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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. SegueOnez

    SegueOnez Member

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    speaking of bars karma, i just popped ten,
    am i battling a buncha bitches or some pussy men?
    please someone one here, quick, give me an answer,
    before i start eating all of you inside out like a deadly cancer,
    yo don, i use what people said before me too,
    but usually it's better than what i witnessed you can do,
    hey karma i think your dope, i did more than suck on your moms titty,
    why do you think she walked in all tired and sweaty,
    and hold up for a sec, did you call those bars decent?
    when'd you write them, 4th grade?
    they don't even sound recent..

    [no beef, just some lyrical queef]

    this shit is fun yo, glad i joined this forum. props for keepin it goin with me. goodshit.
  2. roflcannon

    roflcannon Member

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    you little douche, you know karma's better than you
    because you're lonely and fat and you have no crew
    and any that you claim to have are probably from youtube
    or maybe
    that guy at walmart who winked when you purchased that ass-lube?
    get a life, man, this ain't really your bag
    too bad your dad didn't pull out and wipe you off with a rag
    calm down now, no need to get pissy
    even though we know your mom shit you out because her pussy was so busy.
  3. SegueOnez

    SegueOnez Member

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    yo roflcannon, chill with all the dick ridin,
    sounds like karma's rhymes ain't all you've been bitin,
    so you quit your job at walmart, so, no more winking,
    that lube wasn't for me idk what you were thinking,
    your mom was too nervous, she didn't want to buy it herself,
    i guess you weren't doing your job, re-stocking the shelf,
    but yeah i fucked her in the ass, and then her eyesocket,
    then i made a hat with her pubes, call me davey crockett.

    fuck, i deleted it on accident, and tried to re-do it the best i could, haha.

    no beef.
  4. JustChillin

    JustChillin Senior Member

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    atleast im not uncircumsized
    atleast i dont style my pubic hair
    atleast i didnt get my braces stuck to my arm pit hair
    Atleast I dont smell the toilet paper i used to wipe my ass with.
    Atleast I didnt get faded off of a cigarette laced with tobacco.
  5. roflcannon

    roflcannon Member

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    dude, all your gay ass rhymes are fucking counterfeit
    i'll kick your ass so hard that the semen leaks out of it
    man, your lines sound like the gargles of an epileptic fit. shit.
    so, get back to your pokemon cards and leave the spitting for the pros
    you're obviously in the wrong place, you need to stick with what you know
    but hey, i'll go easy on you. don't mean to ruin your fun.
    because i do care about you, kid. you're my illegitimate son.
    it'just take the advice i'm giving you: give up, dude. i won.
  6. SegueOnez

    SegueOnez Member

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    that seguerz kid got burned yo, he's burnt out for now,
    he's speaking in third person , i didn't even know he knew how,
    but he's done props to rofl, he's pretty ill at freetyping,
    all i got is 4 words, "stay cool" and "keep writing"
    holler at me roflcannon, we can ride in my roflcopter, maybe eat some roflberries,
    drink some rofl40's, fuck some roflbitches, and pop some roflcherries.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2009
  7. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Aw how cute, I think I can smell a marriage
    White dresses, God blesses, white wine, and a horse and carraige
    Love so pure, I actually hate to disparage
    These motherfuckers entry into the world of fairies.
    So get in your roflcopter, and go to the roflleather bar
    Drink some roflcosmos and roflwinking will get you far
    Go to the roflgym and see who can lift the biggest stacks
    Then Segue and that cat can roflcannon on rofl's back.
    Ya fags.
  8. roflcannon

    roflcannon Member

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    you really shouldn't worry about who's getting married
    not when you're about to be murdered, sliced up and burried
    but it's the fact you think you're skilled; now that's the saddest story
    now you and segueonez can share the same fuckwit category
    your rhymes are medocre and you claim to be some big man?
    shit, you the fuck are if not a huge ass rofl fan?
    yeah, you can have an autograph and if you act nice
    i'll teach you real lyricism ain't soulja boy and vanilla ice
  9. SegueOnez

    SegueOnez Member

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    'NouveauP' does that mean that you're the newpussy in french?
    if you're so new please explain that extremely horrid stench,
    well let me tell you something, en espanol,
    te corto la cabeza, y la quemo como el sol,
    i'll chop your body to bits, right after i torture you,
    i'll whoop you ass so bad, you'll wake up in the future dude,
    you'll be barley be recognizable, some may consider it a slaughter,
    i'll break into your house, and make you watch me rape your daughter.
  10. roflcannon

    roflcannon Member

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    segeuonez, thanks for bitch slapping that prick
    but don't even act like you don't like this dick
    and a marriage proposal directed at me? - that's kind of sick
    i know i have band wagon to jump on - but shit.
    and what's this about you raping his daughters?
    don't you mean been raped for crack by shifty ass lawyers with dollars
    that have you scootin on all fours; pimpin a dog collar
    cracking you with a whip and turnin moans to hollers?
    i can't marry you dude but at first you confused me
    it's that i'm into vagina - not fat fucking pussies.
  11. Karma

    Karma Senior Member

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    I came here as a politician so allow me to present my speech,
    I'm all for a communist nation, and all who oppose get impeached,
    Then taken to the dungeon for water boarding and drowning with bleach,
    An if you're still breathin we'll tie you up to dry heave on the streets,
    If you don't want trouble don't fuck with a force so prominent,
    I present warfare through words of hallucination and dominance,
    Lysergic acid diethylamide gotten me driftin to a new continent,
    Like rolf said your shits weak you need to employ,
    But you'll never get on my level son therefore I destroy.

    beef no beef I don't really care to be honest
  12. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Haha. Glad to see my rhymes touched some nerves
    But this is the worst display of "hip hop" since "You got served"
    Cryin ass pussies can't take a few gay jokes
    3 against one? Remember to fight fair, folks
    But you better bring your crew if you plan on reppin.
    I follow the Kane's words. There aint no half steppin
    So keep spittin lines and I will cause I think its fun
    I'd give you all "Butthurt" forms, but I seem to have only brought one
  13. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    all you wanna be gangstas, hatin on my boy Nouveau
    but his rhymes are poetic, like Henry David Thoreau
    y'all think a diss is shouting homo or hoe
    when the real diss is than none of you bitches can flow
    the secret to battlin' is picking your rhymes
    like choosing the right weapons to fit with your crimes
    all your words are like knives but i'm packin' nines
    and you don't even realize i've just shot you eight times
    its not only about rhymes but how they are used
    picking the wrong words is like getting beaten and bruised
    after hearing y'all spit it looks like you've been abused
    seeing so much black and blue makes me amused
    so before any of you "gangstas" start spitting your bars
    take a minute to scroll up and look at your scars
    meanwhile Nouveau and I will light our cigars
    because you see, little children, this thread is ours

  14. roflcannon

    roflcannon Member

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    who me? i'm a fractionated rofl cannon - i know no meaning of fair
    i'll devour all of you feaux ass bitches out there,
    all the while i'll do it leaning back, in a reclining chair
    my only problem is waiting for someone to finally take up the dare
    with some actaal dissing and not some distant blank stare. but who cares?
    you get used this life when your spits have such flair
    that people drop and start faking dead like they're facing a bear
    buddy, this thread is no longer yours
    in fact, from this point on, i think i'm locking the door
    to spare you all from getting laughed at
    until you can spit some class act
    and to get rid of your distraction , so you try and get your friends back.
  15. Braintax

    Braintax Member

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    yo listen once again....simply put.....yall are WACK!!!

    step back//
    i react mind steady im ready, on the attack//
    i keep an ill melody, unlike rofl cannon cuz hes wack//
    talkin bout some random ass shit//
    boy someone should teach u how to spit//
    u should quit//
    im ahead of the game so think twice//
    before u try to act nice//
    it aint a good idea to play wit men wen u jus mice//
    u mite get stepped on//
    my raps take any form//
    transform like jet storm//
    my lyrics are profound//
    i got that ill sound//
    my flows straight underground//
    so wen i do a show in a town//
    hip hop junkies gather round//

    step up
  16. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    pardon me, everybody, i must have misunderstood
    i thought this thread was for raps and rhymes that were good
    but looking at the last two posts, i think must be clear
    there's nothing but talentless losers in here
    rofl's acting cool, and trying to claim the thread
    but after posting that shit i think he's sick in the head
    his rhymes are as random as that shit about the bear
    his bars aren't even even and he's completely unaware
    once again, i'm sorry, i must be mistaken
    i didn't know this thread was for gay's like Clay Aiken
    cuz looking at the next post, i think it must be clear
    in order to spit that bad, the nіgger must be queer
    now class, pay attention, and look at braintax for example
    can you tell he's got no flow or do you need another sample?
    its like you guys don't ever stop and read what you're typin'
    you just throw down some rhymes, and then you start the hypin'
    you can't call people out when your verses are horrible
    the rhythm's all fucked up and the spelling's deplorable
    i'll just say this one more time, because i need to run
    lets hear some better shit, until then you're all outdone
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2009
  17. L33ch

    L33ch Member

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    Yo ur future is cloudy like a rainy day.
    Trying to drop rhymes ur peoples don’t listen to anyway.
    Tryn to c ur too short so you aint.
    Cause I’ll makes ur rhymes drop like 89 cents paint.
    Lyricist that mentored Gucci and oj da juice
    I even went back in time to spread rhymes to Dr. Seus
    Go and make a wall vanish ina poof,
    I’ll die and go to da heavens to beat the hell out of Zeus
  18. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    I could've handled these cats, but now I have a partner in crime.
    One that doesn't have a brain lapse when constructing a line
    One that can take a simple cypher without starting to whine
    One that is armed with the most crucial instrument; a mind
    These 3 herbs can keep rapping, but I'm not certain they'll find
    A clever play on words, or even more simply, a rhyme
    Vagrant outshot you cats with the flash of his nine
    Now this is my ultimatum, Nouveau in his prime
    So now I'll rest happily. Knowing there are two emperors of flow.
    The battle cypher destroyers: Vagrantone and Nouveau
    Like you ain't know.
  19. L33ch

    L33ch Member

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    Come home soon spray paint.
  20. L33ch

    L33ch Member

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    Please come home soon. I miss ma paaint anyone want to donate.
    hurry hurry for its too late.