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Dreams And Analysis

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by seap!, Apr 9, 2005.

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  1. Alyte

    Alyte Elite Member

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    its called paranoia
  2. meetermaid

    meetermaid Elite Member

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    my stepsister had this dream where her and my family are fighting with slingshots and my little brother shot her in the finger with like a pea, but it hurt, and when she woke up her finger was still hurting, she like slept on it or something, she's told me that dream so many times.. it probably was like your cat biting you or like you moved your head and hit it or something.

    i've had this dream a few times a year for the past like 4 years, my dad shoots my mum and i have to live with him, i hit him over the head with a glass of milk and then like me and my brothers just appear at this bridge and we jump off, and i tell them to take off their shoes so they can swim, and before we hit the water i wake up.
  3. .ProperDozerPhaze.

    .ProperDozerPhaze. Senior Member

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    The other night I had this dream, that my mom had to take this pill to grow to like 25ft, so she can fight dinosaurs that were wrecking the enviroment.

    And last night, I had a dream I was hooking up with this girl, and she knew my girl but didnt care. Then, me and girl and my friends went to the mall, and my friends starting shooting this cops. So I took off running like a bitch and hit before this wall. And my friends die.
    So sad. :( . Apparently cops can shoot better then teens.
    And today when I woke up, I felt cool cause I was in a shootout and didnt die.

    I have stupid dreams. But atleast I have dreams.
  4. .ProperDozerPhaze.

    .ProperDozerPhaze. Senior Member

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    when that happens to me, i can feel it swelling up. so i shout out (or try to) psalm 23. it works. [/b][/quote]
    i saw this on tv the other night, it said its becus your tryin to wake up and yur body doesnt want too so your brain starts to feel and hear and see shit that isnt even even feel like your paralysed buts its all jus an illusion...
    trust me there are ones worst than that theere some where you actually see a witch sittin on your chest. or where you see a flying dawrf wif one eye and hes jus fuckin wit id say your lucky not to have does
  5. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    (this is more of a supernatural ghost kinda shit) this was, last tuesday I think...but I was sleeping at home(I usually sleep in the dorms) and I woke up to somebodoy closing the bathroom door(3-4 a.m.) and all of a sudden I start hearing some voice whispering really loudly and fast in my ear..No i'm not schizophrenic or anything but I was 100% awake and it freaked me the fuck out..i still don't know what the hell it was

    since then, last night I slept in my house again(i'm typing from there) and I had a dream about a dog(boxer) I had in BOlivia and we had to leave to come to the US...this dog was reaaaaaly special to me and I woke up the saddest Ive ever been in my entire was really weird..Ive had realtives die, other pets die but Ive never been this sad.

    Ive also had many lucid dreams, teeth falling out, flying, dinosours chasing me....

    damn I love dreams but all of my dreams have this "darkness" to them...they're never completely happy..
  6. Cascad3

    Cascad3 Senior Member

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    i hate my drams. they are either really really bad and sometimes i wake crying or they are fantasy and i wake up mad because they arent true.
    then some dreams come true.
    anyones dream ever come true?
  7. Jedi

    Jedi Member

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    as too dreams coming true.. yes.

    your all going to think im crazy and stuff, but ive had dreams/premonitions of several things, the biggest one i can think of being 9/11... its a long story, but i had a semi vision of planes hitting these tall buildings about a week before 9/11.

    when i used to be able to sleep, i would dream of events a few days in advance, and eventually i was dreaming full days that i would live out a week or so later, which totally fucked up my mind. imagine knowing exactly what is going to happen, what every person will say, and not being able to change any of it or break out of it no matter what you do. that whole ordeal peaked about 4 years ago, and i mentally broke down, and i havent slept properly since. sometimes i go 3 or 4 days straight without sleeping, its crazy.

    i kind of wish i could get my dreams back though.. i would like to explore exactly whats going on or where they come from.

    ..i think that about covers it...
  8. The Uk Thread whore..

    The Uk Thread whore.. Member

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  9. Kao.Ali

    Kao.Ali Senior Member

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    hmm, i have deja vu alot and its strange
    like i was at this girls house and we went to the park and i swear i was my firsttime there but i still felt like i had been there right on the swings and everything

    and as for dreams, i dont remember many of them but i know in the bad dreams i kill someone i dont mean to, and often theyre loved ones, or even people tryin to kill me, but i still feel really shitty when i kill them. and yes ive been hurt in a dream and relly felt it. i was shot and i felt the blood spill right out of me... it was warm and after the shock wore off it hurt hella bad,
    and i dont have recurin dreams i have recurin feelins. like styles kind of. like when your at an old kindof place like a gas station or old colledge buildin, that isnt used much, and its musty and deathly quiet. and all you hear is the buzz of the floresent light
    or im out side and the sky is grey and there like a white noise coverint he air sort of like a slight disterbance. and of corse i have happy dreams, where everything is bright and nice. and the thing on lucidin is true, where things that arent normal are normal in a dream. like a long time ago i drempt we were tryi to rck the samari swords off manikins, i kid you not
    hmm, im a litle freaked now
  10. \(SIN)/

    \(SIN)/ Elite Member

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    this sorta has to do with dreams, like have any of you ever stayed up all night and the next day feels like a dream like everything is in slow motion sorta and you just feel all wierd, like when someone asks you a question and you answer back it doesnt feel like your the one talkin, but your watchin yourself talkin? cause that happens to me....
  11. Mexiklan Beaner

    Mexiklan Beaner Senior Member

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    Yea, my dreams r kinda funny. one time i had a dream that i was fighting this old lady but i couldnt hit her cuz moved too slow. and another dream, Dr.Dre and 50 cent put a gun up to my head and started playin nerf tag wit me wit air soft guns.then i had another dream when this kid was chasin me wit a big sword. i told someone to help me and they gave me a stick. i said fuck it and i punched the kid in the face. in the dream analysis, it says that means im runnin away from my fears. but in my dream, i beat the shit out of that kid. that shit was funny. but now i can usually control my dreams. its kinda like when u realize its a dream and u can do whatever the fuck u want. it feels so real. its like your own world. no rules no nothing. it fukin rocks. maybe on my next dream. ill go around and paint the hottest spots without havin to worry bout gettin arrested. im about to go to sleep so im gonna try that.
  12. bla!

    bla! Senior Member

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    last night i dreams that iw as reseling with this guys like in a ring, and i was coking him wiht my shoe lase :huh: , haha it was weird...
  13. kill

    kill Elite Member

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    i can never remember mi dreams did u guys jus wake up
  14. Allergic

    Allergic Senior Member

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    Shit man i don't dream normally and if i do I can't remember any of them but i do remember some things that happen when i'm sleeping. I see a slide show of pictures just running through my head and there just images. but sometimes that day or a month later the image from the slideshow and reality click and there the same and then time slows down, and then everything goes back to normal like nothing happened. Its kinda like deja vu but different, because when that time slows down you can see all of the small details the same.

    I've also have found that i kinda dream while i'm awake. I'll be doing something and then it seems like i'm watching a movie out of my eyes and I can't control anything going on or my body while i'm awake like something else is in control. generally in about a minute or two I snap out of it and everything is back to normal and i have control again.

    But regular everyday dreams don't happen to me :(
  15. JetBlack

    JetBlack Elite Member

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    Does anyone ever have a dream where you think youve had it before but actually its your first time having it? I dont know, sometimes I wake up and Im like "Did I have that dream before?" Its wierd. But the craziest ones are the one where you know your dreaming and you try to wake yourself up. Those are fun because if you want you can kinda control what you want to dream about if you dont wake yourself up. hehe.
  16. bla!

    bla! Senior Member

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    yeah taht heppends to me. Some1 told me i have to many dead brain sells and it doest work properly sometimes, and sometimes i like fell high but i havent skome any weed its weird.
  17. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    allll the time. its the weirdest feeling ever
  18. kongo

    kongo Elite Member

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    i had a fucked up dream, that i was in some computer game, n i went into this room with all the world leaders, n i started stabbin the fuck outta all of them :blink:
  19. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    was kim jong ill there??

  20. kongo

    kongo Elite Member

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    nah only the world leaders i know of lol, tony blare n george bush n a bunch of dressed up women sippin champagne