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Dreams And Analysis

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by seap!, Apr 9, 2005.

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  1. MaNiaK

    MaNiaK Elite Member

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    zombie dreams are the best.. i love em, i always find weapons like on the ground ill grab a pipe and start bashing till thier head is caved in and eventually ill find guns and shit.. but ne ways...

    the dreams i seem to have alot are me tagging....
    like i had this dream me and my homie panik were down in da tunnels painting and shit, and when i woke up i was on the other side of the country... i hate wakeing up and having to acually realize where i am, that feeling a unawareness is freaqky....

    the other night i had this wierd dream i was out in the woods and there was a shxt load of people out there and it was like snow everywhere(finally spring) and i went off to this one trail and came out to where a buncha trains were posted up, so i flipped my bag around grabbed a can started shaking and right when i got up to the train and started to paint someone came around one of da cars and was like HEY!, so i started to run and i ran through some of the cars and hid, but the whole time in my dream my adrenaline was pumping like it was really happening...

    i acually tag alot in my dreaams, like ill be with people go to take a piss and start tagging up a dumpster or someshxt...i even dream of taking pictures of graffiti, like the other night i dreamed i was running accross a high way to flick a wall that was there... ne one else dream of graffiti?
  2. Tails0nE

    Tails0nE Elite Member

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    i had this one wierd ass dream once....

    like i fell asleep then i wake up and im outside.. but the sky was like all black
    and it was lighting and thundering n shit... like some apocalyptic shit.... anyway
    then im lookin around and i guess i was really up high cause all i could see is
    people standing.... standing straight in a row... as if they were a cornfield.... just
    goin on and on and on and on... then i stand on top of my bed and im on this big ass
    jagged clif thing or whatever and just people standing in rows like a cornfield were all
    around me.... somw wierd ass shit...

    and another dream i saw the beheading of that guy in the army... then they videotapped
    it and sent it to the white house n then all over the net... well i watched the video
    and that freaked me the hell out..... then i dremt that video playing
    over and over that night.... then one time where they cut his head off and held
    it up to the camera he looked at me and was like "hi *******" (the *'s are my name)
    so that creeped me out....

    then my cousin musk told me about one of his dreams... he was like
    "yeah man i was like drivin in my car goin to chill with some friends.. then a big
    blueish purpleish elephant walks in front of my car.... so i get out to see what
    goin on like 'what the fuck is this elephant doin here?' n when i look at the elephant he
    looks back at me and says wussup, so i say wussup back n then all of a sudden he
    turns into a PS2 n a big bag of money...."

    this was back when the PS2 Came out....
  3. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    last night i didnt evend ream about critters:(
  4. TricksForKids

    TricksForKids Elite Member

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    Man i hate waking up from a good dream...and its so weird...when your like half dreamin have hearin some1, you know that shit>? like youll be dreamin, then you hear ur mom dads whoevers voice yelling ur name to get the fuck up , and it fits into your dream perfectly, so you just lie there still dreaming, then they get vexxed and yank ym damn covers off, fucking toes go numb its so cold.

  5. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    i rarely remember my dreams... n i dont have nightmares... well as a lil kid ya but not nemore...
  6. TricksForKids

    TricksForKids Elite Member

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    nightmares suck.....dont have em anymore really "im not afraid of antyhing" , i only remeber my dreams if its really fun...hmm..
  7. joust

    joust Elite Member

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    One of the key parts of Freud's theorys on dream analysis is that, if you try and remember your dream, it gets entirly changed by your brain while your thinging about it, same thing with writing it down, because you'll fill in the gaps in the story without even knowing it. For effective dream analysis, the analizer must ask the paintent not the paintent say "i had this weird dream" because it means they have been thinking about, and changing it.
  8. Tails0nE

    Tails0nE Elite Member

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    yeah i know what you mean...

    i was havin this dope ass dream.... like i went out painting n shit
    with my cuz musk n we busted this really dope piece in this dope ass spot...
    then all of a sudden im at this one party.. n like all these fine ass girls i know
    where there.... so then i was talkin to one of the girls n shit.... n she is fire..
    the girl i was talkin to was one of my friends but she is fine... n like then we
    go to the room and start fuckin.. so i fuck her then this other chick just walks right
    in then the same thing happens... then eva mendez walks in and im like holy shit...
    then she climbs up in the bed... and right when we're about to start kissin.. then all of a sudden..... BANG BANG BANG!!!!!
    *******!!!!! Get Your Lazy ass up n go outside or sumthing!!!

  9. Shyd...

    Shyd... Elite Member

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    I had like dream dajaview today. Like i just woke up 20 mins ago. And I know i have had it before but like i can't remember if i had but i know i have. Its like fuckin spiders are jumping on my as i am running away but they are like as big as my head. And as i am running away like people are throwing them at me. I am fuckin scared of spiders.
  10. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    Due to my arachnaphobia, i have recurring dreams where im in a glass room filled with spiders and scorpions. Then Jay Leno appears and says to me ''Your gonna have to eat your way out of this one, boy.''
  11. seap!

    seap! Senior Member

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    I love your avatar Shyd.
  12. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    ne one ever had the dream where your locked in a small box and thrown into water?
  13. Adamo

    Adamo Elite Member

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    alot of my dreams predict the future and i'll have some whack dream...then 2 weeks later i'm in the EXACT SAME SITUATION as in my dream...its happened to me numerous over 5 times and its always cool to experience.
  14. sibil juggalo

    sibil juggalo Senior Member

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    right now idk what the fuck is going on i feel like im in a dream but i guess not if im typing this the only thing i remember was my gf was over last night and i remember taking her home but ...idk hard 2 explain its like my body isnt fitting with its surroundings i always have those fucking deja vou dreams to like 2-3 times a month fucking crazy last dream i had i was fighting with my moms boyfriend and then my dad broke into my moms house drunk and started choking the fuck out of me <_< i have 2 go 2 his house today
  15. Idealeyez

    Idealeyez Elite Member

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    i have many dreams...I once had a dream where i was somewhere and everything was white..there was a big fishtank and their were 4 fish all white and then there was another where everything was all dark...weird.
  16. pogopope

    pogopope Senior Member

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  17. seap!

    seap! Senior Member

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    Last night I dreampt that I went to Boston. I met A.C Slater at a
    basketball court and he was cool to me. Teaser was up like a
    motherfucker and I got jealous so I went to the video store.
    They had a prequel to Critters. The box cover showed a Critter
    sitting in a champagne glass. I rented it but I never got to watch it.
  18. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    i kept a dream journal for almost 3 years
    here are some of the more crazier enteries

    Jan 2/03
    Everyone had to wear nictoteen patches. They werew taking them to quit but i didnt smokre so i was getting high from the manditory nitcoteen patches

    Aug 2002
    They killed my mother right in front of me. 3 boys that wew with us, we knew them but only two of them were in onit. i wasa gunna drive because she had drinking to much, but before we left they slashed her thoart. i think they killed the duck too. i was a complete mess. no idea what to do. i had to go through her clother and throw things out. it was the worst feeling i have ever had.

    april 24/02
    i was on this game show where we travel all over the world and janis was my partner. she had the top bunk. you always had tp pack and move really fast. my dad bought us a rocking chair, and my aunt rearranged the room. john helped me to the buswhen i was late, he was helping me run. i had mathiue's shirt. we were in japan, there was cartoon graffiti everywhere. i missed the field trip to disney-japan. i ate mussles and porogies. there was a girl that only ate carrot mush. janis and i went out on the toen one night.
  19. _____JEKLROKS_____

    _____JEKLROKS_____ Elite Member

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    I heard if you eat meat before going to sleep you be having nightmares so I just ate some carnitas and am finishing this bowl, off to bed.
  20. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    if you eat foods that you dont like it gives you nightmares