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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Chimpz

    Chimpz Member

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    Hahaha half ass is the key to life, kid just keep trying, one day when I make a record you'll be in the line doing the buying..
    As for my fingers there fine don't you worry, I finger bang your moms a** till her sight gets blurry..
    I will try not to offend and bash on your mother, you act like its my fault you got a homosexual for a brother..
    So keep sobbin about equal rights and people's race, cause for all you know I could be the blackest motherf*cker in this place..
    Don't get mad at me and get all up in a rage, I didn't realize this was a rap battle for the under privileged and under aged..
    So go cry more to someone who might understand, and if rappin dont work maybe, you could start a garage band..
    I understand the lyrics are explicit and graphic.. I know, but it's not my fault that your rhyme shit, it blows..
    Your shit sounds weak, half assed, and wet...your like a 3 legged race horse and bitch I am taking bets..
    Bitch talks about street cred like he has any, he has about as much street cred as his buddy Reny..
    Yea him and kidreny they go way back,they got history.. I get phone calls all the time from there moms sayin how they miss me..
    Please come home dad, mommy is tryin to change, she stopped letting guys beat her guts up for some meth and spare change..
    So parasiticruffian go picket for a reason, because your just a deer in the headlights and bitch it's huntin season..
  2. parasiticruffian

    parasiticruffian Senior Member

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    How the fuck you gonna talk about getting credit from the street when your location says that your at a house on the beach?
    You got a mouth full of teeth all crooked and tweaked from the tweek that was mixed and made in your bathtub and sink
    Thats dumb if you think half ass is the key to life, thats only if you choose the path of a scrub and it seems that you might
    BE the type to smoke from a light bulb for a pipe and thats most likely true judging by the stupid shit that you type
    Your the number one most undisputed toy on this site they should boot you for life or invent shit to mute your keyboard - Now that would be nice!
    Judging by your avatar your attractive to lice and if you are the "blackest motherfucker" on here, you carry the stereotype just right
    Just sayn... you also wear strangely mismatched clothing with oddly placed stains in them and I also shouldn't forget to mention
    Your face could possibly be the strongest form of natural contraception.

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  3. kickdicks

    kickdicks Member

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    TL;DR now shut the fuck up.
  4. DOG

    DOG Member

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    "shut the fuck up" what a pussy would say/who read the title of the thread, but cant do it the right way/ im ill with the flow as i diss mr kicksdicks/ with such a gay name im gaurenteed to unload clips...verbally, i let the tech9 speak/you catch 2 to the dome and ur brain starts to leak/mommy screamin.. to leave her baby alone/ but see aint nothin matter when im grippin the chrome.... we all know that ur headed for the funeral home
  5. El Lobo Solo

    El Lobo Solo Member

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    My bitch. Make yo bitch. Look like she Precious!
  6. IronyATB

    IronyATB Banned

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    el lobo solo is mexican
    and he smells like a can
    get at me if you think u can
    and ill hit u with a can
    becus i dont think u can
    compare with my flow its in a can
    and my favourite animal is a can can

    THEPOSTWHORE5000 Elite Member

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    str8 up an down tho
    ya nikkas is a str8 clowns, hoe
    i aint even neva heard of no irony A T B
    i be in da hood, eaten fine dinery K F C
    ma nikka, you softer than ostrich feathers
    ima str8 curb u, we'll see who's on a hospital bed first
    ima str8 clip ya toe nails lil n.igga
    then ima masturbate to your dead body in a still picture
    u the type of nikka who be in a room full of mirrors masturbating and crying
    I'm the type of nikka who be grabbing bitches asses
  8. IronyATB

    IronyATB Banned

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    ur stuff dunt rime
    its not as gud as mine
    so take the time
    nd make a good rime
    fanks for your time
    and for hearin my rime
    my favourite fruit is lime
    i bought it for a dime
  9. knowhaimsayin?

    knowhaimsayin? Senior Member

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    your so wack its corny, hearin the same im rhymes bore me, i can kick it with a story, about the wackness spreading, currently the wackness is jettin, out your mothafuckin keyboard, you see that i bust way more, rhymes and rhythm, sounding like wind chimes when i hear you give em
  10. IronyATB

    IronyATB Banned

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    i like corn bread
    put it on my head
    ill shoot u u dead
    ur blud is red
    go to bed
    you doodly noodly like ned
  11. El Lobo Solo

    El Lobo Solo Member

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    Irony u kno yo shits weak!
    I can't hang wit a woman who don't wanna be wit me, so I say fuck em and jus let dem hoes be, leaving my self solo and lonely, while these bitches yellin yolo, like its they funkin moto, little do they kno, once that ***** bust his nut, he gonna dip out & be wit anotha slut, somewhere off in da cut, leavin u prego, alone and solo
  12. Skee

    Skee Member

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    u smell
    to hell
    like a bell
    i tell
    u fell
  13. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    El Lobo Solo you should change your name to No Bueno
    And Ironys just as bad, sink you both like drano
    My dicks so big that ya girl cant say no
    I beat it up like a boxer, get your tickets - fandango
    Im so fuego, and yall are just the opposite
    Im blowin up like a bomb, youre just a poppin zit
    Got the game by the throat and you droppin it
    Freight train flow. Theres no stoppin it
  14. knowhaimsayin?

    knowhaimsayin? Senior Member

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    shit that was tight son, but you dont spit it ripe son, as long as i got my nikes on, youll get smoked out like the pipes drawn, leave ya on the lawn, mumbling some shit about the holy koran, mobb deep says it best.. ya shook, let it rest, aint no such thing as a halfway crook, so dont put it to the test
  15. phrasel

    phrasel Member

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    this little bitch tryna front like he king shit to bad he suck a dick for his next hit,
    i dont give a fuck ***** think you tough? step to me and you gonna get snuffed
    actin like you bad shit to bad yous a sad bitch always to busy suckin mad dicks cant stand the life you livin? get the fuck outta the kitchen these drugs keep me trippin wait bring it back you know we always strapped 2 9s on my hips 2 dimes in my whip hit you wit a full clip
  16. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    he took too many drugs now phrasel gonna lose his heartbeat
    cuz those 2 9s are actually just 2 magnum sharpies
    2 dimes in the whip but this ***** lost his car keys
    acting tough on the internet, yall just some iCarlys
    bloggin on the internet, im bombin the streets
    runnuin this game and you dont even have cleats
    willy wonka rhymes and youre tasting my treats
    but lets keep it healthy and lettuce turnip these beets
  17. phrasel

    phrasel Member

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    i was gonna write back but ending 5/6 lines in s doesn't require any further exploiting
  18. thatgraffkid410

    thatgraffkid410 Senior Member

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  19. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    this post had me laughin, i was slappin my knee
    cuz it told me that this junior dont know how to read
    cuz the s's werent what i was rhyming you see
    cant really exploit me cuz im so far in the lead
    sounds like you layin out line, not like you fishin
    but to get me to spit rhymes, i think thats your mission
    so you can bite off my style, i know you been wishin
    cuz phrasel here dont like any competition
  20. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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