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Country Crunk Milk Shakes - Underground HIPHOP(daily updates)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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    the more i read gurus letter the more it makes me think solar wrote it
    also check this

    solar is looking incredibly bitch made right now, wich is sad cuss we should be honering a true head and pioneer
  2. boodah

    boodah Senior Member

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    Guru will be missed. Rest In Power.
  3. Spraycan Stories

    Spraycan Stories Senior Member

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  4. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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  5. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    dont usually jack from blogs often..
    but damn. guru.
    if you dont know, educate yourself.

    View attachment 556540

    1. "Premier and the Guru" 3:26
    2. "Jazz Music" 3:30
    3. "Got U" 3:08
    4. "Manifest" 4:56
    5. "Gusto" 3:15
    6. "DJ Premier in Deep Concentration" 3:13
    7. "Positivity " 4:49
    8. "Manifest " 5:12
    9. "Conscience Be Free" 4:04
    10. "Cause and Effect" 3:22
    11. "2 Steps Ahead" 3:50
    12. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" 3:22
    13. "Knowledge" 3:42
    14. "Positivity" 3:35

    View attachment 556541

    1. "Name Tag
    2. "Step In The Arena"
    3. "Form Of Intellect"
    4. "Execution Of A Chump "
    5. "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?"
    6. "Beyond Comprehension"
    7. "Check The Technique"
    8. "Lovesick"
    9. "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"
    10. "Game Plan"
    11. "Take A Rest"
    12. "What You Want This Time?"
    13. "Street Ministry"
    14. "Just To Get A Rep"
    15. "Say Your Prayers"
    16. "As I Read My S-A"
    17. "Precisely The Right Rhymes"
    18. "The Meaning Of The Name"

    View attachment 556542

    1. "Daily Operation (Intro)" :27
    2. "The Place Where We Dwell" 2:27
    3. "Flip the Script" 4:02
    4. "Ex Girl to Next Girl" 4:40
    5. "Soliloquy of Chaos" 3:13
    6. "I'm the Man" 4:05
    7. "92 Interlude" :28
    8. "Take It Personal" 3:07
    9. "2 Deep" 3:38
    10. "24-7/365" :24
    11. "No Shame in My Game" 3:55
    12. "Conspiracy" 2:48 1
    3. "The Illest Brother" 4:44
    14. "Hardcore Composer" 3:16
    15. "B.Y.S." 3:06
    16. "Much Too Much (Mack a Mil)" 3:31
    17. "Take Two and Pass" 3:15 18. "Stay Tuned" 2:31

    View attachment 556543

    1. "Intro "
    3. "Code Of The Streets"
    4. "Brainstorm"
    5. "Tonz 'O' Gunz"
    6. "The Planet"
    7. "Aiiight Chill..."
    8. "Speak Ya Clout"
    9. "DWYCK"
    10. "Words From The Nutcracker"
    11. "Mass Appeal
    12. "Blowin' Up The Spot"
    13. "Suckas Need Bodyguards"
    14. "Now You're Mine"
    15. "Mostly Tha Voice"
    16. "F.A.L.A."
    17. "Comin' For Datazz"

    View attachment 556544

    1. "You Know My Steez" 4:07
    2. "Robbin Hood Theory" 3:44
    3. "Work" 2:57
    4. "Royalty"5:11
    5. "Above the Clouds" 3:41
    6. "JFK 2 Lax" 3:34
    7. "Itz a Set Up" 3:49
    8. "Moment of Truth" 4:07
    9. "B.I. Vs. Friendship" 4:37
    10. "The Militia" (feat. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx) 4:48
    11. "The Rep Grows Bigga" 4:55
    12. "What I'm Here 4" 2:45
    13. "She Knowz What She Wantz" 3:00
    14. "New York Strait Talk" 4:14
    15. "My Advice 2 You" 2:31
    16. "Make 'Em Pay" 4:21
    17. "The Mall" 3:40
    18. "Betrayal" 5:29
    19. "Next Time" 3:06
    20. "In Memory Of..." 3:50

  6. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    View attachment 556545

    Disc 1

    1. Intro
    2. Full Clip
    3. Discipline
    4. Words I Manifest (Remix)
    5. Ex Girl To Next Girl
    6. I'm The Man
    7. Mass Appeal
    8. Jazz Thing (Video Mix)
    9. The Militia
    10. Tonz 'O' Gunz
    11. Royalty
    12. Who's Gonna Take The Weight
    13. You Know My Steez
    14. Above The Clouds
    15. Just To Get A Rep
    16. DWYCK

    Disc 2

    1. All 4 Tha Ca$h
    2. Step In The Arena
    3. Work
    4. Soliloquy Of Chaos
    5. Take It Personal
    6. Speak Ya Clout
    7. Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)
    8. 1/2 & 1/2
    9. The ? Remainz
    10. Code Of The Streets
    11. So Wassup?!
    12. Now You're Mine
    13. Betrayal
    14. B.Y.S.
    15. Credit Is Due
    16. The Militia II (Remix)
    17. You Know My Steez (Three Men And A Lady Remix)

    View attachment 556546

    1. "Intro (HQ, Goo, Panch)" 0:46
    2. "Put Up Or Shut Up" (featuring Krumbsnatcha) 3:15
    3. "Werdz From The Ghetto Child" (featuring Smiley) 1:09
    4. "Sabotage" 2:22
    5. "Rite Where U Stand" (featuring Jadakiss) 3:37
    6. "Skills" 3:17
    7. "Deadly Habitz" 4:12
    8. "Nice Girl, Wrong Place" (featuring Boy Big) 3:32
    9. "Peace Of Mine" 3:01
    10. "Who Got Gunz" (featuring Fat Joe & M.O.P.) 3:36
    11. "Capture (Militia Pt. 3)" (featuring Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx) 3:23
    12. "PLAYTAWIN" 3:11
    13. "Riot Akt" 4:04
    14. "(Hiney)" 1:31
    15. "Same Team, No Games" (featuring NYG'z & H. Stax) 3:44
    16. "In This Life..." (featuring Snoop Dogg & Uncle Reo) 3:03
    17. "The Ownerz" 2:57
    18. "Zonin'" 2:54
    19. "Eulogy" 2:54

    View attachment 556547

    1. Check The Technique 3:49
    2. Skills 4:08
    3. Just To Get A Rep 3:32
    4. Code Of The Streets 3:48
    5. Lovesick 3:45
    6. Above The Clouds feat. Inspectah Deck 4:09
    7. Mass Appeal 3:42
    8. The Militia feat. Big Shug & Feddie Foxx 5:47
    9. Soliloquy Of Chaos 3:42
    10. Dwyck feat. Nice & Smooth 4:19
    11. Take It Personal 3:18
    12. Ex-Girl To Next Girl 4:36
  7. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    View attachment 556548

    1. "Manifest"
    2. "Step In the Arena"
    3. "Put Up Or Shut Up" (featuring Krumbsnatcha)
    4. "Skills"
    5. "Code of the Streets"
    6. "Ex-Girl To Next Girl"
    7. "Soliloquy of Chaos"
    8. "The Militia" (featuring Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx)
    9. "Above the Clouds" (featuring Inspectah Deck)
    10. "Check The Technique"
    11. "Royalty" (featuring K-Ci & Jojo)
    12. "Lovesick"
    13. "Take It Personal"
    14. "Now You're Mine"
    15. "Just To Get A Rep"
    16. "B.Y.S."
    17. "Mass Appeal"
    18. "DWYCK" (featuring Nice & Smooth)
    19. "Tha Squeeze" 20. "Natural"

    View attachment 556549

    1 Introduction 1:20
    2 Loungin' 4:38
    3 When You're Near 4:02
    4 Transit Ride 3:58
    5 No Time to Play 4:54
    6 Down to the Backstreets 4:47
    7 Respectful Dedications 0:54
    8 Take a Look (At Yourself) 3:59
    9 Trust Me 4:27
    10 Slicker Than Most 2:36
    11 Le Bien, Le Mal 3:21
    12 Sights in the City 5:10

    View attachment 556550

    • "Light It Up / New Reality Style (Intro / Jazzalude I)" – 1:44
    • "Lifesaver" – 4:13
    • "Living in This World" – 4:29
    • "Looking Through Darkness" – 4:48
    • "Watch What You Say (Interview)" – 5:00
    • "Defining Purpose (Jazzalude II)" – 1:02
    • "For You" – 4:10
    • "Medicine (Mental Relaxation)" – 4:19
    • "Lost Souls" – 4:12
    • "Nobody Knows (The Real Deal)" – 3:58
    • "Hip Hop As A Way Of Life (Jazzalude III)" – 1:17
    • "Respect The Architect" – 4:51
    • "Feel the Music" – 3:57
    • "Young Ladies" – 4:12
    • "The Traveler" – 4:01
    • "Maintaining Focus (Jazzalude IV)" – 1:18
    • "Count Your Blessings" – 4:02
    • "Choice Of Weapons" – 4:24
    • "Something in the Past" – 3:19
    • "Revelation (A Lot on My Mind)" – 4:35

    View attachment 556551

    View attachment 556552
  8. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    View attachment 556553

    01. No Time To Play (feat. Ronnie Jordan & Dee C. Lee) 04:54
    02. Trust Me (feat. N'Dea Davenport) 04:28
    03. Slicker Than Most (feat. Gary Barnacle) 02:36
    04. Down The Backstreets (feat. Lonnie Liston Smith) 04:48
    05. Sights In The City (feat. Courtney Pine & Carleen Anderson) 05:10
    06. Loungin' (feat. Donald Byrd) 04:39
    07. Respect The Architect (feat. Ramsey Lewis & Bahamadia) 04:51
    08. Watch What You Say (feat. Chaka Khan & Branford Marslis) 04:38
    09. Lost Souls (feat. Jamiroquai) 04:11
    10. Choice Of Weapons 04:24
    (feat. Dee C. Lee, Gus Da Vigilante, Courntey Pine)
    11. Looking Through Darkness (feat. Mic Paris) 04:48
    12. Keep Your Worries (feat. Angie Stone) 04:58
    13. Supa Love (feat. Kelis) 03:52
    14. Lift Your Fist (feat. The Roots) 03:48
    15. Plenty (feat. Erykah Badu) 04:34
    16. Choices (feat. N'Dea Davenport & Bobbi Humphrey) 03:47
    17. Loungin' (Jazz Not Jazz Mix) 03:50
    18. Respect The Architect (Buckwild Remix) 04:13
    (feat. Ramsey Lewis & Bahamadia)

    Support The Artists, Buy Their Music....

    View attachment 556554

    01. Intro (Don Gurizzy)
    02. Knowledge feat. Lord Tariq
    03. 7 Grand Ya'll feat. Solar
    04. For Ya Mind feat. Zion I
    05. Peace! feat. K-Born, Highpower & Solar
    06. State of Clarity feat. Common (Solar Remix)
    07. Who Got It On Lock feat. Doo Wop
    08. B-Boy Kamikaze feat. Tony Touch & Doo Wop (Diaz Brothers)
    09. Too Slice feat. Yungun
    10. So What It Do Now feat. Aceyalone
    11. We Got That feat. Nature & Solar
    12. Jazzy Wayz (7 Grand Exclusive)
    13. Stand Up (Some Things'll Never Change) (Reggae Mix) feat. Damian Marley
    14. Hot Like That feat. Medinah
    15. No Need for Stress
    16. Back to the Future feat. Caron Wheeler & C.Knowledge (Digable)
    17. Assasino feat. Young Pablo
    18. The Game Needs Me feat. Blue Scholars & Common Market
    19. Feed the Hungry (Solar Remix)
    20. Can't Stop the Movement (7 Grand) feat. Ms. Camille


    01-a. clayton and l. mullen-theme from mi (guru mix)
    02-arrested development-ease my mind (dj premier remix)
    03-barrington levy-one 4 me ft. jigsy king and guru
    04-cheyenne-feel my love (dj premier remix)
    05-chi ali-no surrender no retreat
    06-cookie crew-a word to the conscious
    07-cutthroats-stop lookin at me ft. guru
    08-dj premier-red alert chant
    09-dj yutaka-revenge ft. guru
    10-guru-all real ft. bless black jesus and
    11-j rock-the pimp
    12-limp bizkit-n 2gether now ft. method man
    13-loose ends-a little spice (gang starr remix)
    15-mobb deep-peer pressure
    16-neneh cherry-i aint gone under yet
    17-tin tin out and emma bunton-what i am (gang starr remix)


    01-black jesus-monster god ft. guru
    02-bob marley-johnny was ft. guru
    03-boss-drive by (slow rollin remix)
    04-comptons most wanted-def wish ii (dj premier remix)
    05-da youngstas-wake em up
    06-dangelo-devils pie
    07-digable planets-borough check ft. guru
    08-dj skribbles-play that beat mr. dj ft. gang starr
    09-guru-choices ft. ndea davenport and bobbi humphries
    10-howie b-take your partner by the hand (remix)
    11-jon b-cool relax (remix) ft. guru and guru-meet me at the next spot
    13-nefertiti-no nonsense ft. guru
    14-paula cole-rhythm of life
    15-rakim-new york (alternate version)
    16-skinny puppy-censor (the gutter mix)
    17-smiley the ghetto child-unknown track


    01-all city-the actual
    02-btnh-1st of tha month (dj premiers phat bonus remix)
    03-de la soul-patti dooke ft. guru
    04-dj cam-condor (espionage) ft. guru
    05-dj cam-voodoo child (dj premier remix) ft. afu ra
    06-dj honda-what you expected ft. gang starr
    07-dream warriors-its a project thing
    08-guru-destiny is calling ft. permanent revolution
    09-jamie foxx guru and common-any given sunday
    10-limp bizkit-my way (remix)
    11-lisa lisa-if this is real
    12-lisa lisa-why cant lovers
    13-masta ace and guru-conflict (remix)
    14-shyheim-on and on (dj premier remix)
    15-urban species-listen (gurus mix) ft. mc solaar
    16-wendy and lisa-satisfaction (gang starr remix)


    01-ezd-for da love ft. guru
    02-adam f-karma (come back round) ft. c. thomas and guru
    03-ambush-no match ft. guru
    04-crooklyn dodgers 95-return of the crooklyn dodgers
    05-devin the dude-doobie ashtray
    06-d-flame-universal ft. guru
    07-biz markie-and i rock
    08-dandd allstars-1 2 pass it
    09-dandd allstars-hot shit
    10-espiritu-bonita manana (gang starr remix)
    11-jigmastas-so what (ken sport remix) ft. guru
    12-janet jackson-together again (just tha bass remix)
    13-lady of rage-unfucwitable
    14-paula perry-extra extra
    15-selena cerron-gots to have you ft. guru and hasstyle
    16-mmw-whatever happened to gus (word to the drums mix)

  9. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010
  10. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    01-charli baltimore-everybody wanna know
    02-common-the 6th sense ft. bilal
    03-craig david-seven days (dj premier remix) ft. mos def
    04-dangelo-lady (just the beat mix) ft. az
    05-group home-be like that ft. guru
    07-guru-take cover
    08-jay z-devils
    09-mos def-mathematics
    10-neneh cherry-sassy ft. gang starr
    11-nice and smooth-down the line ft. gang starr
    12-queen latifah-wrath of my madness (remix) ft. defari
    13-red fox-ya cant test me again
    14-sauce money-against the grain
    15-smiley the ghetto child and guru-discontent
    16-sub sonic 2-dedicated to the city
    17-tony touch-the piece maker
    18-truck turner-who am i
    19-xzibit-what a mess


    01-afu-ra-big acts little acts (dj premier remix)
    02-bless-talkin to me ft. guru
    04-d-flame-universal (dj desue rmx) ft. guru
    05-dj krush-most wanted man ft. big shug and guru
    06-gang starr-reality check (skit)
    07-guru-loungin (live on mtv most wanted)
    08-house of pain-fed up (remix) ft. guru
    09-ice t-lifestyles of the rich and infamous (remix)
    10-janet jackson-together again (100 in a 50 remix)
    11-jaz o and the immobilarie-718
    12-jigmastas and guru-so what
    13-lord finesse-baby you nasty (new version)
    14-luther vandross-nights in harlem (remix) ft. guru
    15-nas-memory lane (dj premier remix)
    16-queen latifah-wrath of my madness (dj premier remix)
    17-showbiz and ag-next level (nyte time mix)
    18-sonja blade-look 4 tha name


    01-brand nubian-the return
    02-buckshot lefonque-music evolution (dj premier remix)
    03-choclair-bare witness ft. guru
    04-craig david-seven days (dj premier remix)
    05-dangelo-lady (clean street version) ft. az
    06-das efx-caught in da ak (dj premier remix)
    07-devin the dude-doobie ashtray (radio version)
    08-group home-suspended in time (groovy remix)
    09-guru-ny *****s
    10-guru-watch what you see (chucky remix)
    11-jadakiss-none of yall better ft. sheek and styles
    12-kool g rap-first ***** (dj premier remix)
    13-lina-its alright (gang starr remix)
    15-mc lyte-ruffneck (12 mix)
    16-ndea davenport-bring it on (remix) ft. guru
    17-rawcoticks-hardcore hiphop (dj premier remix)
    18-ronny jordan-season for change (remix) ft. guru
    19-salt n pepa-shoop (gurus mix)


    01-afu ra-mic stance (dj premier remix)
    02-big shug-crush
    03-dandd allstars-1 2 pass it (remix)
    04-dandd allstars-hot shit (remix)
    05-daneglo-me and those dreamin eyes of mine (remix)
    06-gang starr-just to get a rep (madlib remix)
    07-guru doowap noe money-what the fuck
    08-heather b-steady rockin (original version)
    09-jay z-a million and one questions (extended remix)
    10-jaz o and the immobiliare-love is gone
    11-lina-its alright (gang starr remix w-o rap)
    12-lord finesse-strictly for the ladies (radio remix)
    13-macy gray-ive committed murder (remix) ft. mos def
    14-pushgim and dj premier-set me free (hiphop mix)
    15-queen latifah-wrath of my madness (remix) ft. defari
    16-robbie robertson-take your partner by the hand (rem
    17-sauce money-intruder alert
    18-special ed-freaky flow (dj premier remix)


    01-big daddy kane-any type of way
    02-black eyed peas-bep empire
    03-black jesus-monster god ft. guru
    04-brandy-almost doesnt count (dj premier remix)
    05-dj honda-what you expected (original) ft. gang starr
    06-dj premier-the word skit
    07-freddie foxxx (aka bumpy knuckles)-the lah
    08-gang starr-2 deep (may we get a bit deeper mix)
    09-gang starr-check the technique (remix)
    10-gang starr-full clip (live)
    11-group home-the legacy ft. guru
    12-guru-respect the architect (remix) ft. bahamadia
    13-guru-up in here
    14-j live-the best part
    15-lady of rage-some shit
    16-macy gray-ive committed murder (radio) ft. mos def
    17-the notorious big-machine gun funk (dj premier remix)
    18-poet-a message from poet (edit)
    19-rise and shine-gotcha back
    20-ronny jordan-season for change ft. guru
  11. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    01-black jesus-monster god ft. guru (mastered cd rip)
    02-bless-talking to me ft. guru (cd rip)
    03-buckshot lefonque-breakfast at dannys
    04-de la soul-much more ft. dj premier and yummy
    05-gang starr-flip the script (remix)
    06-gang starr-gotta get over (large professor remix)
    07-gang starr-movin on
    08-guru and ndea davenport-trust me (funk flex mix)
    09-guru-behold (remix)
    10-les negresses vertes-voila l ete (gang starr remix)
    11-man doki guru-diggin down too deep (orig.)
    12-mop-raise hell (remix)
    13-pitch black-its all real (mixtape)
    14-poet-a message from poet (mastered cd rip)
    15-prince paul-not trying to hear that ft. guru and p.a.
    16-snoop dogg-batman and robin ft. l.o.r. and rbx
    17-soul ii soul-intelligence (jazzie ii guru mix)
    18-too hort-in the trunk (glove compartment remix)


    01-arrested development-ease my mind (dj premier remix)
    02-charli baltimore-everybody wanna know
    03-cheyenne-feel my love (dj premier remix)
    04-d.b.d.-unknown song ft. guru and lil dap
    05-gang starr-code of the streets (kenny dope mix)
    06-gang starr-you know my steez (dobie remix)
    07-gang starr-you know my steez (k. gee radio mix)
    08-gang starr-you know my steez (k. gee street mix)
    09-ini kamoze guru sizzla red roze-competition in fear
    10-omar-keep steppin (dj premier mix) ft. uptown
    11-poet-we gonna ill (mixtape) ft. unknown singer
    12-ranjahz-inspiration ft. cee-lo
    13-shyheim-on and on (dj premier remix)
    14-slam slam-free your feelings (gang starr remix)
    15-sub sonic 2-dedicated to the city ft. gang starr
    16-sub sonic 2-regardless
    17-tashina daniels-it dont mean a thing ft. guru


    01-arrested development-ease my mind (dj premier remix)
    02-craig g-ready set begin
    03-da ranjahz-insp her ation ft. cee-lo
    04-dj premier-like this and like that
    05-gang starr-rite where u stand (live on conan obrien)
    06-gang starr-skills (live)
    07-guru bless black jesus and real
    08-guru-brooklyn trooper (mixtape)
    09-guru-feel the music (video edit)
    10-kai bee-world of hate ft. guru
    11-mop-4 life (mixtape)
    12-pitch black-got it locked ft. foxy brown
    13-pitch black-its all real
    14-pushim and dj premier-set me free (main mix)
    15-rafeese-sippin on hennessy ft. kai bee and guru
    16-sauce money-faith (radio rip)
    18-spax-traeume ft. guru
    19-various djs-jam master jay tribute


    01-gang starr-rarities volume m intro
    02-afu ra-blvd. ft. guru
    03-afu ra-mic stance (original clean version)
    04-black jesus-the pressure ft. guru
    05-bt-knowledge of self ft. guru
    06-gang starr-the production (interview)
    07-guru-certified (mr. shabz remix)
    08-guru-do it any way you wanna (its on you)
    09-guru-illest man
    10-house of pain-fed up (remix album version) ft. guru
    11-krumb snatcha-fat lady sing (aka comin thru) ft. guru
    12-krumb snatcha-gettin closer to god
    13-krumb snatcha-here we go ft. guru
    14-krumb snatcha-incredible ft. gang starr
    15-limp bizkit-getcha groove on (dirt road mix)
    16-limp bizkit-my way (dj premier way remix)
    17-slam slam-free your feelings (gang starr remix)
    18-smiley da ghetto child-wake up call (mixtape)
    19-snoop dogg-the one and only


    01-alicia keys-streets of new york ft. nas and rakim
    02-chauncey black-shame on you
    03-evi-dence-find (dj premier remix)
    04-freddie foxxx-p.a.i.n.e.
    05-gang starr-the lesson (full version)
    06-gene harris-listen here (guru remix)
    07-heavy d and the boyz-a buncha *****s ft. gang starr
    08-heavy d and the boyz-here comes the heavster
    09-heavy d and the boyz-yes yall
    10-j rock-brutality
    11-j rock-ghetto law
    12-j rock-the real one
    14-just-ice-love rap
    15-lord finesse-baby you nasty (original version)
    16-lord finesse-track the movement (original version)
    17-paula cole-amen


    01-afu ra-defeat
    02-afu ra-equality ft. ky-mani marley
    03-afu ra-monotony
    04-afu ra-whirlwind thru cities
    05-afu ra-menace ii society
    06-big shug-p.d.s. (pimp style)
    07-big shug-stripped and pistol whipped
    08-big shug-treat u better
    09-blaq poet-a message from poet
    10-blaq poet-poet has come
    11-deee-lite-picnic in the summertime (guru mix)
    12-freddie foxxx-lazy
    13-freddie foxxx-part of my life
    14-freddie foxxx-real ***** shit (r.n.s.)
    15-guru kai bee and lil dap-the way it iz (cd rip)
    16-jeru the damaja-me not the paper
    17-roscoe p. coldchain-ima kill this ***** (mixtape)
    18-screwball-seen it all
    19-truck turner-breaker one


    01-afu ra-trilogy of terror ft. guru and h. stax
    02-big l-games ft. sadat x and guru
    03-big l-platinum plus ft. big daddy kane
    04-big l-the big picture (intro) ft. gang starr et al
    05-big shug-the jig is up
    06-biz markie-and i rock
    07-dilated peoples-clock work
    08-dilated peoples-worst comes to worst
    09-dilated peoples-worst comes to worst (remix)
    10-hl rock (the sly fox)-put you on lockdown
    11-jay z-a million and one questions (ext. remix)
    12-jay z-bring it on ft. big jaz
    13-jay z-friend or foe
    14-jay z-friend or foe 98
    15-jay z-so ghetto
    16-jermaine dupri-protectors of 1472 ft. va
    17-operation ratification-tray pound god
    18-pitch black-got it locked (mixtape) ft. foxy brown
    19-ronny jordan-season for change ft. guru
    20-stikken moov-beware

  12. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    01-afu ra-lyrical monster
    02-bounty killer-suicide murder (remix) ft. jeru the damaja
    03-fat joe-dat gangsta shit
    04-fat joe-john blaze (remix)
    05-fat joe-success (dj premier remix)
    06-fat joe-the shit is real (dj premier remix)
    07-group home-supa dupa star (june 1994 demo version)
    08-guru-do it any way you wanna (its on you)
    09-howie b and r. r.-typbth (dj premier short remix)
    10-jay z-intro-amaoq-rhyme no more
    11-jay z-intro-hand it down ft. memphis bleek
    12-mobb deep-cop hell
    13-oc-m.u.g. (money under ground) ft. freddie foxxx
    14-oc-my world
    15-oc-war games ft. organized konfusion
    16-oc-win the g ft. freddie foxxx
    17-sauce money-against the grain (radio version)
    18-sauce money-against the grain (street version)
    19-smooth b-rude awakening (mixtape) ft. guru


    01-alicia keys-streets of ny (new) ft. nas and rakim
    02-cee-lo-evening news ft. va
    03-dangelo-matdeom (dj premier remix)
    04-heavy d and the boyz-buncha *****z ft. gang starr
    05-heavy d and the boyz-here comes the heavster
    06-heavy d and the boyz-yes yall
    07-khalil-you cant tell me shit (mixtape)
    08-krumb snatcha-here we go ft. guru
    09-mop-bloody murder (mixtape)
    10-pitch black-got it locked ft. foxy brown
    11-pitch black-its all real
    12-royce da 59-boom (new version)
    13-royce da 59-boom (original version)
    14-royce da 59-hiphop
    15-royce da 59-my friend
    16-smiley da ghetto child-the wake up call
    17-teflon-comin at cha


    01-buckshot lefonque-black monday ft. guru
    02-chief kamachi-the best (webrip) ft. guru
    03-dj cam-condor (dj cam street remix) ft. guru
    04-dj krush-b-boy mastermind ft. guru
    05-krumb snatcha-here we go ft. guru
    06-masta ace and guru-conflict
    07-mc solaar-le tempo (gang starr mix)
    08-mop-bloody murder
    10-mop-downtown swinga 96
    11-mop-downtown swinga 98
    12-mop-downtown swinga 98 (alternate version)
    13-mop-handle ur bizness (dj premier remix)
    14-mop-i luv ft. freddie foxxx
    15-mop-rugged neva smoove (dj premier remix)
    17-mop-salute part ii ft. gang starr


    01-guru-lifesaver (crazy toones remix)
    02-guru-lifesaver (dj premier remix)
    03-krs one-krs one attacks
    04-krs one-outta here
    05-krs one-mortal thought
    06-krs one-i cant wake up
    07-krs one-higher level
    08-krs one-p is still free
    09-lord finesse-return of the funky man (clean version)
    10-lord finesse-return of the funky man (album version)
    11-lord finesse-return of the funky man (clean remix)
    12-lord finesse-slave to my soundwave
    13-lord finesse-lesson to be taught
    14-lord finesse-strictly for the ladies
    15-mop-new jack city
    16-mop-firing squad


    01-adam f guru carl thomas-karma (john b remix)
    02-adam f guru carl thomas-karma (high contrast remix)
    03-gang starr-take a rest (take 5 remix)
    04-gang starr-take a rest (work rest and play remix)
    05-gang starr-battle
    06-gang starr-im not superman
    07-gang starr-tongue of terror
    08-guru-lifesaver (radio mix)
    09-heather b-guilty
    10-heather b-steady rockin (new version) ft. twyla
    11-lord finesse-track the movement (new version)
    12-mop-dj premier medley mixed by dj u-neek
    13-mop-firing squad skit
    14-mop-stick to ya gunz
    15-mop-world famous-downtown swinga (video version)
    16-non phixion-rock stars
    17-prince skit-the word skit ft. dj premier
    18-rah digga-lessons of today


    01-buckshot lefonque-breakfast at dennys (uptown version-with rap)
    02-buckshot lefonque-no pain no gain (edit)
    03-chief kamachi-the best ft. guru
    04-dream warriors-ive lost my ignorance (gang starr remix) ft. gang starr
    05-dream warriors-ive lost my ignorance (original mix)
    06-dream warriors-ive lost my ignorance (tim bran remix)
    07-freddie foxxx-teach the children
    08-guru-unknown (radio)
    09-guru-rock dis funky joint pt. 2 (mixtape)
    10-hasstyle-gotta have you ft. guru and seleena cerron
    11-hasstyle-projects ft. shinobi 7
    13-masta ace and guru-conflict (illmind remix)
    14-nas-memory lane (sittin in da park)
    15-nas-n.y. state of mind
    17-nas-represent (original version mixtape)
    18-omar-be thankful (solar energy remix)
    19-rafeese-sippin on hennessy ft. kai-bee and guru
    20-roscoe p. coldchain-what its all about (mixtape)


    01-blaq poet-whats the deal (mixtape)
    02-dj premier-coke dj.culture remix
    03-guru-cave in
    04-guru-surviving the game (mixtape)
    05-jeru the damaja-ya playin yaself (single version)
    06-limp bizkit-shut the fuck up (demo) ft. method man
    07-masta ace-conflict (cd rip) ft. guru
    08-mop-bloody murdah
    09-dj premier-mop marxmen cinema intro
    10-mop-downtown swinga (original version)
    11-mop-the life
    12-nut nut-hands in the air
    13-nygz-get 2 tha point (mixtape)
    14-pitch black-rep tha hardest (mixtape)
    15-rise-the wickedest flow (dj premier remix)
    16-teflon-tefs def jam (mixtape)
    17-the notorious big-kick in the door
    18-the notorious big-rap phenomenon ft. redman and meth
    19-the notorious big-ten crack commandments
    20-the notorious big-unbelievable

  13. fannypack uprock

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    01-big shug-unknown track (radio rip)
    02-biz markie-and i rock ft. black indian
    03-dakah hiphop orchestra-jazz thing ft. guru
    04-fabidden fruit-cup of life
    05-f.i.l.t.h.e.e. immigrants-find us (remix ft. va)
    06-freddie foxxx-unknown track (radio rip)
    07-guru and krumb snatcha-ahead of the game
    08-guru-i win u lose
    10-guru-surviving the game (clean)
    11-heather hunter-freak like me
    12-kaibee-ghetto celeb
    13-lord finnese-i keep the crowd listening (remix)
    14-luther vandross-nights in harlem (ext. remix) ft. guru
    15-pitch black-nice ft. styles p
    16-ras kass-goldyn chyld (clean)
    17-smooth b-game over
    18-teflon-unknown track 1 (radio rip)
    19-teflon-unknown track 2 (radio rip)
    20-the perceptionists-party hard ft. guru and camu tao


    01-216-rock you in your face ft. fabolous
    02-afu ra-sucka free
    03-big shug-stay outta my face ft. guru and hannibal stax
    04-big shug-tha way it iz
    05-blaq poet-2 to the stomach
    06-dj cam-condor-espionage (cutee b remix) ft. guru
    07-dj cam-condor-espionage (dynamic duo remix) ft. guru
    08-freddie foxxx-the life
    09-guru-power money and influence ft. jg and tk
    10-guru-step in the arena 2 (im sayin) ft. doowap
    11-hannibal stax-proper dosage
    12-j rock-drug dealer (dj premier boombox jeep mix)
    13-lord finesse-i keep the crowd listening (remix)
    14-luther vandross-nights in harlem (darkchild mix ft. guru)
    15-nygz-welcome to g dom
    16-pitch black-nice ft. styles p
    17-pitch black-revenge
    18-scha dara parr-cracker mcs (dj premier remix)
    19-smooth b-game over
  14. ion-i

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    fuck man i lost all my music, starting from ever since i was gettin shit off morpheous from back in the day and ALL the secret stash ish you and ges hooked me up with, and i lost ALL my fucking guru including all the rarities mixes. im still devastated off his death man

    good lookin out homie! im slowly building my music back up.. sittin at 30gigs now

    just need that 100g back haha
  15. pilerskee

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  16. diggy64

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    "So-called trifelin' *****s will try and set you up, it's called Betrayal."
  17. FaultO

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    send me your address again! i'm not at my rents house, so i don't know where the fuck it is.

    i fuckin miss guru. :(
  18. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    fault0 my boy!
    are you still in the dot?
    ill pm yaaaas

    and sir ion.. good to see you're still around!
    we'll see what we can do about getting your HD sittin fat again.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2010
  19. FaultO

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    sort-of. i'm basically living in two cities right now... i go to school in London (ontario) and i work in toronto. so i'm commuting like a bitch right now.

  20. ZoToS ...

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    Hey fuckers ....

    .... sorry ... just wanted to be like old times ... ion, me fault0 and fanny postin in this fucker.


    EDIT: I seem to be in a Fault0 sammich ....
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2010