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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by RepUrSet, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Game905

    Game905 Senior Member

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    black green outline
    black white
    white black
    silver black
  2. kingofgraff13

    kingofgraff13 Member

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    white fill-in black outline or red outline
  3. Degausserr x

    Degausserr x Senior Member

    • Messages: 326
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    so today i did a yellow and a light blue, didnt look too bad actually.
  4. bojangles

    bojangles Senior Member

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    silver fill, black outline and a nice saint patrick's day green as F
  5. 7thIncision

    7thIncision Senior Member

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    I kinda like the classic B&W. But even more i like the stuff that really sticks out, really vibrant and contrasting. But sometimes just two different shades of blue can look amazing too...
    Just think though, what are people going to notice more? A black and white that may have amazing letter structure and an extremely talented artist? Or the more toy throw with the really bright colours?
  6. .jug.

    .jug. Senior Member

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    silver filll,black outline hit the hillights with some white...makes a good block buster
  7. bloodlandmoney

    bloodlandmoney Senior Member

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    green fill with a darker green 3d outlined with black and a purple red
  8. tanka

    tanka Member

    • Messages: 45
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    Lime Green Filling And Black Outline / Shadow .... Simple And LUSHH!
  9. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

    • Messages: 5,794
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    light pink fill and red out line
  10. K(i)ng

    K(i)ng Senior Member

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    I like to stand out, so i go with a brighter color, probly red on the fill and a chill color like blue for the outline, but always Kings crown is yellow. ;)
  11. REPZ

    REPZ Member

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    Crome fill , Black outline.
    Black fill , Crome outline.
    Gold fill , Crome out line.
  12. *Wing*

    *Wing* Senior Member

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    Silver&Black, or black and silver, with green or purple as the outer outline...
    And for the pieces, all sorta colours...
  13. dim

    dim Elite Member

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    pink fill whit outline
    or pink fill green outline
  14. RemoZ

    RemoZ Senior Member

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    White Fill
    Black Outline
    Yellow Double
  15. Ozone

    Ozone Member

    • Messages: 39
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    molotow - light shock blue fill
    black outline

    maybe a pink or green fill here and thurr...
  16. backpacker

    backpacker Senior Member

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    white fill in chrome outline
    white fill in red outline
    black fill in yellow outline
  17. HOLMES

    HOLMES Member

    • Messages: 20
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    Montana Hardcore ULTRA BLUE with FLUORESCENT BLUE outline
    or matte black with flourescent green outline
  18. ClOH

    ClOH Member

    • Messages: 29
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    krylon Periwinkle satin touch. Krylon Rich Plum Rustoleum grape and green apple gotta love classic silver and white
  19. ClOH

    ClOH Member

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    how do the flouresents work out for ya. The rustoleum ones arent that great only bannana skinnys work on them for me
  20. ...Syerf

    ...Syerf Senior Member

    • Messages: 222
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    Yo i just ordered some montana hardcore so when i get that shit ill post on kinda my thoughts of the colors i used...and as far as i know, krylon red totally sux,(and overal most of krylon is drippy, but red is a def. bust) wicked drippy and so is rusto's red, i hear good things about krylons ultra flat, just bought some today and cant wait to try it out...if your lookin for rusto as cheap as krylon check out menards if you got it, around here rusto painters touch is just as cheap as krylon at walmart(like $2.97), and also they had gloss black and whites of rusto with 25% more for same price, menards has no krylon though :( lowes i personaly thought they had a shitty selection and price, but if you want krylon, i recomend walmart, rusto id go with menards...and iv nvr tryd belton in my life but iv hardly herd a bad thing about it...o walmart or dollar paint i thought was terrible, drip and coverage wise, but all this is common/personal prefernce