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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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    if you talk how you type
    i bet most folks you come across day to day think'' wat a turd'' to themselves

    ps otter shut the fuck up
  2. otter

    otter Senior Member

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    fuck YOU sketch, i am the dragon slayer

    DTE_PRONTO Senior Member

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    wow nose2 u smart enough ta quote that woopdy doo


    gawd dam cannabitch evangetits & dried otter actually i bet u can go anywhere & search up lyricz 2 any blacc artists songz & i bet u that some of thay wordz are misspelled......

    P.S since yall are so "smart" y dont yall read watt tha thread sayz cause this aint tha chat thread its a rap thread -DISS THE PERSON ABOVE YOU-FREESTYLE BATTLE CYPHER...wanta bitch & complain bout tha way somebody spells go ta another thread

    havin said that less bitchin & complainin & more rap battlin if yall not gon do that then troll somewhere else......y dont yall 3 go masterbate wit each other in tha bacc of a u haul or somethin cause yall are completely wastin postz cause of yall "keyboard stupidity"

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2010
  4. 1stGu32.wh0?

    1stGu32.wh0? Senior Member

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    yu kids talk tuf but its just a bluf kuz yu dont play with guns or birds
    il show yu a fresh breath of the streets wen i put yur lungs on the curb
    dumb with the herb, yur proly the type to smoke yur reup stash
    talkn to yur dealer askn him if he kan spot yu kuz yu see us stak
    we touch cash while yal broke cats lie, its so habitual
    try to spit but mis the flow
    with a vybe thats inadmissible
    court adjourned, time to go home yu got acquitted bro
    on trial for bein real n the game but that yul never get committed for


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    ya dte isnt the most literate kid on here forsure lol
    but anyways back to the thread topic

    Ayo stop fuckin around,
    shit gone get tense might get hit wit the trey pound,
    i got my ways to make sure your bodys never found,
    use a gallon of milk to muffle the sound,
    do ya real dirty,
    did you really think your words would hurt me,
    when the bullet went out your head i watched the brains squirt b,
    heard sirens took off faster than you could see,
    but i handle my work like a g,
    unlike dte i aint no wanna be,
    i live this life foreal,
    keep my circle tight cuz you never know who'll squeel,
    think things over cuz i move at my own pace,
    got the yankee hat coverin the face,
    fuck it im goin for the discrase,
    went to the funeral and not a sound to be heard in the place,
    this was the end of the chase,
    i whip out the shotty,
    start sprayin garunteed to hit a body,
    doin some crazy shit off the power of this bacardi,
    now this is what i call a party,
    everyone hit the ground lay dead,
    the cops closin in i shoulda fled,
    but fuck it i just put one in my head
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2010


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    you know i got tha glock (.44 magnum *****!)
    you know im that boul down the block (45th and ave baby)
    and you know how im straight blunted round the clock (smoke erday!)

    () inicates adlibs
  7. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    yo my screen name suits perfectly
    no matter what your a jerk to me
    by the way learn to read it must hurt to see
    you aint no g but a turd a queen
    your even concerned to dream
    doesnt help anyways !
    i evidently burn your team with a murder beam
    ive been dissen you couple of times now
    still i dont do suicide i wipe out
    first your filthy place then the white house
    you got lots of chill spots?! uuhhh...psych out!
    welcome to the ultimate fight round
    1 2 1 2 southpaw lights out !
    awww, i know you dont care, what a pride clown
    still your gay walking around in your night gown
    talking about g shit killa gats none the less
    i have iller sets, fill my raps
    with more than constant none sense
    you just got stomped dense
    bitch your using the wrong lens
    check reality yo!


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    yo son i will verbally rape you,
    talkin bout me and my crew,
    son you cant imagine the things i been through,
    but i know how yall do,
    them homo thugs,
    who claim to bust slugs,
    but really you the stiff kids on block,
    ya moms a fiend for the rocks,
    and shit i aint even gonna get started bout ya pops,
    but on the real dun,
    this the beef you cant outrun,
    you all shook but we do this shit for fun,
    when the burner come out ya eyes open real wide like you aint seen a gun,
    as i shove my barrel down ya throat,
    you start to cry,
    cuz you aint know its guns we tote,
    you just a youngsta not ready to die,
    but fuck that shit son your soul bout to fly,
    or take a dive into hell,
    i dont give 2 shits ill spend the rest of my life ina cell,
    cuz im garunteed a spot in thugs mansion in my afterlife,
    why else you think i live so trife,
    by the tip of the knife,
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2010
  9. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    verbally, verbally..what the fuck you talking about?
    doesnt verbally imply some sort of a sound?
    i dont fkn hear you the lord wears you down
    i am god in this round
    ive reached the last layer of ground
    my backbone is built by prayers that bound
    you are as fake as safer the clown
    what crue?! get fkn chased out of town
    end of story i tend to glory ten to fourty
    sensual orgies fuck love peace..more coffee!!
    its the lord jeeez let me show you the door please
    leave the war scene itll just lead to tons of morphine
    thats a fact gods doctrine
  10. otter

    otter Senior Member

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    i love your shit plankton,it's gooooooooooooood

    DTE_PRONTO Senior Member

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    still talkin shit i c talkin bout ima wannabe but im reala than u
    i aint even have ta say it ya fam & ya ex's already knew
    u a unknown object ya moms still cryin in her gave usin dirt & roccz 4 tissue
    took a lil weekend break ta pacc up wenta ya state i killed & shot ya entire homo crew
    talkin bout u put 1 in ya head
    shit i guess u'll neva survive in prison so u was betta off dead
    dont giva shit bout poison otter & ya bitch azz said
    murc u like thay did suddam hussein & jfk then torture ya kidz by feedin them pencil lead
    get off ya whole crew diccz & stop dancin round them wit ya lil giant yankee pom pomz
    ya soundin like tht rappa 4rm onyx aka noobody cares bout u lol haha thtz wrong
    but fucc it i aint apologizin 4 shit blame tha blue & white dodger bong
    tell ya non thicc bitch in depression ta admit she fat az fucc & ta stop wearin thongz

    DTE_PRONTO Senior Member

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    y are u still on this thread 4 gawd dam go 2 bacc 2 bluntedroundthaclock favorite cartoon
    imposterin az wancsta most likely yellin @ hiz tv like a retarded az bafoon
    well ya life & rhymes aint comin so dont worry bout it 2 soon
    nobody gives a shit bout u comin out his closet betta yet havin gay sex in ya dadz blouse
    yall 2 plus otter tha coccbloccer bummy while every1 in my crews got thay own houses
    wasnt yall portrayed on cheaters 4 betrayin all yall spouses
    haha lol look @ otter tha shittalker succin up ta whore_stankin
    thatz mostly well half of tha reason y yall alwayz on tha site wtf was yall thankin
    where ya princess diary laws @ now otter watt u gon say 2 tht dude
    most likely nothin cause he'll prally steal ya food
    wait watt am i doin i dont battle peepz sufferin 4rm bitchazness but this aint thru
  13. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    gawd dam?? id say stay off of those animal love jams !
    your a dog-man, go piss on the streets
    ima take it to the next nevel n twist all your feet
    i spit what you breath its a bit of relief
    i need the spliff n the weed
    but the crew is family sanctury
    forever and the next century
    your a stupid fan to me
    why dont you stan out n fuckin kill yourself??!
    like the gulf of mexico the fuckin spill o´ shelf!
    cant believe i just dropped that line
    whatever still your lost in life stop the rhymes
    your a frog inside you just botch your style
    im top notch these times you should go lock your mic
    for the sake of humanity thats how it better be
    pay the whack rapper fee you lack what a rapper needs
    i say that in best believe ...peace

    DTE_PRONTO Senior Member

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    do u ever log off & actually go out & get up
    i think not cause u stucc on ya computer like it literally glued ta ya butt
    u can diss me all u want & i can diss u wheneva & however i want cause i jus dont giva fucc
    stop lyin u aint gon twist nobody feet even if u & everybody in ya worthless family tried
    dont kno watt u supposedly doin against me but ya rapz & ya graff already died
    everybody in ya lil informant circle 2 scary thay mite as well commit suicide
    if u spit watt i breath then u'll b spittin ya girlz stanky az pussy fumez
    wtf are u doin wit ya pathetic miserable life u shoulda jus stayed masterbatin in ya room
    i knew u was a fag cause when i walked past u ya gay az was smellin like ya mom perfume
    if u spit watt i breath then u'll b spittin dirty diaperz
    fucc bein hype i get hyphy & trillion timez way more hyper
    thinkin u & ya lil bitch made crew is cool watch thay get hit & killed by sniperz
    watt i wanta ask is simply do u ever leave this dam site
    cause everytime im on here u on lol wtf are u a male dyke
    u a female dog in heat lay bacc on ya pleather seat cause u still cein dim lightz
  15. SegueOnez

    SegueOnez Member

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    i started reading your shit pronto, but stopped halfway through,
    because i said it in the first line, it's shit dude..
    half of it i can't read, y iz u typin lyke diz?
    i bet you think you're realy cool, battling a buncha kids,
    but come at me man, i'll make your shit look like a hissy fit,
    all you do when you 'spit' is rave a rant like a silly bitch,
    and i'm sure if you got bumped, you'd be the first ***** to snitch,
    newsflash, using slang, doesn't help when you're 'spittin',
    because what you call freestlying, yeah, yeah, half your shits written,
    so go ahead and write it down, and practice your lines until your eyes bleed,
    because we can all tell bro, It'z Eh-xaclTy What u N33d!

    -No Beef, Just Verbal Queef..haha. fuck it. SEGUE RT-Read This!
  16. BLES1

    BLES1 Member

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    DTE , please do everyone a favor and step your grammar up.
    i know is the is the internet , but that's no reason for you to type THAT fucked up.
    my spits like acid , you will see.
    after i'm done you'll wear a mask like DOOM.
    my main usage is sweeping up MC dirt.
    call me a mental broom.
    cause when i step in the room i dominate.
    my belly is full but i keep stacking MC's on my plate.
    i'm the boxer heavyweight kinda type.
    your not true to hiphop NEITHER you are 2 graff.
    so spray yourself in the eye , before i do it.
    and don't challenge people if you know you can't face them amaze them or anything.
    your hyper?guess you took X at a ChiChi bar.
    i think you're a female dog , cause you keep acting like a bitch.
    why you keep posting so much?
    u aint the best by far.....shit
    i could also write grimy lyrics , but i wanted 2 spare your soul.
    and give you chance 2 back off.
    i didn't want you 2 end up in the hospital.
    and i didn't wanna see you die infront of my eyes after all.
    anyways i'll know you'll fuck it up.
    if i see your response.
    but next time think twice , and if you didn't know i'm brute?
    well i am , im the type that breaks ya tooth out fuck up your food and help you swollow.
    rip out your guts make a chain , i think you officially ran outa luck...main..
  17. Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub

    Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub Senior Member

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    All you BS nerds shut the fuck up, get out the way.
    "tuff" guys talking like they aint on this shit all day.
    when i start typing you start crying.
    might be the best for you to do
    no ones ever gonna give a fuck about you.
    I bet you think youve gone and blown us all away
    all you fags looking forward to read this thread all day.
    "Omg someone quoted me" might be the first thing you say.
    Claiming to be a killer "rip your guts out make a chain"
    typing all this shit just to get some fucking fame.
    when on the inside you know that ur just a little punk.
    A punk with less then a life dripping with your daddies spunk.

    first time. dont hate :D

    DTE_PRONTO Senior Member

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    watt i suppose ta type like a lil loose pussy bitch like bles1 or a lil geek like u
    speakin of yall stop complainin & bitchin & cryin wait do yall loserz need tissue
    i aint no king i dont wanta b but try ta take my crown we gon have a issue
    READ THIS i dont think im cool dummy cause im mothafuccin freezin
    dont kno watt kinda livin object u are so who u tryna start pleasin
    had a cool az gf but i dumped her quicc cause she got way 2 ugly ta keep strip teasin
    haha lol where tha hell tha head queefer in charge @ i mean otter
    prally committed suicide cause i refused ta marry his scary movie 2 lookin daughter
    idk watt tha hell he was thinkin i couldnt tell his breath was stinkin when he had bought her
    no person on earth gon convince me ta change how i talk in my replies
    anybody can ask me even tha president bitch az governor & tha mayor thay all get denied
    dont come @ me expectin me 2 change so dont tempt me or u gon get deep fried
  19. trowel

    trowel Senior Member

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    All of you are fucking retarded. I don't need to make a mediocre rap to dis you fairy tale fucks. Take your Peter Pan asses back to Never Land.

    Fucking herbs. My dick, your mouth...suck it.

    DTE_PRONTO Senior Member

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    BLES1 please do everybody on every graff site a favor stop replyin wit written rap essayz
    cause honestly not 2 purposely bust ya lil bubble this aint a class ok
    u claim 2 say tht ya spits like acid haha but this aint tha makin of tht britney spears video
    so sorry u are majorly way 2 late dance 4 her u bombin science hoe who cant flow
    i aint gon lie i write & i freestyle shit i write 6 songz in lesser then 10 minutes
    stop freestylin uprage ya lyricz cause thay get diminished while ya graffiti life is finished
    &haha talkin bout u tha boxer heavyweight type last time i sworn tht u aint kno how 2 fight
    wait watt am i sayin u never could lol perfect example u wasnt in site tht 1 night
    i aint join bombin science ta excite ya unknown namin ass nor amaze anybody
    so u ruff & tuff wit ya afro puffz huh old fake as lady of rage go sip on some bacardi
    if u actually read my last diss ta lp i said FUCC BEIN HIPE I GET HYPHY & WAY MORE HYPER
    but i doubt tht u did so do everybody anotha favor pacc up & get out this RAPPIN CYPHER
    b4 u speak up on me im already gettin up my name is in tha gallery on
    yeah so therefore u beta think 2x cause im true 2 rap & graff sorry tht ya factz are wrong
    & by tha way watt kinda dumass ? is why u postin so much ? u suppose 2 u idiotic dumfucc
    im already knowin u gon submit a reply so next time type PRONTO address me as such
    aye heres a psa 4 u dumazz even if u tried wit all ya mite u still cant spare my soul
    go on continue talkin shit watch ya throat get slit by a 6 foot rusted out pole
    honestly i can care less bout ya lil fake ass supervillian name wtf is a brute
    shit sound like an old ass pruned out illegaly sewer rotten candy cotten fruit