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Do Your Parents Know You Write?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by EvokeOne, May 13, 2004.

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  1. earf

    earf Senior Member

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    they found out i write so i told em i quit...
  2. omiz

    omiz Senior Member

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    they know that i draw graffiti, but they dont know that i get up
  3. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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    My mom is completely cool with it. I love my mom. But my dad doesn't really know, he has just seen sketches, and thinks they are ridiculous art. That just pisses me off...
  4. marshall-uk

    marshall-uk Member

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    my mom knows i write she also likes graff but is more into street art when we whent down to london for a week we did the graffiti and street art tour it was more banksey that enything else tho :(
  5. Jade1997

    Jade1997 Member

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    my parents know about some of the stuff i put up, and theyre cool with it
  6. aiko

    aiko Senior Member

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    my dad buys me paint lol
  7. Jade1997

    Jade1997 Member

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    haha so does my dad
  8. 8====D

    8====D Banned

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    they never asked
  9. FAIL 1R

    FAIL 1R New Member

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    My parents found one of my black books and the fliped through it and i told them i was holding it for a friend. i got a new black book and now the ALWAYS want to look in it. Im 14 by the way.
  10. GooberOne

    GooberOne Senior Member

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    my mom does she understands the art of it she doest like tagging tho but she acually drove me a couple days ago to this nice spot and she tryed to do somthing its was funny she writes lady j somtimes when im with her

    jfk stencil.jpg
  11. Cider

    Cider Senior Member

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    my mom has seen my blackbook, she dosnt really care as I am not chicken about showing her and act like I have nothin to hide. As far as painting goes she caught me once coming in from a run I did a while back, told her I quit.
  12. GpersKreepers

    GpersKreepers Senior Member

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    my old dear asked me the other day "you dont do it on the streets do you?" i was like "yeah, where else would i do it"

    didn't make her too happy, haha
  13. dmgraff

    dmgraff Senior Member

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    my mom knows and is scared by the idea but she lets me buy stuff. my dad doesnt know cuz he is in colorado
  14. SavorGraff

    SavorGraff New Member

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    they know. it dont matter tho they can accept it or not. im still gunna write. every chance i get.
  15. Jake_NN_Bake

    Jake_NN_Bake Senior Member

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    I sent my mom a picture of a throw I did for the first time this week, and her reply was "Does it make me a bad mom if I say that's pretty awesome?"
    XD gotta love her.
  16. CanadaBomber

    CanadaBomber Senior Member

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    My parents look the other way, they know about all the art supplies in my room and yet cant ever seem to find any artwork.... i'm sure they've pieced the rest together
  17. Wizard

    Wizard Senior Member

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    My parents know I write.. they dont really care haha.. My ma actually bought me a few cans and markers cause I told her it was for school haha
  18. MyTagNameIsDune

    MyTagNameIsDune Senior Member

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    I always have finished stickers and art supplies in my room. I also have several books right above my workspace that are all about graffiti, street art, and stickers. Plus my parents have probably seen my stickers at one point or another just walking around the city. The door to my room is always open and they know that I trade stickers and have a blackbook. Yet since they never have asked me if I put stuff up I wonder if they haven't pieced together that I get up. Do you all think they just don't want to talk about it?
  19. ZIK_ONER

    ZIK_ONER Senior Member

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    My parents know I get up, they're completely cool with it, although my moms gets upset when I'm out late night, I just call her every now and then so she doesn't get any ideas..
  20. fingerlickingchicken

    fingerlickingchicken Senior Member

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    I guess when I roll home with 150ish cans they realise that something is up.