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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. CreetchaFeetcha22

    CreetchaFeetcha22 Senior Member

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    Oh hobbes, dear hobbes, do you think your funny?
    almost as good as booda stealin Jedi mind tricks's money
    that was no freestyle, no style at all,
    ill take genre's word and know you will stall
    you are a bad sequel, the worst part 2
    of the worst horror flick made, same goes for your crew
    you think you make sense, but not even a dime
    genre and i we should not waste our time
    you have preschool rhymes that you stole from mother goose
    now stiff up that neck, and prepare for the noose
    this is where you are finished, your life is no more
    Creetcha = 1 hobbes = 0
    Ladies and Gents, tonights final score.
  2. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    Yo CreetchaFeetcha
    Eat a dick
  3. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    @ sewn

    haha what he said son, i cant even diss on that
    Im drunk as fuck n i dont even wanna piss on that
  4. CorrereLaCitta

    CorrereLaCitta Senior Member

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    Too All Bombing Science Emcees

    What the fuck is that?
    Dude you come threw whack
    I will hit in the face with a motherfucking baseball batt
    You purchased my CD and didn’t like it
    I saw yours and didn’t buy it
    Fuck with me now I will track you down by your face book account
    Come to your house a punch ya in the mouth
    Better yet I will just burn the whole thing down
    While your inside on computer browsing stuff with your mouse
    While you suckers are logged on to bombing science dot com
    I’m a rapper that actually writes rhymes and drops songs
    If it’s not for you I did it for my self as an emcee
    Having the ironery of using the internet to diss you web geeks
    You might be an emcee but this mics mine do you guys actually write rhymes?
    I spend my spear time as an emcee killing beats and drums
    You spend yours online talking about being one
    Ah man this shit is mad wrong
    If your name isn’t Celph titled or red man don’t hit to do a collab song
    Have you ever wondered why you need the net to emcee?
    A sucker punch is the only hit you be getting from me
    Ever since myspace started up
    All the local rubbish dumps
    Where filled with mix tapes released by these sucker punks
    If I accidently hit a link to your site
    Im sending you a bill for wasting five minutes off my life
  5. Animal

    Animal Senior Member

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    Herbn, prepare to be put into your death bed,
    Your rhymes are just disgusting just like Gesus' dreads.
    hows it feel? what you spit is like pieces of shit hangin' from heads.
    Animal's rhymes are rhymes that you can't even top.
    If you were even sellin' albums all your albums would flop.
    you handle your bitch rhymes like a toy with a mop.
    Flappin around like a birdy that fell out of tha nest
    you try and try again but you can't pass the test, of time.
    You needa drop those gay ass nersery rhymes
    because you try and try again but your rhymes will never be better than mine.
    I don't mean to be unkind,
    but these words that I spit don't even come close to crossing the line.
  6. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    Yo, it says diss the person above you, not some dude who posted 5 posts ago.
    Let's get it going straight.

    Alright lets start this shit up again in order
    Brown sewn on the mic with the lyrical slaughter
    I'm a broke motha fucka so I ain't got a dime to loose
    and I was rappin before I was even tyin my shoes

    Give me tracks and i'll never stop makin hits
    Brown Sewn good on anything call me bacon bits
    And I be shakin tits but I ain't datin chicks
    Your girl steppin to me and she naked quick

    So next up in the cypher go and get your rhyme loose
    type hard on your keyboard like you in the rhyme booth
    but make your rhyme smooth
    don't make that shit choppy
    This is bombingscience shit we ain't 12oz papi
  7. nekir11

    nekir11 New Member

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    papi hey...
    i guess i could be your dad..
    you could be the fuck up son..i wish i never had..
    but i guess to late..ur all grown up...
    hey i do rmember u ..ur mom drank my bust outa cup..
    if i could take it back i would..cause ur fucked..
    i new i shouldnt of raped her..jsut beat her ass up..
    but thats it im out your old man got no more to say..
    except i guess i hate u and hope u end up gay..
  8. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    I stepped out for a minute but now I'm back again
    I'm back to put y'all fake emcees to shame and win
    I gave y'all a chance to try to get your stories straight
    Get in the right mind state and actually diss and hate
    Thats on some faggot shit talking about all this rape
    Once again you just talking out ya ass get ya shit straight
    So what I rhymed the same word twice
    Compared to you I'm still twice as nice
    My rhymes constrict you like a vice
    Apparently I'm accurate and precise
    Some of you kids talkin about all of this gun clappin'
    You ain't done shit so why you talk bout it while you rappin?
    It never happened, but I guess it's all alright
    You can all try to diss me out of angry spite
    I read your gay ass rhymes as if you his Dad
    Now that Tampering called you out you gettin mad
    You might've thought I left but I'm still here
    I'm done with this queer lets talk about Sewn
    This isn't your thread so take your wack ass home
    You think you hard breaking your verses apart?
    Take ya'self back to the toy aisle at K-Mart
  9. CreetchaFeetcha22

    CreetchaFeetcha22 Senior Member

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    yes im from the country, not the suburbs or the city
    promise you ive taken shots at plenty with no pity
    i never had toys, cause there was no k-mart
    but if you did you research, you would sound half smart
    first you say no gay talk, and then call him a queer?
    well ill ask you if your from texas, cause you dont look like a steer
    i live on a farm, no animals but me
    saddle up grab the reins surely you will see
    that i am the bull foretold in your destiny
    the one that killed you and your whole family

    (texas-steers or queers- full metal jacket for all those who havent seen it)
  10. Lirk

    Lirk New Member

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    You think you're cool
    but you're really a fool
    you should eat my stool
    Ill even get you the tool
    TO DO IT, cuz i rule!

    (just messin around)
  11. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    Genre I’mma eat you like an entre, okay?
    So don’t say shit about what you don’t know
    Creetch stop acting like his ho
    ‘cause the BOTH of you is fucking wack
    seriously pick up a dictionary and read it fucking fast
    don’t talk about me like your shit is on blast
    because you got more work to put in before you can talk
    so your dialect is lackin like a kid without a smock
    playin’ in paint ‘cause I bet that you ain’t
    so don’t be droppin rhymes like this cypher you will taint
    I’ll drink you like cider then drop you in a tank
    Flush you down the toilet like a mother fucking stank
    Listen to my depiction because my flow is never missin’
    So don’t talk to me about shit when you can’t even rhyme it
    Your not used the the advanced poetic kinetic energy I use
    So don’t be too sad that you actually lose
    Like are you even in this world at all
    I’m sure as fuck not
    I despise the walls
    I’m acting like a child, immature as fuck
    because I like to sit and contemplate too much
    the world I can touch
    But I’d rather create my own, done with dissin’ you two ‘cause I’m
    On the microphone, I’m rhyming to the bone
    Always, always left alone
    ‘cause kids like you make me hate the world
    Everybody in it, I wish I could fucking hurl
    Like you probably wear hurly and don’t skate neither
    So don’t talk to me about how you’re a fucking wife beater
    PANSY I bet you talk alotta shit
    your mouth should be wired shut
    Your both fucking jits
    No kiddin’ its sick
    it’s the illest shit I spit when I’m rhymin’ I will get
    Up and blow the fuck up
    in my own way
    underground say
    Produce myself in another year
    ‘cause more work I gotta hear
    Gotta earn shit, learn it, learn more fucking verses
    You know what a fucking verb is? Now how about an adverb
    ‘cause you testin’ me is mad absurd
    how much longer can you endure?

    ‘n a side note:

    Oh ‘n my internet is constantly goin’ out, I got a job, ‘n workout,
    between all that and a few more clouds,
    I ain’t got much time to come around,
    so diss yourself more because you know your wack
    and I deplore any argument or come back,
    just wait till I’m up and runnin’ so I can post this shit
    the green lights blinkin’, but it won’t stay lit…com’on!

    Lirk, your off the hook, at least you ain't frontin', so go get some rhymes to cook.
  12. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    wow someones pissed.
    Did a whole fuckin essay, and I'm not talking about the mexican kind b.

    Don't get mad, it's a fucking forum battle. Now let me kill both of you with two lines and from this point on I want to hear rap about loving one another.

    Yo Hobbes you hit creetcha with them late booty calls
    feindin for that man meat like the shark in that movie jaws
  13. genre

    genre Member

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    ahahahhaha, i've never seen somebody take a battle on this that seriously.
    heres a quick verse to set you on your ass,
    what took you a whole page to say, i can say really fast,
    im better than you , blah blah all that shit
    just mean you wrote that book ^ don't mean you can spit
    and oh wow, i wasn't right, you got me
    but i didn't spend 5 minutes searching "dictionary" with my finger stuck on copy
  14. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    I normally wouldn't drop a line against genre
    But since it's the name of this thread I'll taunt ya
    Got you feelin' tense since I decided to vents
    Since I called out these kids for rhymin non sense
    Not many of your rhymes are dense they're quite basic
    At least you actually rhyme instead like most that just say it
    Now back to the beef and I'm callin out CreetchaFeetcha22
    How you gonna call out someone when you yourself are new
    But I gotta question to ask about the one with no K-Mart?
    You're the one who doesn't sound smart fall back before I tear you apart
    You understand because I'm also from the sticks or the boondocks
    But this wasn't no free walk in the park still harassed by the cops
    I guess you should look into taking Hobbes advice about a dictionary
    The definition of queer is someone that is socially shady or suspicious
    But if that's how you took it than I guess my rhymes are just that vicious
    If I wanted to do some gay talk I would've called him a homo fuck prick
    Jumpin on dick whenever he sees that shit and throwin up on that bitch
    Once again of course I didn't because I only type out what I really do mean
    I'm from a small ass city where me and my boy single handedly created a graff scene
    Although I've chilled with the greats from all of the New England states
    I left my city alone for a while then re-created the scene for old time sakes
    And what's with all this talk about me being from Lone star Texas?
    I ain't but I can leave you chopped and screwed in the trunk of a Lexus
    But C'mon man you never shot nobody or killed my dysfunctional family
    I ain't scared of you because all in all you just a mammal like me
  15. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    made it personal talkin' 'bout my flow
    dissappointd, for people who write words many you don't know
    because honestly many of you constantly write the same one
    like how dumb why not have some fun and expand
    learn more with an outlandish stand so you can demand
    the worth of what you can earn 'cause I'm a god but I ain't there yet
    saw bob and he told me I would get
    ineitabley let - into the gates where we all would chill
    trippin' on shrooms that shit was so real!
    but back to the subject like gotta diss the budjet because
    tampering is broke thats why hes gotta fuck with it
    why he gotta duck some shit, but the cops will eventually pop him when
    hes done made too much of a ruckus, no longer can he duckus they will say
    hes playin' it clean but they got some shit
    like not the type he fucks with but its still straight
    play him for a fool, they raided his house full of mace
    his face was redder than fuck because shit I just snuck
    around the corner and tagged your cat real fast, stole all your jems
    before they planted the evidence with which you couldn't fuck with
    wanted to get rich, but in the end you couldn't duck it
  16. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    where your friend calvin? or alvin?
    the chipmunks, your make belief.
    when i speak, you feel nothin but grief,
    for even trying, cause everything you spit is weak
    like that CDS dog crying, bout his lil cat dying
    Your shit is long! when you read it shit comes out wrong,
    like when you speak to girls, my hands ill like the flow with swirls
    you got no steeze, no flawless ease, just a disease
    fucking terminally dead, fucked in the head
    lets hear someone diss me instead..
  17. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    cliche talkin' 'bout calvin, like yo! I watched that show with alvin!
    but I don't care 'cause I'm a kid, forever and ever will I live-in my head
    yeah like I said, fuck this world -its fucking dead
    rather create something with my internal intentions and spread
    because you can't read my flows right just means that your head-
    is a little off course from mine, I'm takin' the night shift and workin' on it like-
    you gotta be tweakin' to catchup to my ketchup 'cause my abstract
    mind is always like playin' fetch-what...
    ain't know what hes talkin' bout, I need more knowledge 'cause I'm an addict like that
    fienin' for anything I can deduct or subtract, sorry if my lines are too long for you
    sorry if your rhymes are too wrong for who?
    Everybody-- listen up
    this kid is just a big bluff

  18. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    Hobbes sucks knobs
    ill get you hooked on crack,
    and make you my prostitute and hustle your sack.
    you prolly wear all over print hoodies and flat billed caps
    well, stick to bein a fake thug, and let me lay down the raps..
    cuz kid i was killin shit, and didnt even know your name
    hope i didnt scare you away so guys if you dont see hobbes in here anymore, youve got me to blame

    wack. :(
  19. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    damn straight its wack. your whole life is crap.
    you post last every time and get caught in my lyrical trap.
    your always last to attack.
    im nice though
    ill tell you what you can scratch if you scratch my back.

    dudewoe, its not even on purpose. lol...
  20. Asis

    Asis Senior Member

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    i'm quick changin caps stay close like fitted hats
    baze fell off the tracks like the fat kid in gym class
    up date ya slim fast i flip past the masses
    you sit back relax i rip tracks stack stacks
    climb to the raftors
    Asis the bad bastard