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Discord servers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jees, Mar 5, 2018.

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  1. jees

    jees Member

    • Messages: 15
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    Anyone know any graff related discord servers? Or would anyone be interested in having one for this forum if there isn't one already?
  2. jees

    jees Member

    • Messages: 15
    • Likes Received: 6
    Bump ,I'm sad nobody is interested
  3. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,752
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    What's a discord server?
  4. hungover

    hungover Elite Member

    • Messages: 586
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    Discord is essentially a chatroom app
  5. nastynasty

    nastynasty Senior Member

    • Messages: 95
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    yeah it's like the website's chat, but on either a computer or a phone app.
  6. jees

    jees Member

    • Messages: 15
    • Likes Received: 6
    It's a lot like IRC if you're familiar with that at all. You create a server with different rooms for different topics. Fun to have a group of people interested in the same stuff to pop in and chat with.
  7. Wepon...

    Wepon... Member

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    BERZ-ACAB Member

    • Messages: 6
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    Anyone have an invite link to an ACTIVE Discord server? Ideally looking for NYC. Thanks.
  9. spraynpray

    spraynpray Member

    • Messages: 26
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    that'd be awesome actually, i'd be down for it
  10. Murdergoround

    Murdergoround Member

    • Messages: 41
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    I remember when we had that here it was bout nine months ago. IDK what happened to it. We was getting along an everything.