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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    These herbs need to step aside as I begin my assault
    As I reach into the depths of my endless rhyme vault
    My flows contain confusing patters: call my lyrics gestalt
    Bringing these trains of toys to a violent,screeching halt
    Inpho and Bles, givin each other props
    I throw haymakers to your glassjaw, and make that shit drop
    I spit tetanus afterwards and make that jaw lock
    Then concentrated gamma rays to make them eyes pop.

    A quick 8 bars. Get to it!
  2. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    I spit shit for real, no need for a crew
    NouveauP, for real, who the fuck is you
    Step into this thread, thinking you a king
    I read your rhymes man and they mean nothing
    Who the fucks talks about a motherfucking rhyme vault
    And then goes to state that his shit is gestalt?
    Anybody else wanna step better beat it
    Cause I crush skulls in it aint no fucking secret..
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2010
  3. Mr. Girbic

    Mr. Girbic Senior Member

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    The only secret you be rocking is in your deodorant babbling on a tangent entering kiddy pageants with those fisher price flows you a fag ***** like you up at melrose hitting you hard to the dome with a pair of steel toes now you know you cant step to this you must crawl got you feeling bad now like you got withdrawls you talking of crushing skulls not even rhyming bunch of random noise wind chimin got open cuts i'll be sure to to lime them.
  4. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    Mr Girbic what the fuck happened, you sound absurd
    Maybe I'd understand a little if you spaced out your words
    And who are you to tell me that my shit don't rhyme
    When yourself is trying to do it with chimin and lime
    I hear it in your rhymes, your miserable, your lifes grim
    I keep throwing punchlines at you like Mike Tyson
    Im all for peace, no need for 9's and gats
    I be that young scronny whiteboy spittin' ill raps
    I hold my weight, damn right on the mic I'm big
    and I have you breathless like that n1gga in your siggg
  5. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Lime and grim? Man Said can't even rhyme.
    But he likes my shit so much he recycled two of my lines.
    Man fuck it, I'll drain your pacifist blood in a bucket.
    Then point to the 9 in my pants and say "Yo, faggot, suck it."
    Mike Tyson? Man you're throwing boomerang punches.
    Everything you say I turn around to hit you in the stomach.
    Beating me? Kid, you're a long way from it.
    You're at the base of this game and I'm loungin at the summit.
  6. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    Ahaha your shit straight make me laugh
    Its actually lime and rhyme, stop smoking crack
    Get your shit outta this thread, it's annoying like spam
    Who you calling a faggot, you wanna get sucked by a man
    I'm all about old school, my flow got style
    While your blood in a bucket shit get weirder than the Xfiles
    And you wanna battle like we in a boxing ring?
    I straight burn you like Canibus to L, it ain't nothing

    props for those last two lines!
  7. BLESzilla

    BLESzilla Member

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    nouveaup, i agree with said wtf was that wit raps so weak u should shut ur trap talkin out ya ass cuz i read some crap homicide on ya rhyme ill put ya death on the map verbally smack the wack shyt in the back of ur brain i maintain a restrain on ya neck with chains cut ya veins leave u as road kill 4 trains blood stains on my shoe after i stomped your eye frames ill put ya name to shame like oedipus ur fate wont change
  8. One Evil

    One Evil Elite Member

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    gatta say this.. you sound like biggie smalls.choppin his lines to fit ur skills.. ur skills are flat broke. ill tie you in chains and let the skeets eat yah brains. and whats this about trains and bloody shoe stains.. ill beat u down wit them train spikes and kick u in the lights to show u how powerful them bloody shoe stains can really get bright. wait a minute.. i noticed you gettin struck by a man but only this man was covered in white screamin push me in harder. so father what now.. sorry son but your gunna be the next dinner splatter...

    stupid shit, i dont rap.. could care less haha.. i just listen to it
  9. goonzatwork

    goonzatwork Senior Member

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    im on some drunk shit so bhere i go

    aight so evil get you educated, cause my flow like wikipidea
    shit, you hungry knowledge, im gone be feedin ya
    tryn bring ya beef up to tha grill, ill be fryin it
    den ill serve that shit out like mcdonalds, ni66as eatin it up n buyin it
    i be stuntin on you like a double, bitch youaint tryin it
    and ta any toys that try ta diss me n rid of me, i aint gonna accept defeat, ill be defyin it
    my ni66as get tha guns up, i aim the pistol, im gone be firein it
    matta fact im callin this a new world war, and you gone die in it
  10. inpho_211

    inpho_211 Senior Member

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    goonzatwork?? word ur on a street corner..
    mad nigguh puttin there dicks on ya..
    ur so full of shit readin ur post
    makes me go ballistic..
    yea in tha way that i make tha
    tek say "yo goonz ur unemployed"
    start ur computer an i'll deploy
    tha missiles to burn an scorth
    ur body tissue..
  11. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    Inpho wheres your flow..
    your styles gone haywire
    dont know which way to go...
    You think your words is fire but I doused em out with snow.
    I'm bout to go mideival. I just joust your voicebox yo!
  12. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Inpho, write some shit on paper before you bring it to the masses.
    And it wouldn't be a bad idea to listen in your English classes.
    You aren't impressing anyone with those rhymes; so classless.
    I'm the juggernaut of battling, you can call me Madness(anyone?)
    Cause I'm from the South, motherfucker. So don't mind my deep drawl.
    I already said I'm mad, I'm as unbalanced as a seesaw.
    I'll use this iron fist to prove you have a weak jaw.
    I'll put everyone's dome in a hole. Call me the master of skeeball.
  13. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    You Nouveau isnt that some bitch liquor?
    I couldnt wait to jump on this shit..Couldnt have happened quicker.
    I bet you have a pair of tits and that thought makes me sicker..
    that Im battling a tranny, change the channel, wheres the clicker?

  14. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Well well well, if it isn't that dyke Loki Sho
    The crank addicted, AIDS afflicted, skinny and sickly grumpy ho
    But I'm nasty, so I'll let you take my dick and blow me slow
    I'd fuck you in the ass, but I'm not going near that crusty hole
    I'm getting perverted, so I'll give you a gift before I go
    Look me in the eyes as I cum all across the front your dome

    I do it all for the lulz
  15. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    Damn damn diseases, I shouldnt have ate your moms twat...
    But I took my dyke ass and blew up that bitches spot!
    Now I got the itches but I gave her lots of twitches,
    then bashed that bitches head and scooped up all her riches!
    You think you are perverted, til you see how much she squirted..
    And I wasnt gonna say nothing but nikka I just blurted.

    haaha meh too
  16. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    yo yo word.
    loki's gay.
  17. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

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    Woeinfinite coming through with the illest
    Ignorant sarcasm will get you on my shitlist
    Your verse ended before it began, but I'm never finished
    The pain I can inflict on you, only Hell knows my limit.
    Now I have respect for Loki, at least she's clever
    The squirt line had me laughing and putting my hands together.
    But enough of the props, let me get back to my tangent.
    You're a woman who can't rap! Go fuckin make me a sandwich!

  18. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    Yo don't be hatin' on the women you dont understand!
    we have food, sex, and love right here on demand...
    Im good in the kitchen, I cook spicy rhymes, not bland..
    So YOU make me a sandwich bitch, and I won't give you the back hand.
    I'm the queen of the land, you don't phase me..
    You're a man, get on the ground and praise me...
    if it wasnt for the wimmens where would men be?
    Not satisfied, not fed, not happy!

    Lmfao, yours killed me.
  19. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    its freeks turn to get at loki and you know im itching
    to tell that bitch that she belongs back in that fuckin kitchen
    and ive seen a couple pictures of her while im checkin
    aint gonna lie id prolly try and hit that in a millisecond
    unless its true what noveau said about her box, its
    scaring me shitless that loki might be toxic.
    there is nothing id hate more than fucking some dumb whore,
    only to find out she made my motherfuckin cock sick
  20. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    LMAO...i dont want to respond right now, ill call u out later.
    So funny though