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Dogs Who Eat People

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wang dang doodle, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. wang dang doodle

    wang dang doodle Senior Member

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  2. tekkem flop FLA

    tekkem flop FLA Senior Member

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    i've seen this pic posted before, i think it's someones dog on this site..
  3. Live4TheWall

    Live4TheWall Elite Member

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    And now to Ali Williams for our SPCA report..........


    I dont have any dogs. I've got 1 american boa. And I love Achimedes to death.
  4. blank_flo

    blank_flo Senior Member

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    same :blink: wasnt there a thread like this b4?
  5. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    no dogs just a bird and my girlfriend
  6. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    That bird has a weird fucking face... and your girlfriends hot
  7. Kr3w

    Kr3w Senior Member

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    HAHAHA the bird and chick have the same haircut practically
  8. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    thank you
    but that bird saved my life
    kind of a wierd story and you probally wont believe it
  9. Mekas

    Mekas Senior Member

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    Here's some pics of my puppy. Her name's Soda. Haha

  10. Senior Member

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    thats an awesome bird.. what kind is it????

    i would post some pics of my dogs... but i did before on the other thread like this and im too lazy to do it again
  11. Hack.

    Hack. Elite Member

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    oh you lazy old fuck you. :D :lol:

    yeah i do see the similarities between the bird and the child.
  12. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    animals are great, i have 5 pomeranians,one is pregnate

    i have 6 leopard geckos, juvinile red tail about 2 feet, and jungle carpet python around 4 feet
    ill get pics of em later..
    scene, thats a cool lil owl you got there,and your girlfriend is gorgeous

  13. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    i forget what kind it was but i think the dumbfriends leauge said it was a owl
    i dont know i thought it was a cool bird
    it save my life though
    there was water all over the bathroom floor and my sisters curling iron was old and had like spits in the wire and so the iron falls on the ground with it still plugged in and the iron comes off but the wire is like slipping and my bird grabbed the wire
    go ahead and dont believe me buts that the god awful truth
  14. ACTION NEWS...

    ACTION NEWS... Elite Member

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  15. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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  16. Linkzone1

    Linkzone1 Senior Member

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    dogs suck, as do cats
  17. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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    Your mom sucks,as does your dad.
  18. AoAssis

    AoAssis Elite Member

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  19. MYND1

    MYND1 Senior Member

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    lol wtf is that?
  20. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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