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Demotivational Posters/Epic Failure Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bazer, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. BIGel

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  5. nero112

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    hahahahaha where the fuck is that from?
  6. Chump

    Chump Senior Member

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  7. Chump

    Chump Senior Member

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  8. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    ewww n that sites epic lol
  9. Chump

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  10. Proper

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  11. HëRbN

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    ahahahahahaha what a shitty way to go. being impaled by a frozen lance of piss
  12. cds_dogg665544

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  13. sketch3

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  14. MontanaPainter

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    nothing more needed

    oh and SWIV3L
  15. Batman_Onest

    Batman_Onest Banned

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    From you know where:

    last night I got back at about 11 pm from my gf’s house and as it would turn out my three cousins were staying over to spend the night in the living room, the smallest (and cutest) one is six, the other is eight and the oldest one is nine, when I got back I had not eaten anything since about 10 in the morning, so I started to make myself a some instant noodles with egg and some other stuff…
    I noticed that the smallest one was still awake so I walked over to her picked her up, brought her over to the kitchen and asked her if she was hungry at all she just nodded so I offered her a small hamburger and she happily agreed while nodded her head, so I put it in the microwave for her and we ate together, after we finished eating I picked her up and walked her over to a recliner chair and laid her down on it...

    (THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD) she said “I love you” (I always whisper in her ear that I love her when I hold her and she does the same to me, but this time she just said it aloud which even surprised me) then asked me if I could stay with her for a little while, I said yes then I asked if she wanted a blanket, she said yes… so I got a blanket for both of us and I laid down with her...

    I held her tightly in the spooning position while kissing her head… i lifted her shirt up to play with her belly, after a few minutes I was very turned on and excited so I turned her around and started to kiss her forehead, she was almost asleep when I whispered in her ear that I loved her again, she lifted her head up and moved towards me a little then kissed my lips (at this point my dick was VERY FUCKING HARD) and I did the same, she started telling me that she wanted either a kitty or a puppy so I asked her what the puppy and kitten would do, she moved towards me once again and licked my cheek, then she said that that is what they would do… I was at this point already rubbing myself and she had noticed… she asked what I was doing

    I told her that earlier that day I had hurt my finger and I was rubbing it to make it feel better…. I proceeded to ask her if she could help, and she said that she would help… I took my dick out of my pants and put it against my belly then put one of her hands on top of it and showed her how to make it feel better then I said to move it as fast as she could, (she was very eager to make me feel good) she did then after a couple of minutes she grabbed it with both hands and started moving them up and down almost as fast as I do…

    This made me cum, but right before I did, I pulled it out of her hands, (she was wearing some black pjs and I didn’t want to have to explain what it was) I stood up from the recliner went to the restroom to clean myself off, after that I picked her up then walked her over to the kitchen again and told her to do to the same things to my finger that I was going to do to hers…

    I asked for her hand and she put it out so I got it and started licking the tip of her pointing finger… I said just close your eyes, ok, she nodded then closed her eyes so I once again put my dick in her hands and she started licking it then put the tip in her mouth (I felt like I was ready to cum again, but I didn’t) once she asked if it was ok to open her eyes

    I took it out of her hands and said yes so she opened her eyes and I showed her my thumb then said “see, you made better” she smiled… so I kneeled down and softly kissed her lips for the last time that night I picked her up, ticked her into the recliner and whispered “I love you” into her ear and said goodnight, and went to bed after that…

    Later that night she came in my room and asked me if she could sleep with me. I was so turned on, I couldn't say no. She climbed in with me, and I started getting hard. She didn't notice it, but it was just about rubbing her ass while we sat there in the bed. Just as I was about to do something, my mom walked in and said "you're moving with auntie and uncle in bel-air" I whistled for a cab and when it came near the licence plate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror if anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought nah forget it, yo holmes to bel-air
  16. StAtiK1

    StAtiK1 Senior Member

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    lol what the fuck..
  17. Blorbis

    Blorbis Member

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    LMFAO, totally worth the time reading. lol will smith.
  18. Brian Peppers

    Brian Peppers Senior Member

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    Kinda got me hard... is that bad?
  19. thatkidyouknew

    thatkidyouknew Elite Member

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  20. twotimesfive

    twotimesfive Senior Member

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    Fail pasta, too obvious.

    I read half a paragraph, once I saw "the smallest (and cutest) one is six" It started reaking of bel air.