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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by RepUrSet, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. bdubb

    bdubb Member

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    aqua green fill, bright purple outline and shadow... tan outline looks good on darker surfaces too
  2. 'Crook'

    'Crook' Senior Member

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    My piece always end up fucked when i color any tips please ?
  3. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    dont color
    colors should be your last concern anyway.

    rock a mean black and white and worry about colors later
  4. Stuck

    Stuck Elite Member

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    phats mad cus hes lost in the sauce
  5. 'Crook'

    'Crook' Senior Member

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    Okay thanks phat !
  6. 'Crook'

    'Crook' Senior Member

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    418253_139041862882608_100003303862933_158275_2096682446_n.jpg 423563_139042819549179_100003303862933_158278_436893999_n.jpg 431238_139042522882542_100003303862933_158277_966289644_n.jpg 421585_138639849589476_100003303862933_157406_2028134453_n.jpg
    that's how it was before coloring !
  7. criscros18

    criscros18 Banned

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    Grey, white, with a thin lime green outline.
  8. B-36

    B-36 Senior Member

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    yellow and purple :DDDD
  9. SiteGraff

    SiteGraff Senior Member

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    bubble gum pink with a deep purple outline, baby blue with a dark blue outline and then white and black is always a good one
  10. blackmath

    blackmath Senior Member

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    Red fill, black outline/3D, white doubleoutline/borderfucking thing. my favorite
  11. blackmath

    blackmath Senior Member

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    4C994D92-C7E2-4093-B634-DCF741855916.jpg IMG_5351.jpg 1000000422.jpg

    Just throwin up some old names. I wasn't serious about the KA, just doin anything i can to get some good can control
  12. aaesoo

    aaesoo Senior Member

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    Black and chrome all day err day sonnnn
  13. GooberOne

    GooberOne Senior Member

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    for throws i like white fill black out line and maybe a blue highlite but my fav colors over all in graffiti is green blue purple yellow

    jfk stencil.jpg
  14. Willis1989

    Willis1989 Senior Member

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    Black outline & White fill or Red outline white fill
  15. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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    -teal background, purple and black 3D, lime green outline, and aqua letters.
    -red and silver letters, black outline, with silver and white 3D
    -pink, grey, and silver
    -blue, black, and silver
    -purple, black, white, and silver
    -aqua, black, and silver
  16. Beko

    Beko Senior Member

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    ALLLL of these!
    3Zm8kHxLnPeARwqaLdXM1279645319.jpg duce_fills.jpg dxUVneEYgprFSg5sP2pS1287335836.jpg g6mIge1cr2JaqnnkduNm1276447619.jpg GeYKenlT7vYPqie7NRuV1278349600.jpg mbCSmSiKVehACiE155gh1275404241.jpg wvkysfJBjTKLhFk681u11271891319.jpg xtDzIwrxwrbU51677USs1280253974.jpg
  17. Mildstyles

    Mildstyles Elite Member

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    This isn't the help with colors thread, but a wicked good way for fill ideas is looking at the sunset.I heard this from soemone else. No joke, you get some good fade ideas from that junk
  18. Beko

    Beko Senior Member

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  19. XENO96

    XENO96 Member

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    Silver fill,blue outline
  20. TastyMcNasty

    TastyMcNasty Elite Member

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    white on black
    purple on yellow
    red/purple/blue/black on chrome
    red/black on white