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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Wank oner

    Wank oner Senior Member

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    Ya got no style I come up and hit u with my criminal file its thick as the bible back out? I'll take ur ass out with my AK ya fucking gay try me I don't play
  2. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    I'ma call you pato but you aint a duck/ see my face? straight not giving a fuck/ you wanna rumble I'll make you crumble like a cookie/ your momma's so hairy I talk to her in Wookie
  3. Riss

    Riss Elite Member

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    I'm back from whereever to sever heads
    with clever text in a reign of terror like la Rouchefoucault
    the god of death like Pluto leaving you bourdeau check the flows
    I spit explosive like a flowpen in your pocket
    computer typing like I'm sending a rocket
    to your home so you better have an iron dome
    like Magneto or you're getting blown up like civilians when they're flying drones
  4. dudeatyahoo

    dudeatyahoo Senior Member

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    Alright look, lots of people on here rapping.
    You better go home boy before I send you napping.
    Don't talk back to me unless you want a bitch slapping.
    I just don't want some pervert on the keyboard capping.

    Some of these faggots seem to like to shoot their mouths off.
    They wouldn't laugh so much if I showed up with a kolechnikov.
    They all tough on the keyboard on their Macs and on their Microsoft's.
    But no more talking shit when they hung up in the upstairs loft.
  5. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Honestly it's savage the way ima have ta damage ya
    Find you in the tuna isle packed canister after canister
    Grown man i take the elevator you slide down the banister
    Dude can't even spell kalashnikov so i know you aint got one
    ME i just picked one up off the street - it's a hot one
    Guns dawg! Betchu never even shot one
    Me i keep a revolver cause the glock load problems
    pick you caliber dude cause i got em

    penacillin dick im a sick fuck
    keep a taped blade on me, homies get stuck
    tear gas by the can homie good luck
    Have the whole place burnin
    arson charges, hot shells, revolver turnin'
    it's absurd n i hope ya learnin
    ima type to leave ya yearnin, squirmin, blood gurglin
    Not a end in sight, 'cept ya head at night, green dot - no where ta run from the fight
    44 mag'l make ya head take flight, quick end to the hype, good night!
  6. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    I'm clutch kid like a cobra or a camel
    you should stop biting your rhymes it will wear on your enamel
    not swift catch my drift you post gifs of pussy on turntable
    true legend not a myth or a fable- are you disabled?
    you aint shot no guns just shooting off at the lip
    circumsize your head free of charge keep the tip
    got caught up and found yourself busted
    give you a minute to catchup and realize you can't cut the mustard
  7. Gambino

    Gambino Member

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    We rap on here???One of my favorite pastimes lol better...

    Im unmatched in the field on the front lines with a sniper sight
    Twelve g's in a reefer pipe,sheepish fright,Boogeyman in your closet ***** don't fall asleep tonight!!!
    Yall sleepin right!?Here's some food for thought.
    Brass knuckles like a Cena fight!!!Your teeth will be wired shut!
    What's a Vet to some fresh meat?? Y'all feeding right?!?
    I'll feed you knives....drag you to the gates of hell so my demons get a feast Tonight!!!
    I beastin! Dab on em like Newton as I'm "Droppin" atom bombs
    Leader of the new age I'm Optimus to you Autobots!!
    Can't follow?connect the dots! Safari flow like the Amazon
    I'll body "dopes" like a cattleprod
    Y'all can lick my nuts!But not until after the Magnums off!!
    I'll smash you cocks!!Newbie came to show you up
    I'll behead the best I'm Isis to LA..... that's how quick I'm Blowing up!!!
    I've got Oracle I warn you not ignoring my rise
    I've made a living of of this and snorting powdered surprise
    Get it I'm High?!?Never falling?I'm faded inside
    I don't even need it cause my brain is my high
    My greatness I hide!In a slender shadow in the suns glare
    I'll disembody your infantry and delay contacts like a solar flare!
    You whores are scared!!!This newbie got a wicked flow
    Nose all in my ass just like Gipetto and Pinnochio!!! I'll scorch them both!
  8. Hand-s

    Hand-s Elite Member

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    Shit. That was impressive gambino.

    But lemme just flip the script...
    I don't write much but I'll make you my bitch
    You think you got lyrics but you ain't go spirit
    Quick to blurt them words when they ain't but metaphorical turds
    Sniper in the grass but watch me just nuke yo ass
    Watch your back when you talk all that smack
    Bend over n pull up your socks while everyone watches you get raped by big black cocks!

    I'm not much of a rapper but there's my go. Lol
  9. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Call you hands but by the way you write you aint got none
    The second you opened you mouth there was a problem
    I'm like a swiss bank, you want golden bars i got em.
    Weak ass phoney rappers softer than cotton
    Matter a fact study up cause I'm ahead by far
    Like you on rollerblades and ive already arrived by car
    Matter a fact i seen tighter rappers on a candy bar
    Probly just another emo kid staying up late drinkin rockstar
    Well lemme introduce you to my chainsaw
    have you uprooted like a poplar

    Would you please have the decency to be a decent emcee before you step to rep to me
    cuttin stomachs like a hysterectomy, heads like a labotomy, cause once i start theres no stoppin me
    its a problem b, and probably not stoppin before properly performing sodomy on your property
    Honestly, i look to my child and its the devils spawn i see and he's ornery
    So i stay strapped with the devils lettuce on me
    Stay lifted high above the clouds unreachable like an angel army
    Even if you cut off my limbs you couldn't disarm me
  10. Gambino

    Gambino Member

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    Grab "herb 'n show em what its like to get smited
    Gambino siphoned powers from the greatest got poesidan
    Used it to flood his homeland Moses couldn't part the waves
    Herbs gonna be the reason his country meeting with the darkest age
    I'm marked with fangs I'm lycan-fast as as lighting the pen and pad I write with is my weapon
    If I die I'm a legend 0-100 no where in between the tenses
  11. Hand-s

    Hand-s Elite Member

    • Messages: 975
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    Herb your flow is hollow to the core
    Get on your knees and swallow some more
    Like Herbie, fully loaded with shit
    You probably got fucked by Lindsey Lohans dick, gross.
    You may think I'm some emo punk with less than a little funk
    But truth be told, and to be brutally bold,
    I'm a middle class white man and the rat race I ran
    And more opportunity flew to me than a black man off the slave caravan.
    And I was born in the 90s so rollerblades were all the rage
    Get with the times and know your lines cuz all of your rhymes are like pennies to my dimes
    I'm the gas to your chainsaw and without me you ain't but a glitch, a flaw.
    And by the way, I've got one thing left to say,
    A doctor you may be, but can't you see that a hysterectomy has nothing to do with a tummy, but the inside of a pussy,
    So check your practice before you try to impact us.

    Now on to gambino...
    Your flow is nasty, like a saggy old man in a speedo
    That ain't good my dude, and I don't mean to be rude
    A lycan you may be and I understand the words you say,
    Now understand mine, Twilight is gay
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
  12. R3TCH3D

    R3TCH3D Senior Member

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    Hand. S you've got no talent no flow
    And I fucked your mum like a 3 bid ho
    I'll slice you up with my razor sharp words
    Soon they'll be calling me the king of the nerds
    Crown me now we don't need this competition
    Just go out there and ask my congregation
    (hope that wasnt absolute shit and no disrespect BTW Hand. S)
  13. Hand-s

    Hand-s Elite Member

    • Messages: 975
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    Hahaha bout time someone got back at me. I've been waiting for this for like 3 weeks now.

    Retched, spelled with two 3s, have you no idea what it means to be MC? talking all that shit, suck a dick you twit. You have no clue what to do, what you started (oops I just farted)...lemme just finish you off, I'm the doc now turn your head and cough, fucker you ain't ill, you just a weak ass rapper with no skill. That's the diagnosis, my prognosis if you will, why don't you go lie in bed while your chick gives me head. I'll spill in her mouth so deadly, but she'll think it's just heavenly. You opened the can of worms now heed my words, nobody steps to me, they just let me be, cuz they know my rhymes will make you cry most times. Here's some tissues, I don't wanna hear your issues, I got better things to do than to fuck with you. I guess not really, all this is quite silly, but Im at work, killing some time getting paid while I disrespect to you fool, but you should pay attention in school cuz one day you'll end up working for some tool, but he's the man and he's got a plan, but he's a giant douchebag, fuck it, I quit, here's my white flag.

    Ha that was fun.
  14. R3TCH3D

    R3TCH3D Senior Member

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    Holy shit hands I thought you had bigger balls than that
    I guess I was mistaken your just a fucking twat
    Yeah maybe one day I'll be working for the man
    Or maybe I'll be writing with my molotow can
    I'm gonna fuck you up so bad you'll call me a vandalist
    Bitch you better back the fuck down you can't handle this
    One day we'll battle, you won't win I'm a fighter
    Although beating you might make me a better writer
    I'd say shit about your girl
    But the truth will make you hurl
    Your rhymes may be better
    But I can get your girl wetter
    Your a creep a fool, dude your the cat in the hat!
    What's that smell? Oh it's you I thought I stepped in a dog skat
    If I do work for the man at least I'll earn
    I fucked your girl so hard I got carpet burn
    People think of me and they think damage
    I only write to pay writers homage
    (ha that was fucking hilarious, and like I said before no disrespect)
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
  15. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Well shit I'm going to have to give you an F on your report
    Your rhymes are like a tripping midget- they fall short
    Why you apoligizing for your dissin?
    You're only qualified to shut up and listen
    You're not a fighter, a writer, or a girl exciter
    But if I knocked out your teeth, you'd still be a biter
    You really did step in something, something you can't handle
    Lights out, I'll snuff you like a candle
  16. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

    • Messages: 622
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    You can call me Peter Tosh cuz I'm coming in hot
    If a barrel's at your back then you're about to get shot
    Speaking of shots it took one to send you reeling
    I think you're the one who's gay- whose cocky were you feeling?
    Think you were high when you wrote that now go back to your joint
    Hollow tip gonna keep you from getting the point
  17. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

    • Messages: 622
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    Shooting your mouth off, can quickly go south
    When you find you've got a barrel, stuck in your mouth
    You're not ill kid, not even a little sick
    How did you get your momma's shit on the tip of your dick?
    Keep coming at me, why even bother?
    You'll end up a failure just like your father
    Yeah, he knows he should have pulled out early
    And left you in a puddle on the back of his girly
  18. R3TCH3D

    R3TCH3D Senior Member

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    Alcapwn none us learned from your lesson
    Its like your shouting at a deaf congregation
    Your a really shitty teacher
    Worse then a hypocritical preacher
    Im a terrible emcee
    But your mum still craves my d...
    My flow is jagged
    My clothes are ragged
    Their covered in ink
    My rhymes will make you think...
    About crime and punishment
    And your intellectual malnourishment
    Ill start the lesson now
    Ill teach you how...
    To lose with pride
    With a knife stuck in your side
    Im gonna finish now and drop the mic
    To get to my level will take a pretty steep hike
    (hahah shit that was fun like i said before i dont mean anything i said. Now come back at me :))
  19. R3TCH3D

    R3TCH3D Senior Member

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    Oh shit you like pumkin huh?
    Your a punk ass bitch bruh
    Im gonna tell you a story
    About guts and glory
    Ha you actually think your a fucking vandal?
    Time to clean up and grab the broom handle
    My ink stands up to the buff
    Made from two items thats enough...
    To make my shit stain
    I bet yours gets wiped out in the rain
    I bet you still try to catch tags with a sharpie
    Whilst you do that your girl calls out to me like a harpie
    Im actually disgraced by my flow
    You should be disgraced by your girl- shes a hoe
    Ill butt fuck your pieces with my tags
    Both your mum and your girl are hags
    (That was fun man come back at me!)
  20. kickiticy2

    kickiticy2 Senior Member

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    lemme step in and kick a quick rap.
    in about 7 seconds i make fellas tip they hat.
    in the same time pantys down to they sock.
    chicks never seen a dude with such smooth game on lock.

    but thats about ICY now lets get to capone.
    this dudes too wack to grab a unique name of his own.
    laughin at this dudes april '16.
    I know this you first account cuz you thinkin about one thing.
    "more posts bruh, I need to get popular"
    playin hard online but in the streets u stool softner
    you caught in the moment dog this shits longevity.
    10 yrs strong and Im still gainin weaponry
    And PA man? its either philly or you nothin.
    put yo chin down and walk to your corner man stop bluffin

    that was fun hahaaa
    lemme have it
  21. R3TCH3D

    R3TCH3D Senior Member

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    Deuce i know man im just terrible at this lmao
  22. DEUCE2

    DEUCE2 Senior Member

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    lmfaoo im dyin
  23. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    I've been away, relaxing, like a real man can when you have a plan and hold the world in your hand
    But let me bust loose like I just dropped a Deuce, see what I did there? You have no excuse
    Choose, how you want to die, I'm whaling on you small fry, What you gonna do when your well runs dry?
    And it's like you never existed, double grip the mic and make the rhymes twisted, I'm ballistic
    You fake like you're in the street, but can't take the weight of the piece and get exhausted by the heat
    So come again, try to demean this, I think you must be nuts the way you're hanging on my penis
    Mow you down like my lawn, I'm a king and you're a pawn, fake mobster, I'll crack you like a lobster.
  24. R3TCH3D

    R3TCH3D Senior Member

    • Messages: 435
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    Ha deuce you finally came back
    Its a shame your flows so whack
    Props to you, you've got balls
    But I'm still blocking your girls calls
    She sucks my dick insesently
    But I've got a great remedy
    Fuck her in the ass
    Then smoke a bag of grass
    My paints brightening up the street
    she comes back because the way I treat...
    Her- like a princess in power
    But in beds she's a howler
    (Ha this is so fun but like usual I don't mean any of it now come back at me bro :) )