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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    yo leech you fucking noob
    can you not grasp the concept?
    you diss the cat above you
    at this your fucking inept.
    im adept, at bringin you
    them fresh rhymes weekly
    im freekly, and you cats always respond meekly.
    (haha im so glad this thread is back. more later.)
  2. Xan42

    Xan42 Member

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    Here's the box, check it.
    He's my style, go ahead inspect it
    Here's my Graff, respect it
    Here's Booda's bitch, lyin next to me
    butt ass nekkid
    I'ma switch up the ryhme cuz i know i got time
    to answer 1 question
    This kid off the block
    His can control is unstop
    Able to tat up the cops
    all with out drippin one drop
    Unless he wants to
    Unlike Booda who want's you
    and yer mandhood
    he thinks it's mad good for his skin
    And Genre if your listenin'
    He said he want's to eat you
    but you seem busy worrying about hobbes
    or was it calvin? Oh shit?
    that joke was already used
    My flows interuppted, my lyrical bomb is diffused
    Well im done for now, rap was never my calling
    and i really gotta go , towards me booda's woman is crawlin'

    Aww shit! That's some good head.

    (whoops, my aim was a lil off lol)
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2009
  3. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Xan42, this rap's made for you
    And any motherfucker who wants to step to
    This onslaught; the hard knock from that boy Nouv's
    Lyrical extermination of you and your crew
    I'm a new jack to the thread, but I'm making impressions
    On your back and your dome; and I aint even stressin
    About a proper retaliation; yall keepin me guessin
    If there's a kid out there who's worthy of steppin
    But keep working on your skills
    And I'll keep ripping them
    But keep runnin all them drills
    And I'll keep dissing them
    Keep eating ya healthy meals
    And I'll keep stealing them
    So overdose on your pills
    Cause I'm tired of killin em.

    Ya herbs!
  4. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Senior Member

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    Back on this thread like a pin, I got skipped

    Ate it up, spit on it, its called a double dip

    But i don't got no h1n1, me and chou can share this sauce

    But just make sure when your done eatin my shit, ya floss

    I keep it short and simple, so all the viewers can read this

    Baiting like a tiger at the zoo itchin you to feed this

    [Keep it comming everybody]
  5. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Aight, ill feed it, then gut it and bleed it. Best believe it.
    See ima king of the freestyle shit cause i been doin it awhile
    shakespear probly started right after he peeped 8 mile
    Puttin you on trial with no objection, cause these rhymes are the object of my affection, practically givin me an erection. Dont like em? ill spit 2 into yo midsection, make yo bush more nervous than a presidential election. Product of Natural Selection, honed skills smashin crews with no deflection like im stompin my mirrored reflection. And while im dissin you on stage, my boys stealin yo car and cd collection. Mob styles beat you down then offer you protection. Tired a these weak emcees with rhymes worse than their complection. Quiet down bitches this is detention, dont make me mention, i paid off the dj so you could have a time extension. Whats the relevance? im a nice guy, didnt want the crowd to see your benavolance, cause its my creation. those of you that caught that, can call it metal detailation
  6. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Senior Member

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    Herbn be Hurtin

    Ention, Extension, Detention, fuck you your rhymes aint scary

    You practically used up the whole page of rhymin dictionary

    And you aint the first person to mention your hard dick

    My cars are my rhymes, you couldnt break in with a lock pick

    Fuck im a white boy from canada but now your suckin my style

    So take a step and and watch my flow while its fuckin 8 mile

    So to sum it up man, your back talk got dents

    Callin' that greasy paragraph rap? its just a run on sentence.
  7. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Notice the periods and commas, and punctuation.

    I noticed you found the tab key, congratulations.

    I could type like you but its no revelation, my lyric gets people lifted like levitation.

    Fuck a page i use the whole book. your rhymes are weak, kinda resemble the shit i just

    Soft squishy and flaccid, but mines got mo bite than lake placid

    That what you call a strike back? if so well your shits just tragic.

    Half your metaphors don't even make sense, not to mention you mixed up now with past tense.

    And who the fuck needs a pick when you've got a brick? Ghetto smashin, head phones

    blastin, better ask your self whats the chances of this lastin? cause you cant keep up,

    slower than an amputee midget drunk. My shits fluffy n green yours is just bunk.

    Your crew might be titanic, but that shit just sunk.

    ....and for the record.

    Herbn do be hurtin, these weak ass rhymers so close the curtain. Shows over for certain.
  8. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Senior Member

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    Keep it up everyone

    Fuck the tab key, what you talkin, I didnt even use it once

    Give you an uppercut to show you levitation stunts

    Kickin it chill all times unless a toy like you fronts

    Stickin my raps deep in your sista and your mothas cunts

    Look what you did, turned a Renaissance man into a hater

    That back talk was shit food, ya best get me to cater

    Your wedding to your left hand, u'se a chronic masterbator

    Now you fucked up, im homies with the placid alligator

    Get him to jump ya while you swimmin in this sea of rap fire

    Rappin is my night job, you just a sucka for hire

    Thinkin I throw down weak shit, you callin me a liar?

    Cause when you diss me Shakespeare is STRIKIN BACK LIKE THE EMPIRE!
  9. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Senior Member

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    Lets go f-f-f-fellas

    So did it get to heavy, is this thread completed?

    This shit was going steady, all the viewers were seated

    I dissed, didn't miss, gave you all what you needed

    How come none of ya gave props on the rhymes? NeaveauP did
  10. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Coming back because I hate to see the thread die
    Is it coincidence that I'll create a lyrical homicide?
    No beef with Shake, but its a must he peep this
    Nouveau beating his rhymes worse than he beats kids
    Crazy on the mic, Notable force in the cypher
    This is for big boys, I'm the adult, you're the minor
    So step up, young cats, my battle raps are heinous and
    Your raps are worn out more than Gianna and Jenna Jameson
  11. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Senior Member

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    You know nouveau's real name is marian

    No beef you either man, this is strictly vegetarian

    I know you beat rhymes and kids, but you beat ya dick more

    The only way you know Jenna is cause she gave you a cold sore

    Nouveu and I got the lock on your town, killin off the haters

    Why dont the viewers write somn down, we dont need spectators
  12. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Marian? You best quit with the slander
    False ammo will just give me more of a reason to backhand ya
    Come hard at ya makin these spectators stand up
    Then cower again because they fear what my pen does
    But I am glad that we can keep this back and forth vegan
    While the herbs stand back, sweating and heavy breathin
    "Step up! Step up!" Me and shake continue screamin
    With no challengers, we shall continue on, unbeaten.

    For real, step up!
  13. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    You both need work so get out your books
    Cause I'ma teach you a lesson in the form of sick hooks
    You're both stealin' the thread like repetitive crooks and you
    both seem gay, just by the way that it looks.
    I'm a wicked little lady and jesus couldn't save me..
    You're both on some love shit like little girls and tom brady..
    you make a pass and he's the catcher cause one of you is lazy.
    This doesnt phase me, try a whole lot harder and you still couldnt amaze me.
    The difference between us is like night and day..
    In a black and white spectrum I can find you in the gray...there to stay, and I'm not in your world, I'm a straight up rainbow, I'm 100 degrees hotter, and you're still at 10 cold it could snow and I surf the waves of agression, come back and chat, we'll have another little session.
  14. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    Sable's a broke ass cat, can't afford that basic cable
    He say's he stay's up, that shit sound like it came straight out of a fable
    The only records he's released are on the Disney Channel label
    The only way he'd drop off a dirty rhyme would be if i'd enable
    Him because i hold the power, you could say I'm like God
    I run this city like Bombing science is run by MOD's
    I'm middle eastern, so it's no coincidence that my work was threatened by a bomb
    I don't mess around with youngin's, much prefer they mom's
    Because I'm always looking to learn, grasp that knowledge
    And these soccer moms already graduated from promiscuous college
    So i organize my stacks, let me tell you where it's at
    $12 786 pure paper, cause i don't pay no income tax
    The government don't want to profit off that cooked crack
  15. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    I have class in a minute, so I'll make this quick
    To school all you fools, and show your rhymes are shit
    Which cat to school? I can't make my pick
    Cause my attention to your rhymes is shorter than Loki's dick.
    Bienvenidos STR, I'm glad you took a crack at this
    Freestylin, rhyming, word wilin', and taking the piss
    But observe the flow, so unique and genius
    Taking over this thread harder than the battle forum and Keepsicks
  16. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    Back with the flavor, made to savor.
    scar goons, harpoons, im a whaler.
    loki, needs hope, she is in my scope, someone save her
    i will steal the thread back like im robbing a tailor.
    full fledged mastery
    make nouvea say uhhhhh, becuase i'm your master, P.
    about keep6 taking the battle forum's fake,
    he doesnt need you whorin him, kay?
    because im a fucking psycho, you whore, call me norman bates.
    i hate you fakes, get what you take, just wait. its not over with
    declare your claims when the voting is over with.

    much love, keeper.
  17. keepsicks

    keepsicks Elite Member

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    esto acts like a sketch battles gonna sit him in tha throne...last i heard, he sucked dick for bus fair...bought a pack 'a' gum an walked home
    now thats no king i'd want runin tha graffiti scene..our culture would get laughed at run by a graffiti i'm not one to to hate a bitch for havin hormonal issues but this dudes always cryin' an never has any tissues...hey Este let me remind you , the tissues are in your chest, remember you stuffed your shirt for that guy you were try'na impress....all jokes aside homie i wish you all of tha best , your gonna need it try'na contend with tha wickedest of tha west.
  18. faser

    faser Senior Member

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    Keepsicks, he packs a kick when it comes to art
    but when it comes to rhymes, his lines act like mimes
    no flow, heaps frozen, what a waste of time!
    He loves getting boys on his balls, man thats shitty
    he aint dope like biggy smalls, he acts real pretty
    why would you want a ni99a like him talkin trash
    about the sexual clash
    between guys and chicks in the scene
    maybe he's never been laid, maybe he's paid for it
    either way he's keen to admit he's a flit

    Back to the sick part about this sweetheart
    he thinks he's slick, real slick
    Slick like an ice-pick sticked in a hell-bent chick
    ni99a listen here
    you're queerer than lady gaga's dick!

    haha peace..
  19. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Este makes one battle rap and claims he's the king
    One simple flow from Nouveau and he'll feel the sting
    Take this battle like a man, there's no point in running
    Take a look in your chest, thats a knife I'm twisting
    Keepsicks? It must say thats it's really a pleasure
    To destroy this motherfucker at the drop of a feather
    In comparison with rap, I'm the king, you're the beggar
    It's like Dethfashion, homie, I'll turn your skin into leather
    Faser step back, your lines so wack I have an aneurysm
    Sending hip hop into apocalyptic cataclysm
    The strong survive, and I'm the elite rap organism
    Knock you out this game like an act of social darwinism.

    Much respect for Dust and Keep.

    STFUPPERCUT Senior Member

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    first of all what the fuck is a nouveau p
    is that supposed to the the name of a real thugged out G?
    or is that what u get dressd up in the mirror an prettend to be
    cause truth is, im the illest and even cancer pateints dont have a mentality as sick as me
    cauze chcek it
    iv got suicidal behavors
    but when i rhyme, im the savior
    when you rhyme its on paper
    like an old peice of gum;
    with no flavor.