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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. HEIST

    HEIST Senior Member

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    god knows you aint diligent and god knows im not feelin it... im about to clean house and then strangle lord plankton with this mouse...the drugs you take is just like every other slice of cake its all shake you smoke the crumb and im smokin the business that makes my brain go numb and get off your phone or your prone to recive another kick in the ass and piece to your dome
  2. crackula

    crackula Senior Member

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    hmmm i dont think you have the right house...HEIST you should change your name to FEIST cause its 123 lights out..
    and im just fuckin with the bs board..give it the fuck back like a reject whore..
    you can go ahead and talk about about picking up a can of paint and go try piecing..
    graffiti type ill with it..i will cut you to pieces and use your blood guts piss and shit for a fill in bitch..
    yeah you can stay bold on line..but you're the type to be like my outlines are shaky because its cold outside..
  3. MC Something

    MC Something Senior Member

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    My first night on this site I "fight" crackula...No mic's, just typin' spectacula'...
    Leavin' you pale and stiff like Dracula...Wishin' you'd take a leap like Scott Bakula...
    God damnit I'ma have to get back at kid's crying in the other room distractin' a...
    Man who should be workin' anyway, but hey...we've all got a little bit of slack in us...
  4. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    aha yo mc something always trying always running
    yeah lord p likes hunting
    no escape from hell my rhymes make the sun spin
    your pumping tumbling
    to me your just a fuckin munchkin stop mumbling
    your faking im funking
    even where you from they call you the bum king
  5. Venile

    Venile Member

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    As appose to what? bacteria?
    don't make me incite a riot, I cough mass hysteria.
    smell the bitch in ya and I'm not even from your area.
    try to strike back, I'll get in your face with a harrier-
    nut sack than you've never ever seen @ 16
    then flip switches I transform; Optimus green machine
    Evil, I'll invite you over to my place for tea,
    didn't tell you the part where I snatched out your old spleen
    I'm so mean
    that bully you were scared of in the first grade was me!
    Author of time and space, I'll dump you in purgatory
    missing without a trace, details would be way too gory
    Now yes sir, I'm a toy but I need no ink to bomb your ass like a system
    I'm a master of what is known today as antidisestablishmentarianism, killin em.

    Couldn't catch me sleepin if I chug'd nyquil empty
    "Punishement from above" thats how god blessed me.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
  6. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    your talkin as if faggot riskin a fat lip
    first the right then the left hit
    hands up this aint a battle its a theft bitch
    im too massive aggressive
    takin your honor dignity n life as a message
    never try to rap with the devils
    after this youll be ready for gavage
    have you ever been raped kid ?
    i bet thats the case with
    you and your homosexual gay shit
    matter of fact your rap is dated like yesterdays papers
    my mind is sacred braided like rivers in plain layers
    call me dr. plankton the geologist
    the dude with the rawest fists
    the motherfuckin darkest sith
    who honestly never talks as if.......
  7. 2mor

    2mor Senior Member

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    never bin here cos it looked gayyyy/ but venile merked plankton,
    thats all i gta say, but lord p did get stamped on :p
  8. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    2mor gettin on my nerves so i serve 2 more
    here ya go 1 2 1 2 your shields are low
    im too real to show feel the flow
    it becasue your unconcious
    like the good guy at one point in comics
    you gettin smashed
    like a 4year old in the mid of a moshpit
    your too soft kid
    youve already lost like the false goddess
    im godless still i own you in shorts n socks bitch
  9. 2mor

    2mor Senior Member

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    boxers shorts n socks bitch? son are you a fag/cos u shouldnt here it on here your fuckin dad/so make sure u tell ya freaky mother that ive missed here and sorry your an only child she drank your bro's n sisters

    my drunk response :p
  10. Venile

    Venile Member

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    Sounds like incest at it's best, i bet you smoke meth..

    I puff on hibiscus thats how i get so viscous
    stumbled onto this thread, and I destroy- leave no witnesses
    you even try to spit back you'll whole face will need stiches
    imagine, poodle vs pit, I'D STILL KILL YOU, that vicious
    get this, I've kidnapped your sister,
    got her in a van with five guys, want pictures?
    I'll piss acid down your throat till that shit melted
    barbed-wire tied to a wall, dead fetus, you'll get pelt with!
    and dealt with in a gruesome brutal feeling
    leave yours entrails hanging from your mothers ceiling
    best believe In devils now, because god wont save you
    Flows known around the world, who's that? VEN FOOL!!
    and who'd he kill this time? uhhhh.... mor2 ?
  11. Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub

    Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub Senior Member

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    venile the vile.

    your straight up trippin, come home from school
    tommorow your mom i'll be fisting, nothing left for you
    to, do but listen to the rhymes im reminiscen.
    im a spirtual healer, my cums the equivelent to ether
    ive made you weaker by just fronting my featuers.
    its weird cuz, im looking at you right now through my computer
    while im trying to deliberate the course of your grusome future.
    ive got you tied up in a basement as i iginite the blowtorch
    you face drips as i squeez the flame that ends the game.
    the criminal fame i gain from commiting this act of pain,
    grows withen days as i finish off whats left of the ones
    who carry your familys name.
  12. DaisrOner

    DaisrOner Member

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    this ***** up above straight queer
    needa get some guns and blow 'em in your ear
    scramble your brain and rack your mind
    you faggot bitch one of the rare kind
    you go to a gay bar and they kick you the fuck out
    they like "your an embarrassment to being gay"
    but your like "wait no, i'll put your dick in my mouth"

    ahah lil doodoo ryhmes.
  13. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    if you say theres something as classic n timeless
    as hating on gays with rhymes you are spineless
    recognize this i dont need a license lead you into crisis
    you cant rap without saying fag
    you cant rap without saying whack
    you cant rap without making rap
    fag bitch fake ice gay fucker
    shut up n get outa my way sucker
    your too homosexual to talk to
    thats why i rap 4real im a raw dude
    you suck dick like a whore in the chamber
    ima rock thick like the wall in the chamber
    yeah go fuckyourself im the maker
    ass fuck the best slut get stuck oh shit
    tryn to roll spliff ?? no sisĀ“ !
    drugs no good for you i swear man
    keep clean like a pandabear man !
  14. Jackal1347

    Jackal1347 Senior Member

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    Just got home from washing dishes.
    I feel like turning rappers into bitches.
    Unsolvable battle cypher, I do it in spite to ya.
    Fake writers, rhymers, and gangsta's, you call me a pranksta.
    Never gonna grow-up, your words make me wanna throw-up.
    You cats cant even do a throw-up. Ill do a piece to burn you up.
    And I don't carry heat. Ill work to eat.
    Always trying to progress, not impress....but I do my best.
    No-ones said this yet, but this is all about me, fuck the rest.
  15. downunder

    downunder Senior Member

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    Coming back to Bombingscience, my god how shit's gone down hill,
    12 year old kids, little shits, I'm astounded at the shit you spill,
    I'm more than ill, spit to kill,
    Emittin' skill, far from run of the mill,
    My positions still, top of this whack rap thread,
    Keyboard gangsters, I'll knock your black act dead,
    My axe attack, crack, hack and slash you sped's,
    It's 5pm kids, go back to bed,
  16. KRE1

    KRE1 Guest

    listen ya fuckn chump when i tear apart ya body
    imma be leavin ya corpse at the city dump
    im more hood rich than that cracker donald trump
    try to slink away imma rip ya face off
    drown ya in shitty ass popov
    i get down wit the grime slangin women like i own a collection of dimes
    now look when i throw ya on the tracks there aint no turnin back
    im on fire like a taliban aeroplane ***** this shit like soul train
    i got the strength and power of running shit from my tower
    i dont shoot guns i wanna see ya face wen i shove my knife in ya mums
    you get wat i am saying i am that dude who go out for preying
    u best get used to stayin on ya knees prayin
    who is rhyme slayin verbal sprayin
    i could give a shit if this dont jive wit ya views
    imma burn up ya peoples like hitler did to jews. yea.
  17. Jackal1347

    Jackal1347 Senior Member

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    KRE1 That was bad.
    I can understand, white boy from the hood trying to stand.
    Sit down, chill now, just listen how.
    Kids have been slowly killing this thread until now.
    Im back like a prophet, dont worry ill show you how.
    My legend die? I cant allow.
    With all do respect kre, what you spit was incorrect.
    Words worse then child neglect.
    Starving since the age of three, let me interject.
    Baby's crying is louder then a car wreck, and,
    House needs to be disinfect-ed.
    Mom so disconnected. Let me take some adderall,
    So i can get ejected.
    From the situation.
    Waiting at the train station.
    Paint helps me translate and
    Escape the starvation. Writers block is so frustrating.
    Need more medication, for mental visualization.
  18. Kaiser71

    Kaiser71 Senior Member

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    Finally someone that ain't out for the cheddar,
    You say your girl's a freak but you know I get her wetter,
    You say your verse is fire but you know I rock it better
    It don't matter what you've heard, stomp your smile into the curb,
    Till your face starts to turn just a little bit redder,

    Boy we don't 'pop it and lock it'
    We just cock it and POP ya,
    Rock ya and drop ya
    For your gold locket and the contents of ya pockets
  19. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    Shut the fuck up, yo ass is a rat too
    Chasin cheese like the rest of em, somethin i aint gotta do
    See my Chi town tounge spits this dirty country grammar
    And my cash rolls in all day like a tide, rammer jammer
    Your girl's not wet, she feels more like a brick
    trust me id know she was "pop lockin" on my dick
    Switch yo style up, and come back at me
    Don't worry i'll wait while i'm rollin up a fatty
  20. weedeater

    weedeater Senior Member

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    Chicago bred pussies wanna talk about the south
    Keep tokin swag and keep our name outcha mouth
    We roll em fatter wider taller longer just ask ya clique
    Choking uncontrollably so we said stick to sucking dick
    Had your girl jocking me thinking she was a creeper
    Until I slid my dick in and fell 8 inches deeper
    Naw, ill quit before you get frustrated
    Logged into bs clicked this thread and got castrated