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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Scratch, May 15, 2005.

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  1. obseen

    obseen Elite Member

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    ive gone day bombing more than night bombing
    its scary in the day
  2. otrfatcap

    otrfatcap Senior Member

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    its alot more fun in the day, plus at night if cars are going by its harder to tell if they are cops....the trick is to be paranoid.
  3. UPinATem

    UPinATem New Member

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    Me an mi whole kru has only gone day bombing. none of us do night shit. (mostly because were 13 and its hard to sneak out) I dont know what the fuck u peeps are saying about you cant piece, just do a little and then some more until u finish.
  4. doc1

    doc1 Elite Member

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    day bombing is tight if you could find some cutty ass spots to bomb at or piece at some yards
  5. Pyro-maniac

    Pyro-maniac Member

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    just go out in the day and tag what u want to tag and if a cop sees u hall ass....its the same as night
  6. TOKIE

    TOKIE New Member

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    Lol what are ppl talking aboyut " nobody EVER day bombs, they just say that" About 4 hours ago me and my boy went right next to a Co-Op(BIG grocery store) and climbed up on the trailer and sprayed the shit out of it.Just quick shit nothin big or stylish but we still did at at around supper time...
  7. spuck

    spuck Senior Member

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    i went out just yesterday, not much tho, just tagged the side of some warehouse with an axe can of paint and put 'bush!' on about 20 stop signs
  8. spuck

    spuck Senior Member

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    and your story is more convincing than the others because.....
  9. sean vanburen

    sean vanburen Member

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    On the real i do alot of day shit cuzz i feel less cops roll by and i cant get out as much at night cuzz my momz found out i tag it aint that bad inless hella people see u
  10. sor

    sor Senior Member

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    ya you also gotta be in a place where ppl dont give a shit about graff and that kinda shit like a poorer neighborhood or sum shit
  11. Code_sucht

    Code_sucht Banned

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    I did my first day bombing not too long ago, it was a rich part of town. A resevoir, you know, all the rich people live there. Anyhow, it was a wall and about seventy feet behind me there was a street that some people pass on and could see me, so sometimes I guess you just say fuck it and go with it.

    All or nothing. ;)
  12. dri

    dri Senior Member

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    i tag during the day all the time.. bombed like once in the middle of the day under a bridge and some man and his kids came on bikes.. i jus grabbed my shit and walked away.. they looked and rode off, a little sketchy but nothin came up
  13. RebL

    RebL Member

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    ya my first time bombin i did during the day under a speedway bridge....but havent done it again
  14. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    a lot of people will not do anythin if theres liek 4 or 5 of u

    runnin about hittin everythin
  15. Paint Magic

    Paint Magic Elite Member

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    i live in the ghetto i got no fucken problem day bombin
  16. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    when i day bomb its usually just tags and stuff. I dont have any problem tagging in front of tons of cars. I just look for some lights on top and if i dont see any cops then i go.
  17. FritoLay

    FritoLay Member

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    just tag in the day but wear sunglasses or something like a hat.. if a hero comes just book it.. heroes wont really go far because of fear.. only thing to be scared of is people getting your face and giving it to some pigs then 11 pm news tagger on the loose *your face* we believe he is *your name* 1 day later your arrested.. but i still roll with it.
  18. Dale92

    Dale92 Senior Member

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    u and the other guys whats up with ur sigs? u signed the peice u made on graffiti creator WTF? like we wouldn't know where u guys got it
  19. _Dust_

    _Dust_ Senior Member

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    dont run unless your seen in the act, after you leave act like you got nothing to hide, i went into this alley like this and a gut was on a building across the street, he seen me go in he seen me come out i waved and he went on with his buiesness

    l l
    l l---------------l l <alley i bombed
    l l======== === back road
    main road

    x he was here
  20. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    it says joke underneath because its a joke.
    a while back someome did a sketch of some crap straight from graffiti creator
    and tired to pass it off as thiers, so it gave me an idea.