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Do Your Parents Know You Write?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by EvokeOne, May 13, 2004.

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  1. Capo Izi

    Capo Izi Senior Member

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  2. SWIV3Lone

    SWIV3Lone Senior Member

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    only if its locked up or their a
  3. Capo Izi

    Capo Izi Senior Member

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  4. SWIV3Lone

    SWIV3Lone Senior Member

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    (smoke weed and party)

    i meant to post that after pablo but u beat me to it.
  5. kroc_oner

    kroc_oner Elite Member

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    my mom walks with me and watchs me tag she doesnt say to do it but shes cool i just have them buy me paint i say i use it on boards in the back yard
  6. oakstr1

    oakstr1 Senior Member

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    mom used to buy me markers n shit. but got popped off now shes not down. its weak but its all good.
  7. Chosen_one

    Chosen_one New Member

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    My mom found out today i think shes ok wit it
  8. Atomik

    Atomik Senior Member

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    my mom thinks I just do in in my black book. I just tell her im going to make stickers with the ups labels so she buys me paint.
  9. IWriteTame

    IWriteTame Member

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    Nobody in my family knows that I write. None of my friends even do. I just started though, so I'm still horrible.
  10. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    You probably shouldn't have made that your username, because you're most likely to change what you write. Anywho, it's good you keep it on a low profile, way to go.
  11. IWriteTame

    IWriteTame Member

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    Yeah, I guess it will change when I get better. Oh well, it's all good :].
  12. azulman

    azulman Member

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    so my parents know i write but don't really care. they don't want me busted and let me know that its on me any fines or anything but they're pretty cool about it. i still hide most of all my paint though so they don't know how much i've got. ;)

    don't make dollars don't make sense
  13. ENGULF

    ENGULF Senior Member

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    most of my family knows but i dont think my dad does

    My mom took me bombing once but it was weird with her watching me it wasnt the same i didnt get the same rush

    But she still buys me paint
  14. Debok

    Debok Member

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    My mom knows I bomb she's cool with it as long as the police dont bring me home
  15. sik_bomber

    sik_bomber Senior Member

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    my rents drive me to spots bitches and buy me paint. they used to spot and scout for me when i was 13.
  16. 408Bomber

    408Bomber Senior Member

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    Yea Mine Do Now,i bought a blackbook yesterday.Basicaly If They See My name in the streets Im Dead X_x!
  17. boomboombox

    boomboombox Member

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    Nope..its not hard to hide
  18. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    I disagree greatly. If your really addicted, with anything, everyone is gonna know about it. If you graff everyday your eventually gonna get found out.

    I draw and practice handies everywhere I am, school, work, home, anywhere even if I don't have paper and a pen I can't help but do the motions with my hand, people see this and think "wtf"

    My moms actually seen me paint...drove by while I was doin' a throwie and saw my car. Before that she already knew because I had a bag pack filled with paint cans in my passenger seat in my car (she can't drive stick so I don't know what she was even doing trying to back it out...) not to mention she sees me draw all the time and crap. Of course now that I've been arrested shes knows because of that too, heh...

    but like I said, anything you do enough and do everyday, people are gonna find out what your up to eventually, you ain't got caught, but just wait. Its like smokin' weed, if your high all day everyday, eventually your gonna get walked in on while your smokin'. My parents know I toke too, and I've been caught way more than one time 'cause I always stay high.
  19. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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    as i said before my parents dont giv a fuk
  20. kinglerxst

    kinglerxst Senior Member

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    I asked my parents to allow me to write illegally (they let me do it on paper, wood, backyard etc.) but they said no, its illegal, against the law, dont want me in trouble etc. what should I say, my dad (divorced) seems like he might be cool HEELP!!!