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Disposing of Empty Paint Cans

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by HipsterPunks, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. Shit Outta Luck

    Shit Outta Luck Senior Member

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  2. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    throw them in a fire and stand really close
  3. aiko

    aiko Senior Member

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    id love to send them my cans to use and shit, but that'd be 50 dollars later in shipping fees, when i can just recycle them down the street.
    seems like a cool idea, but its not getting much hype.
  4. dmgraff

    dmgraff Senior Member

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    this wont help your current situation but when im done with a can i just wipe my prints off and toss it. but you could just have some fun crushing them with a sludge hammer and throw them out.
  5. salt1

    salt1 New Member

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    Man, I just toss mine into the plastic bag i bring with me and stash it in a random ass spot or garbage can. Or let trains run them over, that's fun.
  6. corome

    corome Banned

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    make a can wall
    a can owl
    a can-deleer
    or show off my deep dish tires
  7. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    even if they cant prove i did any graf or anything at a depot place i still dont wanna take the chance. dumpsters seem like nice places to get ride of your cans...
  8. Walt

    Walt Senior Member

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    never can be too careful, I have homies that have been caught because of prints
  9. shyone

    shyone Elite Member

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    yeah i know people that have been caught through prints too...its not rocket science fingerprint testing is getting cheaper and cheaper if they find your prints on the outside of the can and can match the paint on the inside of the can to tags that's enough for at least a search warrant whether you do arty legal stuff aswell or not...
  10. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    I just keep the cans. u can take them into the recycling centers & get money for them.
  11. saveme

    saveme Senior Member

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    draw some dope ass characters , throws, peaces on um n sell um i saw i guy at a tattoo convention sellin cans like that 4 lik $5 n ppl were buying um up man !! prob even sell um on ebay jus a thought
  12. Jaset

    Jaset Senior Member

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  13. Jaset

    Jaset Senior Member

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    send em to me i recycle cans, or create something out of it thats what i do im making furniture and sculptures
  14. G_CAL

    G_CAL Senior Member

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    I empty the trash out and throw them in the bottom of the big black trash can and throw all the rest of the trash on top .
    Then i just let the dumpster take it !
    Been doing for 5-6 month's
  15. skets

    skets Senior Member

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    I saw one piece where he painted his old cans black and made a hill on the side of the wall to fit the piece cause it was like a mural. It was pretty dope cause it was 3d and shit. Recycle on your own, be creative!
  16. RVL♠

    RVL♠ New Member

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    Puncture Can, Crush it flat as you can, scrap metal....
  17. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    throw em over the fence
  18. Apse One

    Apse One Member

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    uhh, if you're a half serious bomber, yer gonna have more than you can handle with spray cans. Boss, I just huck em in a dumpster. That garbage truck's not gonna know a difference. been doing that for years; i've tossed hundreds of cans, and i've never had a garbage man bring em back ;)
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2012
  19. Sicotik13

    Sicotik13 Senior Member

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    i use to just throw mine in the river by my house but i heard some crap yards will give you a few bucks for them
  20. lilbmxking

    lilbmxking Senior Member

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    eco friendly? make a table stand out of them, paint them to make a cool design in your room, make them holiday gifts for your family, for haloweeen make one into a ghost, for christmas, one into a snow man, for your teacher, spray her and be like ha..... thought it was silly string.