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Do Your Parents Know You Write?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by EvokeOne, May 13, 2004.

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  1. sykegraffiti

    sykegraffiti Member

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    my parents know i write and they support me by buying huge pieces of plywood to practice piece and stuff but they dont agree with tagging wich pisses me off, iv tried repeatedly to show them how tagging is like the base of graff and how if its done correctly it can look ten times better the half the shit throwups on the planet. anyone have any vids or ideas on how to explain why taggings so important?
  2. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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    tell em start getting you drywall... pressed wood is dried white hairy shit.
  3. SyneOne

    SyneOne Senior Member

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    Youtube "Apex Hands" its a 5 minute video of apex doing different style tags and talks about them. Its good.
  4. Phaze.One

    Phaze.One New Member

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    my parents know i like graffiti and street art but i don't think they know i tag. I just keep all my books, stickers, ect. away from view.
  5. SKUNKone

    SKUNKone Senior Member

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    sounds like my situation. my mum knows but she would prefer me not to. my dad is supportive, and they both say that if anything happens, im paying the fines.
  6. wolk

    wolk Member

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    they know, dont care, but they instantly blame me when someone sprays monuments and stupid shit like that, ohwell
  7. TRUANT365

    TRUANT365 Senior Member

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    my parent's know, iv'e been busted twice had the cops involved in one occasion, and pluss all the graffiti blu-tacked in my room/studio.
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  8. TRUANT365

    TRUANT365 Senior Member

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    my parents and sister - she's an artist, they all support my doing graffiti, but not illegal graff.. soo, my mum set up a legal wall for me once <3 was pretty fuckin tight, but i ruined things when i got caught broad daylight bombing in the middle of the city - Not cool. :L , so now i don't think she supports it anymore.
  9. Sevin

    Sevin Member

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    My parents are ok with me doing graff they buy me molotow paints and markers/mops with there own money. Hey even take me to gaff shops and shit in toronto sometimes which is and hour away
  10. Balo

    Balo Senior Member

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    my parents know. I never really hid it from them. but ill be damned if i have my family buy my supplies for me. everything i own i either made, or bought
  11. wolf806

    wolf806 Member

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    Same with my parents. That don't care that I do it, but if i get caught im on my own.
  12. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    From a young age my moms,and my grams noticed I was into Graff. They bought me plenty of books. When I started they would encourage the use of stickers. I have done hands in front of both my mom and grandmother in the past, they weren't pissed. On the other hand my pops once said he'd rather be caught with narcotics in his pocket than slaps, but he didn't care I had them. I am very fortunate to have such supporting family members.
  13. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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    Kinda, they know i do legal walls canvas and blaah blaah blaah but they might be suspicious about me bombing. Not sure
  14. Asis13

    Asis13 Senior Member

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    Mine know... most of my family knows actually because of some commission works I've done.
    But they don't know my name and tag.
  15. maDUECE

    maDUECE Senior Member

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    No, both my parents died when I was young. My wife knows I write and go to a legal spot. I have even brought her there with me. She probably won't be happy when she starts seeing my work around the city though.
  16. Grabs

    Grabs Senior Member

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    My parents don't support my art of any form to be honest, let alone graff. Been caught by my parents with slaps and paint but never by the police. I took a break from actually getting up for about a year so as of now I don't believe they know.
  17. Abe13

    Abe13 Senior Member

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    Hard one. My mother is an artist, she doesn't approve of walls in the city, other than bridges, but she's all for freights. She loves to see my stuff roll past our house. My step dad doesn't approve. Pretty old fashioned. A man should work, and not waste his time on artistic things. My girlfriend thinks I'm going to die doing it, like I'm going to get hit by a train, or get jumped by a group of writers. But yeah, my moms chill with it. She's my biggest crit. She's always giving me pointers from her days of art college. Shit, she bought me 40 cans of Rusto for Christmas. She's pretty bomb.
  18. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    My parents dont know. They know I like to draw graffiti and stuff in my book, but I hide my graff name. Sometimes they joke about it like "Yeah he goes around tagging the walls and bridges ahahaha" and i sit there silently.
    Im sure theyll find out someday, but as of now, I leave it to myself
  19. Scoopy

    Scoopy Member

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    no id be killed
  20. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    This thread is Stupid.