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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by RepUrSet, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    Black and Yellow.....

    Like a Korean grocery store after 9 oclock!


    I only kid.
  2. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    white fill, black or candy apple green outline
  3. cord

    cord Elite Member

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    i use any colors i can get my hands on.....

    but i dig baby blue
  4. -SPRING-

    -SPRING- Member

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    of course gotta go with the white fill black outline but either a yellow or light blue drop shadow. the yellow always looks good no matter where its at
  5. rons

    rons Member

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    orange fill, black outline, white bubble effect and another white outline
  6. SiLeNt-BoB

    SiLeNt-BoB Elite Member

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    chrome fill , black outline ,chrome forcefield/lime green on the odd time

    thats the way it goes down
  7. that kid

    that kid New Member

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    baby blue fill and dark blue or black outline
  8. ChRoMa 11820

    ChRoMa 11820 Senior Member

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    either orange and cobalt blue or white and black with a neon yellow outline
  9. YANKNY-718

    YANKNY-718 Elite Member

    • Messages: 693
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    silver fill and black outline, or black fill white outline and red outline around
  10. contraband

    contraband Senior Member

    • Messages: 131
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    bahamma sea blue fill with tru blue outline, or white fill and true blue outlinne.
  11. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,606
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    i like the classic colors, but black fill white outline, or just thick black hollows

    but if you search their used to be a thread called colorschemes
  12. sok

    sok Senior Member

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    white outline with eatheir a blood red fill or a baby blue fill
  13. ChRoMa 11820

    ChRoMa 11820 Senior Member

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    not refering to anyone directly above me but do some of u just make up color names

    really i mean just say simple colors cause no one knows the brand of paint that makes that specific color

    stop makin stuff up
    u dont sound cool
  14. Able!

    Able! Senior Member

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    Black n White are definetly key but you cant forget about red and white or red n chrome or any color with white looks pretty good aswell..most of the time
  15. RepUrSet

    RepUrSet Senior Member

    • Messages: 289
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    @ what happened to the letters- o ok my bad, didnt see it i just post and read the toy forums lol

    and yeah i like to use black outline white fill too..but thats common so i didnt post it =p
  16. pace1

    pace1 Senior Member

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    White fill ,rusto light blue outline with a white double.
  17. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

    • Messages: 309
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    dark green with white outline, mostly cuz i had alot of those 2 colors for a while.

    yellow with black outline red highlights

    **********turquoise with orange outline and dusted very lightly with silver******
  18. djsupreeme

    djsupreeme Elite Member

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    my favorite piece colors are pinks and reds. they remind me of your moms pussy and the night i fucked her and got her pregnant. You wouldnt remember cause that was 9 months before you were born
  19. RepUrSet

    RepUrSet Senior Member

    • Messages: 289
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    lol way to hate but those "ur mama" jokes are just stupid...they nvr offend me for some reason...guess its just immature
  20. Head_Bussa

    Head_Bussa Senior Member

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    any one tryed a silver fill wit a gold outline?
    its pretty dope