followed then I went about sticking my stencil on the roof of the gym (which actually looked pretty good) we then sat down and decided to get high for an hour before climbing down. After an hour I decided to get down, because my mind was a bit scrambled I wasn't thinking straight and didn't look to see if the coast was clear before jumping down. So I drop down onto the path below only to find myself about 20ft away from what I can only imagine was van full of teachers getting things ready for the new term! They turned and shouted at me to stop, I looked at my friend who had a complete look of horror on his face, he then jumped off the roof only to land backwards into a thorn bush below (lmao) we both then ran as fast as we could, hopped over a fence and continued to run and didn't stop until we got back to my mates house. My heart was pounding but it's still a fond memory of my teenage years :)
  8. dudeatyahoo

    dudeatyahoo Senior Member

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    i dot think this counts as a close call but it scared the fuuuuck utta me!
    so i just got done tagging a bus stop, and i think some chik saw me, so i was on my way home tryin to be quick, and i hear sirens, they got closer, and closer ,and closer, so i drop my marker, and take off my bandana, and try to be inconspicues, the sirens got louder, and louder then fucking got quieter and quieter, turns out they just got close but didnt even come up the street i was on, i felt sooooooooo relieved but i had to walk back and get my marker i dropped.
  9. toop

    toop Senior Member

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    getting chased doing in service trains, getting chased at a freight yard, chased doing a roadside around 8pm, doing a so called ok spot and seccys roll around a corner on me n a mate at like 8-9 trackside
  10. SENDone905

    SENDone905 Senior Member

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    The only real close call I have is when me and a homie where walking down the street and I catch a tag on a building facing the street, and this guy drives by as I'm finishing and stops, then follows us saying he'll call the cops and tells the store owner, until me and my buddy dip through a parking lot and onto train tracks away from him.
  11. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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    Was hanging off of a sign slapping and then a cop walked by on the other side
  12. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    I went up to tag this huge dumpster. got my mop out and as soon as i was about to write, a cop car turned onto the street. I put my marker by my side and walked away fastly. Luckily he didnt stop. Just drove past me.
  13. GuyGuyer of Guyland

    GuyGuyer of Guyland Senior Member

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    I fucked a stripper without a condom, didn't get burned
  14. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    ^^ This guy wins
  15. ..romero..

    ..romero.. Elite Member

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    I was painting some freights with a friend at a very well known yard in dc (it's the only yard lol) somehow we end up on the highway and were walking back catching throws and tags and whatnot. We were coming up the entrance ramp and there's the highway below us and my friend is like yo I wanna hit this highway sign.. I didn't go because I didn't think It was safe enough but he went anyways ANd I stayed up top and caught a throw on this highway pillar instead, just as he was climbing back up from the sign and I was finishing up my throw I hear a siren and look over my shoulder and see a cop car Rollin up. I quickly tucked my can into my pocket and started walking with my friend down the sidewalk.. There is literally nowhere to run, no cuts whatsoever just highway and a long street with a concrete wall on one side and a fence with razorwire on the other. We kept it cool and didn't run until we were 100% sure we were spotted. There was no way this dude didn't see me hit the wall, he drove by us real real slow with his lights on and I was just about to book it and jump down onto the highway when I glanced up the street and saw about a block or so away another cop car with its lights on.. Apparently whatever was happening up there was more serious because he left us alone and went to help the other guy out ( it's a real sketchy area so go figure) anyways we both were like holy shit that was close and ended up both bombing the concrete wall out before leaving with two cop cars within sight, it was pretty dope lol.
  16. Nucer

    Nucer Member

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    I have cought at least 2 tags that seconds after the last stroke a cop flew past me. I hit the back of a sign the other day,capped my marker,looked behing me and a security guy was walking about 15 feet away, must have not seen me.