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Crossing Out Tags Etc.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wake126, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Wake126

    Wake126 Member

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    Hey I've never really been one to cross out tags etc. but I've been noticing it alot around my area...I'm just wondering what is considered "apporopriate" when it comes to shit like that.
  2. FWBMeth

    FWBMeth Senior Member

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    today i found my tag was crossed out with "fuck Meth" so i took a can or krylon and put that profanity in its place, so yes it is appropriate if ur the the to be crossing the tag out :D
  3. Dante Spitaliere

    Dante Spitaliere Senior Member

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    In graffiti much like as in life everyone is differnt...There are the 15 year old toys who think its cool to just go over anyone or anything for no reason...Then you have other writers who are up and hate seeing others having spots they would like....And then there are some who are just like fuck you man this is graffiti and do it for no reason....So the way I see it is fuck it dont be a fag and just randomly go over pepole...If someone goes over you the way I work is one time is enough for all there spots to be dissed properly if you fuck with my spot even if it is once.
  4. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    it matters if its good and ur putting something better up
  5. skaterbomber

    skaterbomber Senior Member

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    if u have beef with them or if they have done somthin to u
    then its on
    cross out all the the stuff u see if u want i dont care
    but then u will have a lot of ppl hatin on your shit
    its up to u man
    but always hold your own
  6. Z FUSE

    Z FUSE Senior Member

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    what do you do if it's some punk who hates graffiti. cuz someone crossed my tag out with an X and wrote taggers suck. shuld i just write sumthin like fuck haters back to that guy. i dunno who he is, he don't know me personally i don't even really care that he did this, just like what are you supposed to do?
  7. newk_one

    newk_one Senior Member

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    fuck that it doesnt even matter wiether u write something back .... he s probably not gonna notice but peple who ross should be killed i think its the worst feeling seing ur shit crossed out .....but the thing about it is u cant cross him bak or itll turn into a vicious circle ..... fuck crossers.
  8. umop 3pisdn

    umop 3pisdn Senior Member

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    people always write crap over my shit

    it gets very smelly with all that crap and shit
  9. snow2skate

    snow2skate Elite Member

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    Age actually doesnt matter to much. Im 15 and i know all about respect, and my skillz arent toy either. So...

    Its just about a person's maturity, or knowledge about graff, Or care for thing.

    Some people just dont give a shit and do it for fun, Then there are kids that are like 12 and dont know what graffiti really is except for writing on walls.. so they just line things for fun also.. and some just dont have knowledge about graff..

    This parts for the thread\/

    Only line someone if they line you. Show respect to everyone, Unless they disrespect you. Thats how all people should play life. But most dont. And thats why fights and wars and shit happen. People disrespectin.
  10. snow2skate

    snow2skate Elite Member

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    On that note, Ive actually seen tags that were litterally done with poo.. It smelled quite bad. haha
  11. vungoh

    vungoh Senior Member

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  12. Spector

    Spector Senior Member

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    I dont tag over peoples stuff and im 15...
    its lame..
  13. SeKs

    SeKs Senior Member

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    Gotta be careful who your Lining/ going over too.

    Actual Gangs usually have 13 after their Name or Crew name and if you line them, they will find out who you are, and they WILL beat your ass. Know which crews are which in your area, and still, be respectful, they probably are better than you.

    unless it's a god damn toy who wrties like he does on paper for school, then YOU beat HIS ass.

    I know a friend who did this, one day after school in the parking lot i watched his ass get knocked the fuck out by 3 guys with Chains on their Fists. no one did shit, except the nurse who happened by.

    All happened in front of pretty juch the entire high school too.

    Just watch who you get.
  14. BANG BRO

    BANG BRO Senior Member

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  15. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

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    i go over peoel alot, i dont ever cross shit cause thats just asking for beef and wars nad im a passafist,but i go over shit lal the time cause there aint no space left i gota put it somewhere and most of the shit i go over aint to soft on the eyes if you get my dig so it dont matter anyways...
  16. Z FUSE

    Z FUSE Senior Member

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    shit i wish i lived in a city where there was a problem with space to write on. not many people paint here, plenty of canal space. each writer get his own canal. :lol:
  17. Max Pain

    Max Pain Senior Member

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    i only go over shit if its ugly and in my area
  18. dark\gbk

    dark\gbk Senior Member

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    kk well around my area i hardly ever cross out peoples shit except

    for k.c and dey r the shittest fukin toys u will ever c and dey have been tryin to take over my area so they cross out my shit now i just get fukin pissed wen some lil toy takes 1 of my best spots.

    so if i see dem now i cross it out

    but show some respect to those fellow bombers unless they fuk with u dnt fuk with them
  19. MuramZA

    MuramZA Senior Member

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    It all depends on what your answer is gonna be, either say fuck it and keep painting, or strike back. Usually its just some fuck that feels like doing cuz his ego is coming out his ass.
  20. SiMpUhL

    SiMpUhL Elite Member

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    if someone painted over my shit, id probably like find em an spray paint their face like green or sumthing and kick em in the nuts.......